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Trader Vic's

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Christ Church...
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Trader Vic's

I notice that Trader Vic's is shown as opening in 2012 at Bucamment Bay on the various Harlequin websites.. Can anyone confirm that it is open, or the latest date for opening

Saint Paul...
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11. Re: Trader Vic's

The issue here is the responsibility of Financial Advisors to be responible when recommending what people do with their SIPPS.

Financial advisors are not impartial and cannot be when they are offered commissions.

This applies to using a SIPP for any overseas property investment.

It's like discovering that Tescos don't know what's in their food.

Estate agents operate in the same way. They simply go on what they have been told by the seller. They rely on the buyer to ask the questions. It is called consumer freedom.

If the FT ran a story that Buccament bay was in the process of being liqidated, (which they did not) they can expected legal action to be taken for inaccurate reporting.

London, United...
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12. Re: Trader Vic's

Further coverage on related issues at IFA online (www.ifaonline.co.uk). Their current lead story, whilst not Harlequin related, also appears to reference such investment schemes. There is a clear intention to see this situation addressed.

One wonders if taking on the FSA, as they have done detractors in the past, may be beyond the wits of Harlequin -- particularly given the accompanying information arising regarding the late/non filing of accounts etc.

I would agree that unscrupulous advisers will be starting to get very nervous -- and rightfully so. There is clearly a broader issue here though, as to how it is possible to be allowed to take such risks with someone's retirement pot -- whether advisers/brokers are regulated or not. Also, how a scheme is allowed to be sold on the open market with such impunity, where there have been such big question marks over the viability of the stated returns, is something that will need careful examination. Obviously it all comes down to risk -- and if that risk has been misrepresented by anybody, at what point does that start to become something else...?

There is a sense of momentum starting to gather here...

I genuinely hope that there is some recourse for those investors who must be starting to get very worried. I am in doubt whatsoever that there their number is mainly comprised of good and decent people, who really believed that they had been offered a credible and safe opportunity.

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Orange Beach
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13. Re: Trader Vic's

While I appreciate open speech and comments, the thread was related to whether Trader Vic's was open and what excursions are available. The Trader Vic's comment has been answered (thank you!). Anyone who has information regarding excursions currently available at the resort, please let us know :)

I don't think the resort is about to close it's doors in the next couple of weeks which is when we go on vacation, so the other information does not help us too much. No offense as I don't like to hear about people being swindled either. I just want to stay on topic if at all possible :)

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Peterborough, Canada
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14. Re: Trader Vic's

There is a free sunset cruise which is quite nice. Other than that they can arrange outside excursions which are high priced. One of the best things there for food and included is the sushi and there is a very good Indian restaurant not open most days.

Somerset U.K.
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15. Re: Trader Vic's


We have just returned from a lovely stay at Buccament Bay some of the excursions are as follows:-

Monday: Cruise to Bequia & Mustique USD112

Tuesday: Sunset cruise: Complimentary

Wednesday: Cruise to Wallilabou (Pirates of the Caribbean) & Dark view falls: USD 90

Thursday: cruise to Bequia: USD 80

Land tour any day Windward side to Black tunnel & Owia USA 80


Orange Beach
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16. Re: Trader Vic's


I am on day 4 at Buccament Bay, and I will be posting a full and honest review once we return home. It really is beautiful and overall a wonderful place. I have a few things to make note of for those thinking of a vacation at Buccament Bay Resort, including notes on the excursions I will post it on my blog at http://www.chicfamilytravels.com and a shortened version on this forum as well. The sunshine & relaxation are calling me for now :)

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Peterborough, Canada
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17. Re: Trader Vic's

Glad to see things are going well now at Buccament Bay. Is there any progress on flights on Harlequin Air or Trader Vic's?

Orange Beach
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18. Re: Trader Vic's

Harlequin Air does not seem to be in the near future. We are booked for November 2013, and we are flying Mustique Airways. The padi dive owner seems to have hope that Harelequin will be flying by then for her sea camp but the staff in London are not making any promises. Trader Vic's is built but there is honestly no need for it to open until occupancy demands it. There are plenty of places to eat and all are fantastic. We never had a problem making a reservation at any of the 3 restaurants. At this point, Trader Vic's would be overkill. There are plenty of options in my opinion, and the restaurants would seem very empty if another restaurant opened. Again, this was based on my experience in Feb 2013 as I'm sure occupancy varies depending on the month.

Manchester, United...
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19. Re: Trader Vic's

Dear Investors & Harlequin,

As discussed on Barbadosfreepress. The Harlequin Investor meeting in Manchester will be at Manchester Airport Marriott Hale Barns on the Saturday 9th March we have booked the room for the day with several short breaks for everyone to buy refreshments.

I think some of you will be familiar with this location. If you could attend please let me know. There will be a small admission fee as it is £150 for the room I did negotiate this at a special rate.

We will be asking Mr Ames to attend so we can get the answers we require. We would ask everyone to send in the questions they would like answering so that the same question is not repeated the email address to send questions and replies to invitation to HarlequininvestorgroupNW@gmail.com would ask you to pass on the details of this email to any third parties you may feel will be interested in attending.

If you have any other suggestions please email above.

I will look forward to your response.

Kind Regards


Somerset U.K.
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20. Re: Trader Vic's

Not sure why this post is in 'Re Trader Vic's' !

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