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Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

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Sunny Southern...
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Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

Hello All,

My wife and I will be in Jamaica for the first time, and will be staying at the Starfish Trelawny. We would appreciate any info you may have.

Some reviews have stated that the pools get overrun by children, and that the best escape from them is the beach and island. Does anyone know if the resort enforces the "Adult Pool" and asks that children remain in the "Family Pools"?

With the dates that we have chosen, we are hoping to avoid alot of children and crowds, as they should still be in school. Has anyone been to the Starfish during this time of the year? And, what kind of crowds are to be expected?

Does anyone know if the bar across the street is still there?

At the market down the beach, is there a place where you can sit and drink beer, eat some Jamaican food, and talk with the locals?

We have 14 weeks left, and can't wait to see Beautiful Jamaica.


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1. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

I put a big post on the board that you might be interested in.

If you're looking to avoid children, you probably should fork out a couple extra thousand and stay somewhere else though.

I wouldnt say they "over run" the pools..but there are kids. This is a family resort! Most reviews are pretty clear about that!

My guess is that if you're not a kid person, you wont be happy here, and you'll bash the resort on the boards when you get back!

You have to do your homework before booking these places!

The bar across the street is still there!

And there are places down the beach to drink and chat with the locals too!

Enjoy! Jamaica is wonderful!

Somewhere on Earth...
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2. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

Hi Whalefluke,

Wow, you're traveling a good distance to get to Jamaica. There are quite a few posts concerning Starfish on here. Yes, it basically is a family resort. I would not count on any enforcing of the no kids policy at the adult pool. That said, however, I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to go there if I were you. My wife and I were there twice last year. The kids aren't that bad. And at night there aren't that many that hang around the lobby bar. It's mostly adults. We've traveled to many different all-inclusives in Jamaica and while there are nicer resorts, I don't believe you can beat the price for what you receive. The food is good, especially at the Italian and Japanese restaurants even though there is a surcharge of up to $15 per person ($15 at the Japanese. The Italian is less). The Sea Shell grill down near the beach and pool has great food. We always end up meeting someone to have fun around during our stay.

Yes, the Country Club is still across the street. Very, very rustic but a lot of fun. Don't expect a typical disco/club atmosphere. This is as simple a sound system as it gets. However, the people were friendly.

I don't know of any bars at the Bamboo Village. But, if you walk past it, and then immediately past FDR you will find Time n' Place (maybe a 10 minute walk from Starfish). A nice outdoor bar and restaurant owned by a guy named Tony. The only thing is he's not open all the time. But, it is a nice walk none the less. A short cab ride will get you to Glistening Waters restaurant. We haven't ate there but did have a drink in there last March.

You will love Jamaica and the people. We have so many friends at Starfish.

Sunny Southern...
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3. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5


Thanks for the very detailed posts. If we have half as much fun as you did/do, it'll be money well spent. Don't worry about us bashing on our return....there are enough people talking about ants already. It's a tropical place....right? :)


Thank you for your input, and expertise. It appears that the two of you have traveled often to Jamaica. We usually travel the Pacific, and this time wanted to try somewhere different. We started out looking at Belize, but changed to Jamaica after reading a post on the net about the Starfish Trelawny.

Many people said the beach was outstanding. We happen to be beach people...and felt it was a good match for us. Spending all day in a hamock drinking rum filled fruit drinks, drifting in out of reality does the body good. Scheduled is 8 nights and 9 days of Jamaican therapy. WooHoo!

Sights we plan to see are Dunn's River Falls, Luminous Lagoon, Dolphin Swim, Margaritaville.....and hopefully some fishing on my birthday!

Thanks again to both of you!


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4. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

The above post covers everything I would add but I will second what was said. We went from Christmas to New Year's with my 21 and 18 year old and felt it was a GREAT deal for a Carribean all-inclusive. It was Christmas and I did not feel kids interferred with our adult vacation in the least. I am a teacher though. The ants were not a problem either. I took Raid and ant houses and did not need them. The teenagers said the only time they saw ants in their room was when they left drink cups on the balcony and once when the oldest got sick in the bathroom (after being at the bar across the street until late.) The bar across the street has been referred to on this site as the Country Club but is now called Ken's. It is very rustic but a locals bar. One night my son got the "real story on Bob Marley" The CIA killed him because he was getting so much power........ How many Red Stripes did that story take????

