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How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Houston, TX
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How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Hi. We arrived today on totally spontaneous Valentines Day trip and we are pretty miserable here. 3 hoursdetsined at airport. We didn't do ny homework. Yes it's our fault but want out ASAP. All flights booked or overbooked next few days. We are pretty desperate to return to US or to destination with more connections to USA. We are based in shouts on, flying United. Thanks so much for suggestions.


Tampa, Florida
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1. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

I doubt anyone here can get you out faster than if you consult the airlines at the airport or a travel agent.

Outward flights will be fully booked for the next few weeks because of the thousands of visitors returning home after the Carnival festivities this past week.

Houston, TX
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2. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Thanks. I've consulted United and see overbooked flights. Trying to find alternate way. Ferry to alternate place? Local airlines to Venezuela or USVI then we fly United from there? Finding very expensive fares to do that but guess we have to pay a lot to get out. :-((

We were detained by several police at airport 2.5 hours because they wouldn't believe we are here for holiday without plans and don't know someone here. Clothing was taken by customs because it had a camouflage pattern. Warnings by people on plane, everywhere we look about danger, instability. We had notion of easy tropical holiday and feel trapped in very expensive city hotel in unattractive area.

One of the first time in decades of travel that spontaneity has worked out so badly.

New York City, New...
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3. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Take flight out of Tobago...Virgin Atlantic, perhaps.

Also try flying LIAT to another island...Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, etc. are some options.

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4. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

But anywhere in world you go and face immigration and tell them you have no fixed plans it would send up red flags. Saw it happen to a couple in Dublin and NY recently. Customs in TT would always seize camouflage once it is found.

Maybe you can get a flight to another island and then a flight to US from there. Check online and do your own bookings.

Willemstad, Curacao
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5. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Hmm check with American Airlines because online I see they have seats for the 3.40 PM flight

Ottawa, Canada
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6. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

What about going to the Caribbean Airlines desk and check where the next flight out is going to? I mean, as much as you aren't happy with your welcome in Trinidad, even Tobago is nicer and may change your perspective. Or go to another Caribbean Island and try to salvage some vacation. However, you may face a similar reception if you have no hotel.

For future spontaneous travel, these are not developed countries where you can just 'go' with no plan. Though not exactly 'third world' they get suspicious of people just arriving. It might work in Europe and US, and I see you have been to S America, so you may have succeeded there, but I sure as heck wouldn't want to arrive in Venezuela without at least a couple of nights accommodation under my belt. And I would not recommend Africa for spontaneous either. They don't crack a smile, will grill you at best, will remove any camouflage and if unlucky, may start fishing for bribes.

Isle of Man, United...
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7. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Papillon made it off Devils Island. They say Breaststroke is best.

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8. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

It's strange that people on the plane and everywhere were warning you about danger and instability.

Take general precautions as you would anywhere but its a bit of scaremongering to be talking about danger and instability.

Hope you got of Hell Island today :-/ make sure to warn everyone as people had warned you.

Houston, TX
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9. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Thanks for your ideas. Yes I've enjoyed spontaneous travel many times but never to a developing country without some basic info. My travel companion finds my wanting to learn at least a little to be restrictive, so I went along with his way this trip and we hopped the next flight with seats. Sounds great on paper.

We tried to salvage the T&T stay with a ferry to Tobago after delicious lunch at Breakfast Shed (our highlight.) nope. We were told go to a travel agency for tickets. They had none. Waited in line at terminal for ferry tickets. They said come tomorrow for standby list. Then I said let's still try to enjoy what we can. Walked around POS Frederick street. Don't get any allure: Stores with cheap stuff. Decided to hire hotel taxi driver to drive us around, see pretty area, beach, at 3:30. We were warned by several people including two ladies at the travel agency not to do it because it means we are out after dark.

In Italian, "e basta!"... Enough. White flag of surrender. Airport tomorrow for standby and hope to flight out to....


Happy travels.


Houston, TX
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10. Re: How to get out of Trinidad ASAP?

Mfuwe.... :-)))

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