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Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

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Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

Ok, I will start by saying "I am a Planner" Always have been, always will be. My family likes a good plan going into a vacation, so we know what's on our plate for the day and it helps us make sure we do everything we want to do while on vacation! I think this started with Disney trips, you can't really go there without a plan, and it has just remained our way of doing things. Anyway, we visited Grand Cayman about 5 years ago, and I just don't recall everything as far as the layout of the island, where restaurants are, etc. Below is my itinerary, I would appreciate input from the experts and any recent visitors, anything/anyplace I should scratch off/add because we are in the area, etc. My family is myself, husband and 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Also, a couple questions that come to mind are: Are there any places for a quick lunch right on beach near the Avalon? Nothing fancy, but just assuming we are in water/beach, and don't want to really leave for lunch, is there a restaurant on beach there, or should we plan to make lunch in the condo?

Arrive July 22nd (late) Dinner - Gino’s Pizza Delivery

Tues July 23rd

Hotel Pool/Seven Mile Beach/water trampoline

Lunch - Eats Café or someplace on beach

Dinner - Coconut Joes

OR Kaibo has Tuesday night BBQ – near rum point, live music.

Wed July 24th

Rum Point for the day (cruise ship in port)

Lunch - The Wreck Bar and Grill at Rum Point (view, on beach)

Dinner - Breezes by the Bay Georgetown Dinner and Shopping (water view)

Thurs July 25th

Breakfast Cimboco

Cruise Ship in port

Morning - Mastic Trail Bird/Wildlife Hike (only tues.–thurs.)

nationaltrust.org.ky/index.php/…tours-venues (will this be too hot in July?)

Smith Cove Snorkeling / pick up picnic lunch KFC

Afternoon - Hotel Pool/Seven Mile Beach

Dinner – Ragazzi Italian/Seafood

Fri July 26th

Morning - Starfish Point

Lunch - Kaibo Beach Bar and Grill (view/on beach)

Afternoon - Rum Point

Dinner at Pirate Buffet at Marriott ? (Is this worth the expense?)

Sat July 27th

Cemetery Beach Snorkel/stop by blowholes for pictures

Lunch – Macabuca (water view)

Hotel Pool/Seven Mile Beach

Pure Art Shopping

Dinner – Casanova – Italian/seafood (water view)

Sun July 28th

Breakfast – Treats (across from Beachsuites)

Rum Point - possible short Red Sail Excursion to Sting Ray City

Lunch Wreck Bar and Grill (on beach)

Dinner Hard Rock Café (closes at 8 p.m.)

Mon July 29th

Lunch - Cayman Cabana

Go home... Many thanks!

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1. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

Just have a question also...we are going to be there on a Wed-Mon and am wanting to know if Kaibo Beach Bar is worth it to go on a non beach bbq night? Don't we have to take a water taxi just to get there? Thanks

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2. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

You might want to consider the Iguana recovery program tour. 11 am at the Botanic Garden....I think that might be more interesting for the kids than the Mastic Trail...but if you do the trail be sure to do the tour..lots of good info, and not too much information signage on trail

if you are staying at the Avalon, I was wondering why you were spending so many days at Rum Point...it's a bit of a drive and I think you have a nice beach where you are.......you can pick up sting rays trips from the SMB side of the island

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3. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

If you really want to do Stingray City you should schedule it earlier in your week in case conditions in the sound are snotty at the end of the week. I have to admit we like to play it a little bit more relaxed particularly on the food front . . . sometimes you just feel like having something without it being all arranged. I used to be a huge fan of Treats and was disappointed the last two times. I'd look at Fidel Murphys, Cayman Cabana, Triple Crown Pub or any of the incredible Sunday Brunch options. Hard Rock doesn't do it for me -- don't like chains (in fact I skip Gino's Pizza for XQ's any day). I think you are doing a lot of running around == for instance on the 27th why not go to My Bar at Sunset House (same type even with a ladder for snorkeling as Macabuca) and then hit Pure Art instead of driving up and down all day. Coconut Joe's is nothing special . . . Duke's is a better alternative. La Dolce Vita is a nice choice. I'd pick it over Breezes hands down as I think that is more there for the cruise ship crowd. I wouldn't go near KFC when there are so many other wonderful options. I would certainly add in an afternoon or evening at Camana Bay . . . lovely to walk around, some great restaurants and bring a camera for the view from the tower. Anyway those are my comments. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Your question about the Pirates Dinner at the Marriott is relative to your family. Your your kids love it? If so go for it! You could easily walk up the beach and cross out near the Beachsuites and hit the Lone Star for lunch one day. Laid back -- favorite of DM's -- shoes, coverups, etc., are mandatory when leaving the beach, but you don't need to change to go!

