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Honeymoon Help!!?

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Bournemouth UK
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Honeymoon Help!!?


We are finding it really difficult to decide where to go for our Honeymoon! The shortlist seems to be the following:-

Grand Cayman - maybe ritz-carlton resort

Mexico - Playa del Carmen

Turks and Caicos - Providenciales (royal west indies resort)

Bahamas - Atlantis

1 week Turks and Caicos followed by 1 week atlantis bahamas

So just a few choices!!! :-) I know they are all really different, each with pros and cons and really cannot decide where to go for our Honeymoon in January next year. We want to make the right decision as we will be travelling from the UK which makes these hols quite expensive with rather long flights! (and I am quite a nervous flyer!)

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :-)

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1. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

Been to Grand Cayman on a cruise. Beautiful island and can't wait to spend a week there, maybe next year.

Been to Atlantis 2 times. Huge, many kids, toddlers and babies any time of the year there. If I were you, I personally would want something smaller and less kids for my honeymoon. In January Bahamas will not be as warm as further in the caribbean also.

Been to Playa del Carmen on a cruise and I wouldn't want to stay there.

Turks and Caicos, never been there.

We loved St. Lucia, I am sure it would be a great honeymoon island even though our kids were with us.

Long Island, NY
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2. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

I would choose the Ritz in Grand Cayman. Don't know anything about Playa del Carmen, Atlantis (from my perspective) is definitely out, RWI is nice, but the Ritz in GC is a great honeymoon destination.

Grand Cayman has more to do than the Turks, but still lovely.

Bournemouth UK
posts: 266
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3. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

Thank you all!

I think its a choice between the turks and caicos and grand caymen then!!!

Bournemouth UK
posts: 266
reviews: 2
4. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

Sorry, spelling mistake - i meant Grand CaymAn!

Long Island, NY
posts: 3,620
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5. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

I have been to both Grand Cayman and Turks and Caicos. I preferred Grand Cayman. Price wise, they are similar. Both have a great beach, but I found the food better at Grand Cayman, much better. We spent a week at each island, 1 year apart.

Both islands have good snorkeling, weather is similar.

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6. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

If I had your choices, I would pick the Ritz at Cayman. Mexico, for me would not even be a choice. Bahamas in January would not be a choice either (weather would not be that great!). Turks and Caicos is a nice island, but I personally like Cayman as I felt the people are a bit friendlier, the island easier to get around, there is more to do. I think there are more choices in Cayman. Good luck!

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7. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

I am having the same dilemma in finding a honeymoon spot. I can tell you that I went to Playa del Carmen last summer and the location itslef is fabulous but I got violently ill and it really ruined my vacation, so much so, that I will never return to Mexico. I went with a group of about 14 and a few of us got really sick. It's just not worth it, if you ask me....it was an horrific illness. I've been to Atlantis twice and would love to incorporate it into my honeymoon as my fiance has not been there. It is not my ideal honeymoon spot, but it's definitly worth seeing. Way too many kids and way too many people in general to spend an entire honeymoon there. I was hoping to stop there on my way to Turks and Caicos just so my fiance could see it and because it is a quick flight over to T&C. We are deciding between T&C, Aruba, and Grand Cayman. We were dismayed to find out that the Hyatt Grand Cayman is being promoted as the Beach Suites and we were hoping for more of a luxorious resort. Tough decision!!!!!!!!

New York
Destination Expert
for Grand Cayman
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8. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

When we went to Ixtapa, I was the only one of my family to worry about what I was drinking -- no ice cubes, no salad washed in fresh water, no brushing teeth without my bottle water, etc. My hubby who has lived all over the Carib, South America and Africa laughed at me and took over with the kids. I got violently ill, they were all fine. I understand the pain, but it was really beautiful and I would go back again. Next time I won't be such a moron!!!!

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9. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

GRAND CAYMAN ALL THE WAY. I have been there 6 times for 2 weeks at a time and it's paradise. HOWEVER, the Ritz is gorgeous but overpriced. All you get is a room and it's farther away from everything. And for the most part, the hotel rooms are on the other side of the street from the beach b/c most of the owners live on the beach side. Long walk.

Definitely stay at Lacovia Condominiums. They are WONDERFUL. Very clean, very nice. I did a review on it on Trip Advisor. You get an upstairs, downstairs, living room and full kitchen. Eating out all the time gets REALLY EXPENSIVE. It was nice to have a kitchen to keep milk, cereal, bagels, cream cheese, lunchmeat, etc. for the day. The beach is HUGE and usually pretty empty.


I am getting married in june but am choosing to go somewhere else. We need a place where neither one of us have been before so we can make new memories. But dear lord, the memories I have from 6 years in Grand Cayman :) Have a great honeymoon. If you would like to contact me further, feel free:


Sheffield UK
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10. Re: Honeymoon Help!!?

Hi I have been fortunatenate to go to the cayman islands on 10 occasions it is true heaven. I am taking my fiancee for the first time this year with plans in the future to marry there. If you imagine paradise this is it. I imagine sandy white beaches comfortable temperatures 85 degrees in and out of the water, palm trees with hammocks e.t.c. This fits everything perfectly. If you want any further advise let me know and I will try and help. Honestly I cant imagine a more perfect place in the world for couples especially.



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