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Sandals Negril Questions

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Shorewood, Illinois
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Sandals Negril Questions

Before I get to my questions, I’d like to share my story that leads up to my questions. I think it’s kind of fun!

Sandals Negril was next on our bucket list and we excitedly booked our trip during our stay in Antigua. A few months after booking a few things happened that made it necessary to rethink our vacation budget. I needed to tighten the belt a bit. I already had our flights (purchased with miles) so shortening the duration of our trip was not an option. OK, well maybe next year for Negril. I ended up changing our reservation to SGR. SGR had just completed the renovations and the resort looks beautiful. I convinced myself that the beach didn’t matter (it does though, for me it really does). So for the past 5 months my focus has been on SGR and Ocho Rios.

Then... 2 weeks ago I get a phone call from Sandals.. “Congratulations, you are one of our Grand Prize winners and have won 3 nights at the Sandals/Beaches resort of your choice”! Shut the front door!!! Get out of town!!! Stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me. I can’t even win the medium fry at McDonalds!

So guess what that means... Sandals Negril is now within my budget! I looked up our dates and as luck would have it, they still have rooms available (we’re only about 90 days out now). They only have the 2nd and 3rd lowest and the butler categories available. Of course the butler, not within the budget, but the 2 lower ones are. I’m thinking of going with the Caribbean Luxury (3rd one up) and then hoping the high categories don’t book up and they move some lucky honeymooner into those and move us up to a basic ocean view ( a girl can dream). If I am correct, the 2nd lowest category doesn’t have a patio or a balcony, right? That’s a necessity for us. Honestly though, just being in Negril is good enough for me. We don’t spend much time in the room anyway.

So now, my questions:

1. Is there any construction planned for Feb/March 2013? I’ve read about a pier and about a jetty being built. Anyone know anything about either of those?

2. What do they have in the way of nightly entertainment? At SGSL they had great live bands that played every night from about 9 to 11. We aren’t night owls so this was perfect for us. If they do have something like this, where?

3. Any recommendations on excursions?

4. Return Guest dinner – what’s it like? A large wedding for strangers? I’m hoping with the size of the resort it will be more intimate? Where do they hold it? What do they serve?

5. Do they serve lobster at any of the restaurants or beach party? SWH and SAT we had lobster, SGSL no lobster. We always go in March, so during open season.

6. How is the snorkeling?

OK – I think I’ve rambled on enough! Happy Thanksgiving! I have to go stuff my turkey now! LOL

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1. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

There is entertainment after dinner. However, most people "aren’t night owls" like yourself. The hotel more or less closes down by 10 PM (except for a small group that goes to the bar).

For excursions see the following


There is a reef across the opening to the bay the hotel is located on. The hotel has a boat that will take you out to the reef for snorkeling.

Atlanta, Georgia
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2. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

try to book the Pub Crawl, that's a lot of fun

Rehoboth Beach...
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3. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

WAHOOOOO!!! Congratulations....good things happen to good people ;-)

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4. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

There's not much in the way of night time entertainment- like thevinnie said- the resort gets pretty quiet from 10 pm on! Returning guest dinner is on Tuesday nights. It's held in the Bayside restaurant and is usually very crowded- no way is it intimate. We've been there 16 times now and I've never seen it small and intimate!!! The menu changes all the time for the dinner- we were there in October and they served some steak and potato dinner- nothing fancy at all. We usually stay 2 weeks and only do the returning guest dinner just one of those weeks and sometimes we've skipped it altogether!! I hear the snorkeling is alot of fun- we're divers, so can't really help you there!!

Shorewood, Illinois
posts: 82
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5. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

@thevinnie - Thanks for the link, I'll look it over. We are not nightowls, we rarely ever even make it to 10 pm. On our last trip to Antigua we went to bed one night at 8:30 pm Antigua time, which was 6:30 pm Chicago time. LOL

@stormy - pub crawl huh, I'll have to look that one up

@Frodo - Thank you! I'm pretty excited about it! Especially since the contest was judged and not just the luck of the draw!

@bruzbabe - 16 times!!! That's awesome! Diving must be good here, or you wouldn't return year after year. Hopefully snorkeling will be good too. We've been to 3 return dinners, all at bigger resorts and all 3 have been in big banquet type halls. Just like a wedding. :) So when I said intimate, I guess I really just meant smaller than what we're used to.

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6. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

We actually return year after year because of the staff there in Negril- some of the best!! Diving and the dive crew is the second reason!!!

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7. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

Remember that you will also have the option at dining/drinking, etc. at Beaches Negril, which is about 5 minutes away. I believe there may be a free shuttle that will take you to BN, but even if not, it's gonna be a very quick cab ride. During the day it's a great walk down the beach to BN, but I would not do it at night. We love SN!

We did an excursion to Mayfield Falls, which we absolutely loved! Have also gone to the Negril Whitehouse and Rick's Cafe - you gotta go at least once in your life to experience Rick's with the cliff divers, awesome steel band, and amazing sunsets!

Shorewood, Illinois
posts: 82
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8. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

I booked our trip! We ended up in the middle concierge level room! WOOHOO!

I've read/heard great things about the Negril staff.

I looked up Mayfield Falls and that does look like it would be something we would like. YS Falls looks nice too, but I think it's farther away? Definitely want to do Ricks, like you say "at least once in your life". We've been to Jamaica twice and both times never left the resort. We are there for 11 days this time, so I am definitely getting out and about.

I'm excited about walking down the beach to BN too (I don't know how excited my husband will be LOL)

@bruzbabe and Winnekini I just realized that I've talked to you both on Cheryl's site too.

Lexington, South...
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9. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

Here is my TA review from last month at SN (it is on Cheryl's also)


Many of the trips off the property involve fairly long bus rides, so ask how far away they are.

Activities at the piano bar were usually hopping until about 1AM

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10. Re: Sandals Negril Questions

Glad to hear that you've booked! Hopefully you'll love it as much as we do! I almost forgot to ask- what contest did you sign up for to win such a sweet prize??? And yes, we have talked before on Chris and Cheryl's site- love reading everything there!!

Mayfield Falls is really nice as is YS- yes, YS is much further!! We usually hire a private driver ( either Talk of the Town or Joe Cool to take us someplace) Another really great place is the Pelican bar and if you do decide to do Rick's, think about going there and then going to Ivan's ( just a short walk) for a private romantic dinner at sunset. One of the best off property meals we've ever had!!!