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Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

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Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

So, we're only 46 days out from our vacation at CSA, and while I am absolutely ecstatic and looking forward to the couples-only time, I am also kind of sad... We're leaving our kids, including our ten month old son, behind with grandma while we go and it's making me anxious! It's the first time I'll be spending any time away from the baby and I know I'm going to miss him soooo much!

We were originally planning a family friendly vacay to Mexico instead but we've been under a lot of stress and had temporary custody of three extra kids... So with five total kids running around the house, it's putting a strain on everything and we definitely need some alone time!

Anyone else leaving their kids behind, or have experience leaving their babies who can offer an "it's all going to be okay?" Intellectually, I know he'll be fine (not worried about the older kids) but the mommy part of me worries about what he will eat, if he'll think we abandoned him, if he will know who we are when we get home, etc!

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1. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

Mommies are all alike.

We left our daughter for a week at a time for 6 years. She survived.

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2. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

Ive left my son while we went on holiday for a week at 10 months, a week at 18 months, a week at 3 and a few other times while hes been staying with his grandad. He wad absolutely fine every time and didnt cry for us at all! Hes always happy to see us when we get back and not angry with us for leaving. Dont worry they'll befine a brrbreak is good for both of you. Try and have fun things organised for them while you're away yo keep them busy. We're going on honeymoon in 8 weeks for 11 days (from the uk so not worth going to JA for a week) which is the longest we'll have left him. My mums having him and planning on taking him on a uk holiday to break the time up while were gone

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3. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

Counting down to trip #6. On our first trip my daughter was three years old, and my son was nine months old. Here's what we've learned.

1) Grandma did just fine raising her kids, right?

2) The kids will have a blast while you're gone, and not miss you nearly as much as you think they will.

3) You'll return refreshed and less-stressed, and be a better parent as a result.

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4. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

You guys are awesome and I feel better just from having read your posts. You are absolutely right that he'll be fine... He will probably have his moments but he also probably won't cry or be miserable nonstop for a whole week!

I'm a little nervous because he is breastfed exclusively- and has trouble taking a bottle. We're working to make him more comfortable with that before we go, but either way he'll learn right? Even if it takes him a day of us being gone to figure it out...

The older kids will have a blast with grandma. I'm not at all worried for them!

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5. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

My mom always says "enjoy your vacation, because as soon as you walk through that door everything goes back to normal." It's hard being away, but every parent deserves it.

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6. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

If grandma lives close, I suggest leaving the baby with her several times a week during a normal nursing time, and have her give the bottle. Both you and baby will need to wean off before your holiday. If grandma isn't close enough, maybe leave baby with her for 12-24 hrs, a week or so before you leave, but cut out at least one nursing time gradually before then. He'll probably take a bottle better from another family member and when you're out of sight (if not out of the house).

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7. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

We are leaving our 2 kids while we vacation in July. We've been leaving them for a week since they were toddlers but I don't know if it ever gets easier. This is the first time we are travelling out of the country since we've had kids so that makes me a little more anxious than normal. They stay with grandma so I know they will be fine. They always have a great time and we are always refreshed when we return.

Enjoy your time away!! Your kids will be fine. You deserve this time to recharge and relax without kids!!! Have a great vacation :)

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8. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

I look at it this way - if you need to be away from them, don't you think they need to be away from you, too? :)

We left our daughter with grandparents for a week when we went to Negril, then on other vacations. Once our son came along we knew he'd be in good hands, too. They survived and they still love staying with grandparents - even though she's 21 and he's 17!

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9. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

Glad I read the posts. From the subject I thought the OP was planning on leaving her kids in Jamaica once her vacation was over. :)

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10. Re: Anyone leaving young kids/kids behind?

On a side note, from the subject line I was afraid someone might have left their kids behind after inbibbing too much!!!!

And I WAS NOT going to offer to take them.....lol. Just kidding.

Regarding the little guy that is not taking to well to the bottle, I am assuming that you are going to leave some of your milk behind, which will help. But also, remember that if you are trying to give him a bottle he won't want it, see how well he does when Dad gives it to him when you are not around.

Relax, breath, give them kisses and hugs, enjoy each other, and come home to them all fresh and relaxed, you have earned and they need it.