Time and Place is a quaint bar down the beach past the Pebbles resort. A nice walk. However, the first day we went over Tony had a Boxing Day party the night before and they stayed too late and it was closed. Made for a Kodak moment as there were bottles everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is also a bar down the road (has a man's name but I don't remember) from the Bamboo Village and a dinner place called the Ponderosa which is easier to get to down the road from the Starfish rather than the beach. We hired a driver named Bob to get into Montego Bay and he was reliable. Ask Peter the bellman at the Starfish. The luminous lagoon trip from the Starfish is great. It was 25.00 a person and the boat left from the resort and was like a party boat. It did not dock so we did not get into the Glistening Water bar.

The Dunn's River Falls is a must and all of us loved it. We bought the DVD they record and it is awesome. Actually I bought it and burned it for the others that were from the resort with us. Just mailed the copies this week.We made some great friends and has a good time. I hope your stay is as fun as ours was.

Somewhere on Earth...
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5. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5


You will love the beach. I believe there are hammocks on the island. I know there are at least lounge chairs. The island is a long walk from the nearest bar. It might take you up to two minutes to the Sea Shell grill/bar -ha. Well, two minutes is a long walk for me when on vacation; that's why we always take LARGE insulated mugs with us. They will have no problem filling them for you. Sure cuts down on the two minutes walks. lol

Just remember your on vacation get in no hurry. While you're waiting in line at the Starfish to check in walk over to the lobby bar and get a drink from Yvonne who should be behind the bar. She's great.

No worries..........

St. John's...
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6. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

Hi there..

My 2 girlfriends and I are heading to Starfish on April 4th. We are so excited......feels like I am going to explode sometimes.


You seem to be very experienced when it comes to the Starfish Resort. A few reviews had me a little worried, but after reading what you had to say and a couple of others, my opinion has definately changed.

Just one question for you.........did you spend any time at the disco? If so, how was it? We are 3 single girls who enjoy having a drink and a few dances, (we are not party animals by no means). Were there many people later at night? Just curious.

Thanks for the info regarding the Country Club across the street and the other bars and restaurants further down the beach. (only 74 more sleeps!!!!) lol



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7. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

The disco did not have much action except on New Year's Eve when I was there. It was called Bubbles disco and they have a DJ and they try to encourage the young people to go but I think it all depends on the crowd while you are there.

Sunny Southern...
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8. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5

Thanks Tym2Tup.

The info on the local watering holes is great, and we'll check each and everyone of them out. My wife and I have been traveling the Pacific for the last 20 years, and our best memories have been partying and having fun with the locals.

From reading other posts it appears Jamaica will be right up our alley.

We have our 7-11 Big Gulp insulated mugs, bug juice, sunblock, and extra beach towels on the list. Should be a blast!

Thanks again,


Somewhere on Earth...
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9. Re: Starfish Trelawny Apr27 - May5


Sorry, I'm just getting back to you. We will never be as experienced at Jamaica travel as we would like to be, but God has allowed us to be able to take a couple of nice vacations a year so we try to make the best of it.

Anyway, no, we didn't spend much time at the disco. There wasn't much going on when we were in there last month. However, last March there were quite a few spring breakers there. So, we didn't even go in then. Something about young kids who don't know when they've had enough to drink turns me off. But, I'm sure three girls will have no problem getting dance partners. The Jamaican men usually really like single american girls too.

I don't think the disco is one of the "main" attractions at Starfish, nor is it intended to be, but rather just another something to do like the slot machines in the lobby. Also, kids are allowed in the disco up until 11:00 pm. When we were there they did take a bus to party at Margaritaville in Mo Bay. It left the resort at 10:00 pm. I'm not sure what time they came back. It's about a 30 - 40 minute ride.

You will love Jamaica. Go with an open mind; don't sweat the small stuff; don't get in hurry for anything to be done, and all will go well with you guys. Tell Yvonne at the lobby bar, and Michelle also in the lobby that Chuck/Sheila said hi. Also tell Tania in sales if you see her.

Anything else, let me know...............