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Tobago Express Unreliable?

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Tobago Express Unreliable?

I need help planning a flight from Tobago to Trinidad. We have a return out of POS to the US at 8:30 am. My travel agency states that booking a 6:30 am flight from TAB will not leave us enough time to check-in. In addition they state that Tobago Express is so unreliable the flight may not come in/leave on time and chances are we'll miss our flight home. They advise we fly back to POS a night early. We really didn't want to go through the pack and haul luggage ordeal over and over. Is 1.5-2.0 hours enough time to check in for an International flight out of Trinidad? Does anyone have any experience with Tobago Express and can offer opinions? Are they unreliable when it comes to their schedule? Would another airline, like BWIA, be a better choice?

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1. Re: Tobago Express Unreliable?

I wouldn't chance it. They usually recommend a 2hr plus advance check in for a reason. Like ANY Caribbean Airlines, things can get delayed due to unforseen circumstances. Usually that 6:30 a.m. flight is on time...but you never know. This Jan. we were booked on that flight to POS (6:30 a.m.) and our Intn'l flight wasn't leaving til 10:40a.m. ......we barely made it....and that was only with help from a friend who worked at the POS airport. Check in this forum for a couple of nice recommended guest houses very close to the Airport...reasonable and handy. DO NOT stay at the Bel Aire Hotel!!! it's awful. Good Luck.

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2. Re: Tobago Express Unreliable?

I have never had any problems with Tobago express,but something strange happen to me last month while flying back to Trinidad,i checked in with my Tobago express tickets and flew BWIA with no problem,i guess the two airlines code share.Another thing about taking the Cat,if you travel with a carryon with wheels,they want you to leave it down on the bottom of the boat where anyone can steal it,They tried that with me and before the boat left,i went back downstairs and brought it up,i had everything in it for the 5 days i was in Tobago and could not risk it.I just read in the express that a lot of people lose stuff.It is so stupid because you can carry a bag 2-3 times bigger without wheels.I sometimes i have to pinch myself and ask who makes these rules?Must be a real idiot !But then again the whole country is being run by idiots.

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3. Re: Tobago Express Unreliable?

As an alternative but more expensive Tobago Helicopters operate a twin engine plane between Tobago and Trinidad that takes 4 people. There contact number is 868 749 6664 or website is heliclubtobago.com. Must do report on my flight with them it was great and very professional.

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4. Re: Tobago Express Unreliable?

Tobago Express seems to have alot of mechanical problems - often several of their planes are out of commission. Also on two occasions in the last little while I was happy to be booked on Caribbean Star as the pilots for Tobago Express were on strike. I did feel sorry for the check in staff and the office staff across the road as the were subject to alot of verbal abuse.

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