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Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

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Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

Hi, I am wondering if we have to take any electricity converters for Puerto Rico. I know we had to do this for Cuba.

As well, I have heard that there really is no beach to walk on at this hotel. Does anyone know of any nice beaches nearby to do alot of walking (nice sandy beaches)?

san juan,Puerto Rico
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1. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

Puerto Rico uses 120 V. - 60 Hz.

Same as Canada. You do not need adapters.

Bookmark this good world voltage guide for future reference :


apopka, FL
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2. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

The beach at the Paradisus is just OK but it is walkable in my opinion. The sunsets seen from there are gorgeous and would be great to gaze and walk out on at dusk. : )

For great sandy beaches I would recommend the beaches of Luquillo about a 15 minute drive east of the Paradisus.

Chicago, Illinois
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3. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

tanioman....the last time i checked the sun set in the west....ha ha however i imagine the sunrises are beautiful...have a great nite !!!


New York City
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4. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

The beach at the hotel may be the worst in PR. The sand has more pebbles and rocks that make walking uncomfortable. Further the water is full of sea grass making it difficult to to get to deep water.

I was there in April 06. You can find my review at this site

You would need a car to get to Luquillo and other beaches in the area

San Juan PR
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5. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

Yes is truth but is still a beautifull walk. I recomend to take a hobbie cat trip is free and they take you around the coast is very nice trip. I think is better just to seat to look at the ocean and walk thru and swim in the pool with free Rum Punch jajajja

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6. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

The beach at the Paradisus is not in good condition at all. Since one of the best reasons to visit Puerto Rico are the beaches why not consider staying somwhere else like Isla Verde, the Condado area or Old San Juan. I have never been one for all inclusives because if you don't like the food that they serve your kind of committed to eat their since you have already paid for it. In the Condado you can stay at the Marriott or the Condado Plaza. On the other side of the Condado over the lagoon you have the Caribe Hilton and in the Old City you have the beautiful El Convento.

San Juan PR
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7. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

Geoman you are right, but i been there and since i have beach everyday i didn't mind. But i just want to say that the food is very very good better than i expected and i like it more than Bavaro all inclusive. Is a great place but is not the best beach here. I prefer Old San Juan where i live, work,hang out etc.

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8. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

if you want beach , go to luquillo. it is close by

Long Island, NY
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9. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

It seems Paradisus gets mixed revies. This Feb., a friend of mine stayed there with her family and hated it. She said the property and rooms were gorgeous, but that's it. She hated the food, and complained about the beach.

Philadelphia, PA
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10. Re: Paradisus Puerto Rico - Questions

I have to concur with one of the reviews I read on this site. The food, service and overall experience all fell way short of the aeshetics of the Paradisus. The grand fountains, marble as far as the eye can see and the general construction of this place all give the indication of an upscale experience. Unfortunately,the window dressing was just about the only positive thing my wife and I took from our six night stay. Where to start? The first thing that struck us was the fact that the beach grille was closed for our entire stay, making lunch and dinner a complete inconvenience. It's typical when on a tropical vacation to spend the majority of one's day in a bathing suit, right? Well, with the beach grille being closed, my wife and I had to cover up our bathing suits to enter one of the main restaurants for breakfast and lunch, which left us contemplating whether we even wanted to bother eating before dinner on more than one occasion. Making matters worse, the food was barely worth walking half way across the grounds for. And the staff? I've experienced better service in Miami, which if you travel enough you'd find to be some of the worst in the U.S. The waiters, servers, what have you, seemd to be much more concerned with everything else but doing their jobs. One waiter stopped so low as to wink at my wife as we enterd the restaurant, completely disregarding that we were together. He even had the audacity to take it one step further and winked at her again when she went to the ladie's room and had to pass by him.

Another particularly distressing encounter with the staff occurred on one of our last evenings when we were heading to dinner. As we walked along one of the many sidewalks, a worker zoomed past us in a golf cart, cutting us off as if we weren't even there and forcing my wife into a muddy flower bed. When I raised a stink about it, the worker didn't even have the decency to recognize any wrongdoing. It all made sense when on our last day there we discovered that the beach grille was suddenly open and the beer menu suddenly included Heineken and Corona. J.P. Morgan had pretty much commandeered the resort for some sort of convention and those guests that appeared to be common folk, like us and another couple from Idaho who happened to be millionaires, were left on the outside looking in.

The beach was non-existant, a ridiculous stretch of sand, seaweed and rocks that was treacherous to the point of not even wanting to go in. This is getting a bit lengthy, but to encapsulate the vacation, my wife was attacked by what appeared to be bed bugs that left red welts on 80 percent of her torso. It was so bad that she was embarrassed to where a bikini. In short, it was the worst vacation we've ever experienced and we travel quite a bit, up to 4 times a year. This was all echoed by several couples we talked to. On our last day, one of the only workers that impressed us and who we befriended asked us when we'd be back. Because I didn't want to offend, I told him next year. As my wife and I left the pool area that day, we muttered, "never again" to ourselves.