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Questions about upcoming vacation

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Questions about upcoming vacation

Been reading lots of reviews and getting quite concerned.Seems to be alot of undocumented crime on the island. Really concerning since taking teenagers who like to run for miles, didn't think this was an issue here. Also reading about rental cars and how that makes you prime target. Also was planning to have breakfast and lunch at the villa but saw supermarket prices. I am really starting to reget my decision to come here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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1. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

I feel the same as you. No teenagers, just young adults looking for a good, relaxing time. People say use common sense and don't stay out late but what is late? Sitting in the hotel starting at 730 doesn't sound like any fun.

Nothing I can do now but try to have fun as my trip is 12 days away.

Staten Island, New...
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2. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

Supermarket prices are not out of line, especially if you use the huge Dutch side stores.

As for car rental, ask for vehicle with French plates, Dutch plates have the big "R" on them.

Running depends upon when and where.


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3. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

We have been going to the island for a number of years. Typically we dine out a few times but shop at the supermarkets for the other meals. The prices are a little higher than in the states but not bad. Liquor is very inexpensive although beer and wine are more expensive.

We stay on the French side, travel all around and venture out at night regularly. We have never felt unsafe or seen any problems. We have read things on line etc.. which make us a little more careful.

The beaches are beautiful and each is unique. People are friendly except for a little French attitude now and then. (I am 1/2 French myself.)

Going late this year-less than 4 weeks away.

Enjoy your trip.

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4. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

Thanks for the reply. Feel much better. This is the last family trip for awhile since my son will be going off to college. Now I'll relax and start packing soon 4 1/2 wks to go.

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5. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

SXM food from the occasional tourist perspective...

Th esupermarkets can be a little confusing because the quantities are metric (liter etc..) and the prices are posted in Euros or the Dutch currency (and dollars sometimes). However, we don't really spend any more for the week than we would at home.

With regard to dining out, there are incredible meals to be had particularly on the French side but but it is expensive. On the other hand, the LoLo's (at least in Grand Case) will serve you a good grilled meat or fish dinner for $10 or less.There doesn't seem to be any middle ground We tend to alternate.

I'm getting hungry already.

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6. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

You should be concerned BUT not whacked -out-of -your-mind.JUST STAY OFF STUPID! Late night fun places on the Dutchside are Simpson Bay and Maho Village. French Plates/Dutch PlatesWill not help you in any way. You get in the car--get out of the car----your actions--behavior--looks--dress says your a tourist.Just act like your belong there and know what you are doing.I was on a beach one daty and a vendor (lady) struck up a conversation with me. Before the conversation was over,she asked me how I liked staying at the Atrium ,and I told her fine. And then asked her how she knew I was staying there.........and she smiled and said ----the color of your towel...The locals know who the tourists are.

Staten Island, New...
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7. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

Not so sure about the French plate thing - when away from the vehicle and it is unattended it does stand out to anyone looking for trouble - jury still out on this -

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8. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

Take it easy....great advice from all and I totally agree with Bobcat bout the tag with the big "R" target. Have had both and never any issue with either. If you have a smart phone download a currency converter for use when you shop and again as Bobcat said stick to the biggies on the Dutch side. You gotta eat...but it's amazing how far a bottle of wine and a baguette goes for lunch!

davenport, iowa
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9. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

SXM is a fantastic place!! The beaches are gorgeous, the food is awesome, and the people are wonderful!! The prices in the stores really aren't bad at all, as others said, get your groceries on the Dutch side.... As far as your rental car, make sure you don't leave anything in it and you should be fine....you can go out, just avoid unlit areas at night and be aware of your surroundings. I'm sure you will love it!! Enjoy!!

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10. Re: Questions about upcoming vacation

you will be fine! leave your car doors unlocked with nothing inside that matters. the grocery stores are great and there is a new huge one on the dutch side by the little airport...awesome! there are so many locals who exercise by running and walking daily on the paths provided. tourist runners would fit in and be safe in groups like anywhere in the US. that was cool to see! it's so beautiful on baie rouge especially...great little beach bar with awesome grilled fish sandwiches on baguette and snorkeling to the right. i am so jealous you are going soon...we don't go to st. martin and st. barts until august!

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