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Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

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Saint Paul...
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Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

We arrived yesterday! I am traveling with just myself and my. 6 year old son so figured I would more than likely have some time in the evenings for a live trip report. Background on us my son is a Jamaica veteran with 7 trips under his belt, me a little over 40 ( both in age and number of trips ha ha)

Used arrival sevice for club mobay. Was a bit useless due to there being absolutely no lines in I migration. I have been on the same flight arriving on a Saturday and waited in immigration well over an hour so it was a risk I was willing to take. Transfers were with reggae tours and as always it was great to see George, clean vehicle and friendly driver Jeffrey got us here safely. What more can you want?

Check in was a bit of a disaster, it was extremely busy when we arrived at 2:00. We had booked a one bedroom water view suite which includes in room checkin. Since our room wasn't ready yet (check in isn't until 3:00 so to be expected) the in room checkin is kind of a mute point. Since our room wasn't ready I stopped in the kids club to check it out. Let me preface this by saying with the exception of FDR resort with the nanny service I have never been able to get my son to go to the kids club at a resort in either Jamaica or several in Mexico. I don't know what it is about Lorna in the JRB kids club but he immediately took to her and before I knew it I was signing him in. Thirty minutes later I was down at the pool and I see him playing in the pool having a water balloon fight with the kids and ounselors having the time of his life. Well done JRB.

We finally got in our room aroun 4:30 ish and it was worth the wait. We were upgraded one level to a one bedroom beachfront plunge pool room. Ground floor as requested. My kid is in heaven. What we lose in some privacy.....it's room 1010 right on the corner by the back of the buffet we make up for in convenience. Quiet pool right in front if us, beach just steps away and convenient to lobby. Love it. Room is in good shape and everything is in working order. Our butler hamantro brought us to the room and took our requests for the mini bar.

After some more pool time we got ready for dinner. At this point we were both pretty exhausted from being up since 3am so we went to the buffet and had a salad, then left there and had a grilled cheese at the grill. When we went back to the room, our butler checked on us and when I mentioned we were going to find some dessert he offered to get it for us. Came back with ice cream and a mocha cake. I love this man. My husband is in jeopardy of being replaced.

This morning we of course were up at 5:30. I made some coffee and we spent a few hours in the plunge pool. Ordered pre breakfast at 7 and sat on our patio and enjoyed the novelty off it as well as the view. I mixed up mimosas with the orange juice and champagne from the mini bar. Aaaaahhhh.

A request to the butler for an early cleaning of our room as I anticipate early nap time hast been granted and the room is being cleaned as we speak. The child requested to go to the kids club....I just about fell over and I am relaxing on the patio.

Having been to this resort in the early 90's and then a few times since then the improvements are remarkable. I love the resort feel vs big hotel feel and the employees are SO friendly. So far I am impressed with the jewel experience and I came with relatively high expectations.

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Saint Paul...
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1. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Just found out you can't edit the title of your post. Oops. I wish I was here a month. Dates of trip are actually July 27 to August 3rd

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2. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

When I saw your dates July7- August 3, I was truly envious ( and believing your threat to replace your husband with your butler ). Glad to hear you are having a nice time!

Nice report so far. Even though your trip is only for a week instead of over 3- I am still envious !

South Carolina
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3. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Won't be there until December but I know you are having a good time and can't wait to get there. Enjoy yourself.

Saint Paul...
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4. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Sitting on my patio listening to silver birds steel drum band. Would rather be watching it but the kid, despite a three hour nap only lasted through two songs. Venue for watching the shows is a little strange since its in the buffet but nothing terrible. The one down side to it is the wait staff is busy cleaning up after dinner so there really isn't drink service during the pre show and presumably the show. We didn't stay long enough don't know if once they got everything cleared out it got better.

Had a great day at the infinity pool. My son talked me into acquasize. The man leading it I swear is a sadist ha ha. Lots of kids joined in on the side. Very cute. We tie dyed t shirt din the kids club today. Side note, bring white shirts. They do it in the kids club as well as a general adults activity. I brought along a six pack of Hanes so will leave some behind. My son also did the kids club laser tag activity. I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey Ann in the club. Delightful woman. She helped me do my shirt as I was obviously incompetent at it. Ha ha.

We napped this afternoon, woke up at 7 and went to pizza place for dinner. Major service mishap. We were one of two tables in the restaurant, gave our drink order to the seemingly disinterested waitress three times without getting our drinks or water. Each time I asked for it it was like she was hearing it for the first time. Strange. That is the only poor service we have received so far and the pizza was amazing. Decided to avoid the further frustration and went to the buffet for dessert. Soft serve ice cream with vanilla cake crumbles on it. Ingenious food recycling and very yummy.

Have I mentioned how comfortable the beds are? Good sheets and comforter and the bed is comfier than mine at home. Apparently too comfy as the kid was asleep by 9:30. I shudder to think what time he's going to get up tomorrow.

While he was playing laser tag I spent an hour in the quiet pool by the beach front rooms. It provides a nice getaway from the commotion of the infinity pool. The water park will be a nice addition to the resort as the infinity pool is not very large and serves as the kids pool due to the shallow depth. It didn't bother me and is quite nice but I can see where if you are traveling without kids it would get annoying. Hardly anyone at the main pool. I assume it has something to do with longer walk to a bar. Ha ha. I am happy to report that there is not the usual towel game in play here....and the resort was almost full this weekend. We freely moved between all three pools and beach and did not ave a problem getting a chair. One hint...towel service starts at 10:00 I think so if you are an early riser best to take your towels back to the room at the end of the day so you have something to use right away in the morning.

Had an email from the worlds best travel agent Mitch from tripguy travel checking to see how everything was going. Not sure if he had a hand in our room upgrade or not, but lets just say in many trips booked with him he has always come through. Shameless plug over.

