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need help with flight to SXM

Phila, PA
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need help with flight to SXM

I'm trying to get a flight from Phila to St. Martins and the price for the last week in June is $880. I found that you can get a flight to Nevis via St. Marten for $467. This flight has a 2 1/2 hour layover and then Windward island flight. Has anyone just used a portion of a flight like this? I'm wondering what would happen if you booked like this and only used the St. Martin portion of the ticket. Anybody tried this???

Bloomfield Hills...
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1. Re: need help with flight to SXM

if you are doing this as a round trip ticket, be very careful since not completing part of your itinerary may cancel the whole thing.

if it's one way, go ahead, but check with custons about having to have a ticket out of the country to gain entry.

I do this all the time, on domestic itineraries ( booking a flight back home to a different airport that uses my home airport hub for a connection ) and just not boarding the last flight. sometimes this is a lot cheaper for some strange reason.

Bloomfield Hills...
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2. Re: need help with flight to SXM

also check on flying out of Miami.

book a seperate trip philly to Mia, and add up the totals which I am sure will be < 800.

miami to sxm usually has some pretty good deals

Tucson, AZ
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3. Re: need help with flight to SXM

Snagtooth is right, DON'T try this on an international flight.

Your immigrations docs, passport, customs decs, etc., all need to match your ticket; IN & OUT.

I'm retired from AA and have been a corporate travel agent and we always told travelers, "it's not worth ruining your vacation, to save a few bucks".

Check the major websites, but only after loading SIDESTEP

on your PC. This is a travel search engine that will compare your request in, let's say, ORBITZ, with up to 45 other travel webs. It works really well. And, be sure and do the segment by segment checks as well.


Also, consider Southwest from PHL-FLL (Ft. Lauderdale) and then on to SXM.

There are several ways of doing it, it's just that if you're looking for late June, you are a little late for a GOOD fare. It may be worth talking to a certified travel agent in your area. The ticketing fees they charge now days is cheap in comparison to you trying to find a decent fare on the web.

Good Luck!

St. Martin
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4. Re: need help with flight to SXM

I make my way SXM> Phila and return to SXM for approx. 600 in June. Got through Puerto Rico with AA or, US Air or there is also one low cost carrier, and from there with Caribbean Sun or Liat.

Have fun!

boston, ma
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5. Re: need help with flight to SXM

im finding flight to sxm from NYC for about 450.. if u are willing to drive there. (use orbitz)I believe there are the $20 rt bus fare from Chinatown Phili and Chinatown NYC. then u can head on over to Grand central and take a shuttle to JFK

Parlin, New Jersey
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6. Re: need help with flight to SXM

Here is an option on AA

Total Amount 585.90 USD

Tax Included

1 aa 971 L 24JUN phlmia 600A 838A

2 aa 687 L 24JUN miasxm 1127A 220P

3 aa 2160 L 30JUN sxmmia 332P 639P

4 aa 2048 L 30JUN miaphl 830P 1117P

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7. Re: need help with flight to SXM

hi i am coming from toledo via detroit and cant find anything less than 1450 for 2 tickets, no matter what connector flights i can come up with! Can anyone help me find better i plan to leave on august 8 thanks!

Tucson, AZ
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8. Re: need help with flight to SXM

"WE" collectively can help search flights for anyone, but give us "ALL" the travel info folks: Departure date/time desired + length of stay(return date/time).

Preferred + secondary airports home and destination (if applicable).

Over and out, roger-wilco, 10-4.

Tucson, AZ
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9. Re: need help with flight to SXM

Oh, and just so you know, it is normally less expensive to travel Tue, Wed and Sat.

Tucson, AZ
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10. Re: need help with flight to SXM


Here's the result of a real quick check:

$618 pp AA-Detroit(DTW)-Miami(MIA)AA-San Juan-US-St.Maarten(SXM). Return is the reverse itin.


US=US Airways Express (70 passenger turbo-prop)

Lowest I found out of Toledo (TOL) is similar:

$660 pp AA Eagle TOL-ORD UA ORD-SJU AA Eagle SJU-SXM

Only drawback of this itin is switching from UA to AA at ORD; it can be a 2500 yard dash you don't want to do after a long day of traveling.

Good Luck