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warning for users of P20 sun protection

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warning for users of P20 sun protection

P20 sounds like a wonderful product for protection from sun burn, but as a property manager, let me tell you about the damage to sheets and towels, lounge chairs, and presumably clothes...

most rental property owners here in Bequia like to use white sheets and towels...there are many products that people use that remove color from colored towels and white seems easiest to keep clean and nice looking because we can use spray and wash and bleach...however, this P20 sunscreen doesn't show up on sheets and towels until it's in the wash and a little bleach/chlorine is added, and then huge pink stains appear...or until you get out of a swimming pool and the chlorine on your skin mixed with the P20 then stains the pool lounges...must be a lovely look on a white bathing suit...

Some of it comes out after a long soak in bleach, but some of it won't and according to the P20 website they recommend Oxy Clean to remove it...I'm not sure if you can get Oxy Clean in SVG...but if you've used the product and have stained your white clothes, at least you should be able to get Oxy Clean once you return home...

According to their web site the stuff only comes off with soap and water and a good towelling off...I'm betting it comes off with sweat too...

So, would I use this product if I knew that using it was going to damage clothes, sheets, towels, pool cushions, fabric covered pool chairs...no way...

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1. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

I heard from a guest that ruined 2 expensive light colored shirts with P20 sunscreen stains and he said that there was no warning on the bottle...his wife also complained of having some stains on some clothes that won't wash out...they didn't get sunburn though!

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2. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

It also gets onto plastic chairs that users have sat in and 'infects' the next person to sit down... there was a bad outbreak in De Reef a few years ago when free samples were being given away at Barbados and everyone was using it and many people were walking about with pink/rusty coloured stains on their backsides...

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3. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

Thanks for posting, Ladolce. According to their website, it's sold in just a few Countries, including Barbados & the UK, though not in the US.

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4. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

I was able to find what could be the last remaining jar of Oxy Clean in Kingstown, and if you soak the items for 2 hours before washing that seems to take the P20 stains out...most of it anyway...a neighbor informs me that the next time you wash with a little bleach the pink shows up again, so it might take repeated washings before the stain is completely gone...

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5. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

We have the same pinkish stains on many of my husbands sailing t-shirts using other brands of sunscreen as well (we don't have P20 here in the States). I bleach them once back home, but now I'll try Oxy Clean. He enjoys the t-shirts he gets while sailing the Bequia Regatta and always upset with the pink stains. Thanks for posting!

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6. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

Any oxygen based cleaner should work. Hydrogen Peroxide, for example, if you only have a small stain.

Janitorial suppliers sell Sodium Percarbonate which will do the job, if you have a lot to clean.

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7. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

I rent out my property in Marbella and like you have white sheets and towels and I too add some bleach to the wash to keep everything white, remove stains and for hygiene. I have just had an absolute nightmare with P20. All my sheets and towels ended up completely covered in bright pink stains.. I couldn't believe my eyes! I have used P20 myself in the past but only had problems with yellow stains so they must have changed something. I didn't realise that bleach was the problem at first and compounded the problem by adding more bleach. I also tried Vanish Oxy Action and that had no effect, the damage had been done. However I did come up with 2 solutions. For some inexplicable reason if you dried the items in the sun the stains completely disappeared. However they come back the next time you wash them. I eventually found a more permanent solution with plain White Vinegar, it reversed the chemical reaction and the stains disappeared.

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8. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

Good God ... and people are putting this product on their skin?

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9. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

I've found that the stains do tend to reappear if you wash with any amount of bleach, but once you've washed them with Oxy Clean, even if the stain shows up in the wash again, it does usually disappear when the laundry is dried...we only lost one towel that had a huge crimson hand mark on it, and for whatever reason that stain never came out...

I'll keep the white vinegar idea in mind though...how much did you add to the wash?

a friend just returned from England and she said the shops at the airport are all selling the stuff...no warning labels though

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10. Re: warning for users of P20 sun protection

P20 is a fantastic sun screen. Yes it stains clothes but a lot of sun screens stain clothes. The comment about people actually put this on their skin is ridiculous. The protection you get from P20 is far superior than most other factor 20 sunscreens IMHO and you only apply it ONCE a day. The point of sun screen is to protect you against harmful rays and P20 certainly does that.

Another product is available called Parasol 20 which is another once daily sun screen offering equal protection and no stains. Im pretty sure it's an Irish company so may not be available everywhere.

Bottom line is clothes/ towels will get stained at some point no matter what sun screen you wear. Wear clothes you don't mind getting stained and feel comfortable knowing you are wearing a sun screen that will protect you all day long

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