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Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

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Toronto, Canada
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Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

Hello all - I've been combing the travel forums and researching into quite a few resorts but I am having a bit of difficulty narrowing down one place based on a couple requirements. Although this forum post:


had a few of the similar questions I had, I still need some more advice.

As I will be on my honeymoon, I'm looking for a couples only/mainly adults only resort in the Soufriere region where there is easy (walkable) beach access from the resort. I at first was looking at Ladera (and ti kaye) but my Fiance did not appreciate the idea of having to take a shuttle to the beach and insists that the point of a tropical vacation is that you're steps from the beach. I insisted that St Lucia is a completely different type of island where the point of visiting is to be in the view of it's unique gorgeous moutains, so now I'm trying to find a compromise!

Anyway, to brief you on the places we've stayed - we've been to Jamaica a couple times (all inclusive) and most recently Barbados (not all inclusive). Barbados had amazing public transportation (to local restaurants and other beaches with great snorkelling) with affordable local food and the beach was across the road from where we were staying.

So what we are looking for is something similar to Barbados in terms of access to the beach (by walking) and access to local food should we not do all inclusive. We love to eat and try different foods, but the all inclusive packages are going to run $1700 extra per person and I'm not sure if I'm being naive in thinking that we won't actually spend that much on food (This being said, I completely understand that food is more expensive in St Lucia but just by how much I can't tell and it cleary depends where and what we eat). Obviously we need lots of drinking water and some beers here and there but we aren't heavy drinkers.

We are past the experience of lazying around on the beach the entire time we will be there (7 nights) and sticking to the resort eating our hearts out. That being said, we'd like a place that is just a little more luxurious than a big box resort where we can be somewhat active yet come back to a quiet place to relax. We'd really love to explore the island and are hoping for many great snorkelling experiences beach hopping (without a tour) and hiking tours. My fiance is quite fit, I'm not too shabby so a room higher up is not a problem as long as we can walk to the beach.

Is there any place that may fit this description?

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Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

I forgot to add:

We will be going on the first week of August 2014 (so yes, time's a tickin'!) so if humidity and such is an issue during that time (which I assume it is considering it is hurricane season), we'd want to sleep comfortably. We love the idea of an open side to the room for breezes and outdoor showers are OK too (spoiled by the same type of accomodation while on safari in Africa last year), but will it be enough to keep us cool when we sleep or will we definitely need a place with A/C?

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2. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

I suggest looking at Sugar Beach, Anse Chastanet, Stonefield Villas and Hummingbird Beach Resort. We stayed in Soufriere at the end of June and were fine without A/C - the trade winds provide enough natural cooling to make it comfortable for sleeping and keep the humidity down. The only time i noticed any humidity was when it was raining, which, obviously, stands to reason.

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

Thanks for your response!!

Are all those resorts located within walking distance to their respective beaches? I've also been looking into boucan and ti kaye... so far ti Kaye is taking the lead on all these places and it seems to be more affordable for your own cottage (I wonder if there's a catch.. like is it significantly more secluded than everywhere else and therefore harder to get around or get food?).

There have been quite a few mixed reviews about the best snorkeling sites too. Any input?

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4. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

Yes all our within walking distance of the beach - only Stonefield is not on the beach, but is a short walk (downhill) to a very nice unspoiled beach with, reportedly, good snorkeling from shore. I believe Stonefield also offers a shuttle to Anse des Pitons (Sugar Beach).

Bear in mind none of these are AO, however they are not that popular with families, the exception being Sugar Beach, however it is very spread out so you're not likely to enounter many children there. AC accepts children 12 and over during the summer months. Stonefield and Hummingbird have no restrictions but are very small so you likely won't see any children there.

Ti Kaye is quite secluded - there's nothing within walking distance - but very nice, however the beach tends to get over run with snorkelers on day trips. I don't know how good the snorkeling is at Anse Cochon, but it is quite good at Sugar Beach and Anse Chastanet, with AC being a little nicer.

Both Stonefield and Hummingbird are within walking distance of town - Stonefield's a bit far, Hummingbird is on the outskirts of town.

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Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

Thanks gdbear65!

Looking into Stonefield, it seems pretty amazing, especially if they provide free shuttles to other nearby beaches. The accommadation seems similar to Ladera (private villa with a pool) but at least you can walk to the beach at Stonefield (according to what you've indicated). Would you happen to know what the "unspoiled beach" is called? Also for Ladera it seems you have a view of both Pitons whereas it seems Stonefield is mainly the view of the Petite Piton.

Just to be confirm, Sugar beach = Jalousie beach? Both names get thrown around but they seem to be referring to the same one.

Would you happen to know about the fees for the activities at Stonefield? Are there any included? We have our own snorkelling equipment but was wondering if we should bring it or if they provide it for you.

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6. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

The beach near Stonefield is called Malgretoute Beach. Yes Ladera has a bit better view but Gros Piton is still mostly obscured by the ridge on which Ladera is located.

