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st. kitts marriott-Stay away Toxic Pool

St. Petersburg...
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st. kitts marriott-Stay away Toxic Pool

Spent one week at Marriott and it was HORRIBLE. The property itself is absolutely gorgeous, the rooms are spacious and wonderfully appointed.

The food however was absolutely horrible and management decisions are maddening. The resort has several restaurants with outside decks with views looking over water or outside. For inexplicable reasons, the staff will not seat you out of doors. We spent several nights waiting to be seated while restaurants had empty tables. When we did sit down, the food was worse than a high school cafeteria and very overpriced. While we were there, the pool turned my wife, and several other guests' hair bright blue. The general manager responded to my wife that it was her fault because her hair was blonde. I am fearful for other guests that go into the pool. Urge everyone to stay away. More info, contact me at weidnerlaw@yahoo.com.

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1. Re: st. kitts marriott-Stay away Toxic Pool

Everybody please do not pay an ounce of attention to this loser of a poster above. Now if somebody just found the resort not to their liking and would not return they have all the right to say that however when idiots give such blantent lies as the poster above did, somebody (right now that is me) has to call them on it.

I would recommend that everybody read all the resort reviews on this site and many others and almost every single review gives the St. Kitts Marriott 4 or 5 starts out of 5 in every category so this person above must be somebody who looks for the negatives in everything.

Claiming that the food is like a school cafeteria is laughable. I went in the pools there many times and my hair is not blue.

Everybody at the resort, management, service, everything were top notch.

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2. Re: st. kitts marriott-Stay away Toxic Pool

Have to disagree, just got back from here last night. The food was fine - it's NOT Haute Cuisine but acceptable and filling, and yes, due to the importing of all items, a bacon/cheeseburger with fries and lettuce, onion and tomatoe goes for $12, a Cola for $2.50, but for folks on a budget this is not a property to go to.

I have my hair colored and there was no problem at all, except dryness from the sun, which was taken care of with a heavy duty conditioner today. The only thing I can think of is if the wife of the poster was in the Main pool, this is the pool with major use for kids, volleyball, and with a swim-up bar. I noticed folks and kids not leaving for the restrooms, and maybe that fact might've done something chemically. The other pools post a notice that children in diapers may not use them, only the Main pool.

I dealt with Mr. Toti's office (the GM) before going because I puchased the Marriott Gift Dining Certificates and made sure they were able to be used there (no problems at all with the restaurants, however, the Steak restaurant does not accept them). He/his Assistant (Joyah) were helpful before and upon arrival, and we had major savings with the Certificates. We also requested non feather bedding, and were accommodated.

There was seating done at both Il Cucina and Calypso on the deck for those that wanted, especially smokers - breakfast and supper, so I don't understand this aspect.

We had a great time, and were there 10 days. It's too bad the poster had a lousy time, but I'd go back there again, no problem.

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