Tomorrow the big plans are building a sand castle and feeding the fish. That should take us up until 8:00 ha ha. Lets just hope Stacy Ann and Lorna have some good things planned tomorrow!

Destination Expert
for Ocho Rios
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5. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Really Susan,

With all the emails??????"Had an email from the worlds best travel agent Mitch from tripguy travel checking to see how everything was going. Not sure if he had a hand in our room upgrade or not, but lets just say in many trips booked with him he has always come through"

Sure let him take the credit.

Scott from Jewel

Saint Paul...
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6. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Ok let me re phrase that Scott. In combination with the worlds best travel agent and the worlds best general manager we received an upgrade to the most amazing room.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Saint Paul...
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7. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

The beach. I had forgotten how great the beach is here. Not just for walking and lounging, but the sandy bottom makes swimming enjoyable. I normally don't like going in the sea, it kind of creeps me out. But here you can see the bottom so it takes the creep factor out for me. We spent some quiet time on the beach yesterday morning building a sand castle. Then went to kids club to check out the agenda. Pizza making was on the schedule along with glass bottom boat ride. I was sitting at the lobby bar when they marched the kids by in a single file line with their paper chef hats on. Too cute. After the boat ride we hung out at the infinity pool where he made a friend, yay! There was a definite lack of parenting at the pool with a group of boys whose fathers thought it was hilarious that they were pushing each other off the center island and running around the outside of the pool dive bombing in. So it was great to have him find a nice kid his age to play with off to the side of the madness.

The beach party was moved to the buffet area as it was threatening to rain. So we ate at the pizza place again as my formerly adventurous eater of a child has suddenly turned finicky. When he was four he loved curried goat, not so much now. Service was vastly improved tonight and it was an enjoyable dinner. After dinner we shopped the vendors who were set up. I love when resorts do this as you can get your trinket shopping done without the pressure of the hut shopping. We bought some jewelry for both grandmas then called it an early night. Him not me. I spent a delightful couple hours sitting on our patio listening to the band. One note, as close as our room is to the main stage we can't hear the music from within the room.

I finally accomplished obtaining a mojito yesterday. Duval at the lobby bar brought some in from I think his house and waved me down as I was walking through the lobby to let me know. Another example of the personalized service here. One down side to the drink situation is no ginger beer or ting at the bars. They sell it in the gift shop so I will be buying a few bottles of ginger beer so I can get my Moscow mule fix.

Today we are just going to hang out at the pool all day and eat at the Italian restaurant tonight. Looking forward to some air conditioned dining. I'm thinking of wandering down to Flavours, but I'm sure sand gravity will kick in again.

Cleveland, Ohio
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8. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Thanks for the wonderful updates. My family is traveling to JRB in just over three months (who's counting, though??????) and I am so excited, esp when I hear about the kids activities. My daughter's 6th birthday is the day we leave the resort to travel back home and I just want her to enjoy her vacation. Last year she had a blast with us in Cozumel at a boutique resort where a total of 7 rooms were occupied for the week we were there, but absolutely no kids activities other than the ipad and coloring books we took with us. She is going to be so surprised at all the kid's fun stuff, it makes me almost tear up thinking about it.

On another note, just about crying that I may have to BUY ginger beer or Ting at the resort. Why? I can't imagine those local beverages would be premium drinks.

Keep the updates coming. Thank you!

Saint Paul...
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9. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Terriv, your daughter will love it. My son is typically not a joiner but he has jumped right in and participated. I give all the credit to the wonderful ladies in the kids club. Today I made him stay with me at the pool. Ha ha. I knew if we even went and checked out the agenda I would lose him for the day.

We spent the morning at the infinity pool, then moved to one of the platform beds at the main pool. Grabbed lunch from the buffet and brought it to the pool and ate. Pure indulgence. Discovered Bahama mammas today. Yep, gotta be careful with those. Bartenders here are great. They have a large drink menu and enjoy mixing up their own special concoctions for you.

We napped for a couple hours after pool time then got ready or dinner. Went to the lobby for a before dinner drink and a couple games of checkers. I have learned through many trips to pack a dinner bag with parent survival items. We have a travel checkers and tic tac toe game, and of course crayons and paper and the iPad with some tv shows downloaded on it and some head phones. While we ere in the lobby bar one of our butlers shurlene saw us....I swear that woman is everywhere. She made sure we had a table waiting for us in the Italian restaurant. The pace in the restaurant is relaxed. IE slow from the perspective of a child. An hour into it we hadn't gotten our appetizer yet. Luckily had the iPad. So I grabbed some salad off the anti pasta bar and some pasta from the pasta making station and cancelled our dinner order. Tonight was the kids club movie and Bon fire at the ranch. We decided to skip it. Combination of full day in the sun and I have been getting bitten up by no seeums or Mosquitos. It happens whenever we go to Jamaica or Mexico and I forget from trip to trip how badly I get bitten. No amount of deet or other products ever helps. My son on the other hand doesn't have a single bite. So needless to say the idea of subjecting myself to sitting outside watching a movie and Bon fire wasn't appealing. The bugs aren't any worse here than other places, in fact I would say they are less, they just like me.

The child zonked out right after dinner so I am sitting on the patio with a redstripe from the mini bar listening to the trivia contest going on on the stage. I'm sure people walking by are wondering why this lady is sitting outside every night in her bathrobe drinking alone and playing on her iPad. My idea of perfect vacation. Time to reapply some more off, although I think these bugs actually like it.

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10. Re: Live from JRB July 7 to August 3

Hello Susan!! Sounds great!! We're planning a Christmas trip to Jamaica for my family (including my 5 & 6 year olds) as we speak...