Yes; Sugar Beach, Jalousie Beach and Anse des Pitons all refer to the beach between the Pitons.

Though I've visited, I have not stayed at Stonefield, so I don't know which amenities are available. Personally, I prefer to use my own snorkel equipment, especially as I use a dive snorkel, which automatically seals the snorkel whenever you dip below the surface.

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7. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

from the Stonefield website: "All daily rates are inclusive of: arrival welcome drink with cold towel, cooked-to-order a la carte breakfast, full use of the resort facilities, beach shuttles to nearby beach, Wi-Fi access in villa and throughout the resort, daily housekeeping service throughout villa, nightly turn down service, 24 hours security service, weekly manager’s reception with complimentary rum punch & hors d’oeuvres."

BTW I was wrong - Stonefield does not accept guests under 17 years of age.

I don't think there's much in the way of activities other than the gym and spa.

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

Thank you! I was actually visiting the website as you were probably typing your message. I noticed they have a special going on and they also have Honeymoon packages (that I read in a different forum thread on tripadvisor). I've contacted the resort with those specific questions about excursions but I just wanted to say I truly appreciate your time & sharing your knowledge with me!

How is the water temperature during the time you stayed in June? Is there a need to bring wetsuits? (the only time I had one was in Barbados but that was in February and specifically because we were in the water for over an hour or so at a time). I googled it and it says it is at it's lowest temperature in the beginning of August (~24C) but highest in February. Did you also find it was a lot of rainfall while you were there or is it the typical tropical storms that don't last very long?

My issue with the initial research is I was looking too much into packages in the typical search engines, but now I've geared toward booking things separately and comparing prices etc. with what the resort has to offer on their own websites. This should be interesting to say the least. :)

Peaks Island, Maine
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9. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

The beach that is the closest to Stonefield is Malgretoute. This is a local beach that doesn't have any services. It's a really nice scenic area but it's rustic--no restrooms, etc.. You can do some snorkeling there but the reef systems isn't especially developed in this specific area (lots of rocks though for the fish to hide). It's definitely a beach that is worth checking out. Eventually this area will be extensively developed (that's the current plan in the works).

Other areas that you'll want to check out if you're an avid snorkeler include: Soufriere beach (public beach in town that many overlook but has a good reef system, especially if you know where to go), Anse Chastanet, and Sugar Beach. The snorkeling areas at both Anse Chastanet and Sugar Beach are small and contained (roped off) but usually the visibility is quite good in these areas because they are well protected. If you head south of Sugar Beach (by boat) there is some very good snorkeling in the area known as the Coral Gardens as well as Anse L'Ivrogne.

The shuttles that the hotels offer, such as Ladera, typically go to Sugar Beach. It's always good to double check because they often have limited runs. Sugar Beach is actually Jalousie Beach. The resort that operates in this area currently is run by the Viceroy chain and when they took over a few years back they renamed the hotel (and the beach followed suit). This had something to do with all of the white sand that was imported into the area. It sounds kind of sexy now, "Sugar Beach," but it's basically code for white imported sand--clever marketing.

Ladera is located above the coast between the two Pitions. Here you have a very unique view of the iconic Pitons but you'll obviously need transportation to get down to the water. Boucan (Hotel C) is basically across the road from Ladera. All of these properties are a little south of Soufriere town and keep in mind because of the heat and the hills it is not necessarily an easy walk into town--something you don't see many tourists doing very often.

To the north of town, there is the resort at Anse Chastanet to consider if you want to be in an environment where you can walk to the ocean, snorkel, enjoy the views of the Pitons, etc. Here you can have easy access to both Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin, which is arguably one of the more scenic beaches on the island. You're not likely to encounter many kids in this area. It's more authentic and quieter area than Sugar Beach, which can be kind of a "scene" at times (more of a "big box" or "medium box" vibe). Its also fairly easy to get into Soufreiere town from AC by taking a water taxi or a land taxi. AC does not, however, have a pool.

The Hummingbird is a nice property but it it small (think local boutique hotel) without the bigger resort frills. It's right on the public beach so you can't get much closer to the water than this. Figure a minute or so from your room to the start of your snorkel adventure, without any water taxi tariffs required.

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10. Re: Soufriere Resorts: adults only/walking access to beaches?

You're very welcome - my pleasure!

Water temperature in June was about 75F - warmer than the unheated pools at La Haut! You're only 13 degrees above the equator so the ocean is usually quite warm.

Rainfall is mostly overnight, with sporadic showers throughout the day. In 3 visits we've only had one rain-out day and that was in April. Not to worry, the weather is always good, excepting when a hurricane is in the vicinity, which reminds - be sure to get cancellation insurance when you book - i know it's not something you want to think about, but it's better to be safe than sorry, especially considering it is your honeymoon. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

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