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4. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

Thank you for the input. When we visited before, years ago, we loved Rum Point, that's why we planned to visit a few times. We stayed at Meridian before, and our kids were much younger, so we enjoyed the very shallow entry at Rum Point back then. We may change our minds this time, if it doesn't cut it. I picked Gino's over XO assuming we want delivery, do you know if XO's delivers? We will be arriving late, going to Fosters and I just can't see us going out to dinner, we will want to make it easy. KFC was sort of a random idea, just trying to keep costs down on lunches when possible, as I remember and have read how pricey restaurants can be. I will add Camana Bay for sure, any specific restaurant with a view to note there? Thanks

Knoxville, Tennessee
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5. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

You could easily pack lunches at the condo and take them with you to places like Smith's Cove. Check ahead of time to see if there might be a cooler at the condo for your use as some condos will have them. We bring a collapsible cooler with us but you could just buy a Styrofoam one once you arrive and leave it when it's time to go home. It gives us a lot of flexibility in traveling around the island and not having to find some place to eat or get back to the condo. You can not bring your own food to Rum Point however, but there are public beaches along the North Side where you could picnic.

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6. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

Unless you are planning to have dinner at the Thur-Sun Upstairs dinner restaurant at Kaibo (some of the finest dinners I've had on island) or the Luna del Mar dinner, visiting from SMB for dinner at the beach bar portion may not be the best use of vacation time. The Beach BBQ is a nice night our unto itself, but don't attend just for the food alone, that is not what makes it enjoyable.

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7. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

"The Beach BBQ is a nice night our unto itself, but don't attend just for the food alone, that is not what makes it enjoyable."

Ditto +1 co-sign. Much better to do one of the full moon beach dinners, where the real thrill is joining the bar staff in sending flaming Chinese lanterns into the night sky and wondering whether they will set multi-million dollar properties ablaze!

Grand Cayman
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8. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

I agree that you are doing a lot od driving back and forth to East End so can I suggest:

Combine Mastic Trail with one of the visits to Rum Point so that you end up with only two drives out to East End. I would then combine Smith Cove with your lunch at Sunset House and the visit to Pure Art (all close to each other).

Just a couple of points to help in your planning

- Shops will not be open in George Town after 4 and I notice you have dinner and shopping together

- The Blow Holes are towards East End, not ner Cementary Beach as you have them

- I would also choose Dukes over Coconut Joes. Better food and closer to your condo.

- I would arrange the Sting Ray city excursion from the West side rather than Rum Point. Most operators will pick you up right at your condo. It will be a long enough afternoon that I wouldn't want to face a 50 minute drive after getting off the boat Captains Marvins is great and very close to where you are staying.

- Cimboco does a great $5 breakfast Monday to Friday so you may want to visit twice if looking to minimize some spending.

Enjoy! Feel free to post back an updated schedule if you'd like more thoughts. I found it hard to rearrange in my head when I was trying to think of the best way for you to catch everything!

Houston, Texas
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9. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

I would sub Chicken Chicken for KFC. It is good stuff (try the jerk!), and it's pretty inexpensive! Also, I saw you mention snorkeling at Cemetery and stopping by the blowholes for pictures. The blowholes are all the way out on the east side of the island (unless there are blowholes on the west side of the island that I'm not aware of).

I saw that Retrip mentioned Lone Star, and I know some people like it, but as a fellow Texan I think you'd be disappointed. It's hard to match up to Texas bbq! It was kid of fun to get a pic of our daughter next to the A&M sign they have up, though.

My last suggestion would be to reexamine your Thursday. Drive out to the Mastic Trail if that suits you (we haven't been), but I'd squeeze that in on the way to Rum Point on Wednesday instead. Stop at Pure Art prior to swinging by Smith Cove briefly, then spend some time snorkeling at Eden Rock. Smith Cove is a gorgeous spot, but the snorkeling isn't all that amazing (unless you like really deep water). Eden Rock has much better snorkeling, IMO.

Edit: Posted at the same time as Cayman I! ;)

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10. Re: Calling All Experts, Comments on my Itinerary

There are many great places to go for a reasonably priced lunch. KFC is not among them. Also, I would not consider Coconut Joe's as a place to go for dinner. Also, while others may disagree, Breezes is a total tourist trap. Like Hard Rock and Margaritaville, they cater to the cruise ship crowd and serve overpriced and underwhelming food. There are so many other wonderful restaurants on the water from Al Fresco's in West Bay to Rackam's in GT.

I also agree with other posters. This itinerary puts you in a car far more than in necessary. I'd consider consolidating some of these activities on the other side of the island and also realize that you're probably going to want to hang out on the beach on more than 3 occasions. Keep your itinerary flexible and make some time to relax a bit.

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