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Damage to Negril Beach

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Cincinnati, OH
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Damage to Negril Beach

Reading this made me second guess booking a trip to Negril for the beginning of November. Will there be a beach by then?? I don't know if we should go ahead with it and help the economy and tourist industry or go somewhere else where I know the beach is beautiful.

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Concerns and Questions about the Negril Beaches

Posted By: Noamie

Date: Wednesday, 15 September 2004, at 12:07 p.m.

Presently, most of the negril beach (beach)is gone. Yes, its gonna take awhile for it to come back, wtih some spot worst than other.

PERSONALLY, i will not book anyone to go to Negril, whether for a stay at an All-inclusive or a property that is not All-Inclusive. THERE'S NO BEACH.

There are no roads for anyone to travel in a safe mode.

There are no excursion trip taking place. THERE can't be any. Right now, there are LOT OF BEGGERS down there.

FURTHERMORE, THE SEA IS A DANGER ZONE, as all the fishing pots, laid by fishermen WERE washed away. Housetop/roofs/ rocks other large objects that had blown over into the sea are and had become DEATHTRAP.

THUS: Snorkling is dangereous.

- Deep-sea diving is dangerous.

- DEEP-SEA fishing is dangerous.

- SWIMMING is dangerous, as one minute you are standing in two feet of water and the next minute your are going down in 10 feet of water.

Hotels should not expect their staff members to volunteer their time, and without any compensation. My opinion of course.

However for those of you who wants the truth; i will tell it. i love my country, i love negril. I want people to be safe. After all, to have survived the terrible hurricane, only to loose your life over stupidity is no excuse.

The sea and especially the beac area around Negril IS A DANGER ZONE RIGHT NOW. There's no beach to speak of.

Hartford, CT
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1. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

That sounds a little extreme compared to what I've been reading here and elsewhere on the web. Anyone else have any opinions on this?

Cuenca, Spain
Destination Expert
for Jamaica
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2. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

Hi Dottie, I read your cry for help and advice. Here are my two cents worth.

Please look at my portfolio of 58 posts in one week. Always trying to help.

From Wednesday morning Sept.8th I have been glued to the news reports, the online

sites dedicated to Jamaica and its people. There are many of them and as true Jamaicans we are concerned about our people, the buildings, hotels & homes ETC

But most of all the Jamaican community has gone overboard to transmit to the world the true picture of the situation. The site jamaicans.com has a fantastic forum from people all over the island.

Tears come to my eyes to read how people have gone out of their way to walk miles to find out how a relative was surviving so that are report could be given back on the forum. Someone overseas will be relieved.

lizardbeth.com/ivan.htm and go-jamaica.com will also give very useful facts.

Another lively site that is full of facts is negril.com

Their reports also made me cry. They were pleading with their personal friends and the tourists friends not to desert Jamaica at a time like this.

The Island needs help now.

The people need the tourists money just to survive and rebuild again.

The water will turn blue again one day. The place will be cleaned up to its formal glory as it was before. But they need help NOW.

So let us support them. Please consider going down and lending a helping hand.

You will feel good about yourself and make others realy happy.

Besides this, there is no other place that I would rather be than Jamaica.

Even after Ivan has done its damage. It will never kill the spirit and warmth of the people of Jamaica.

Your holiday down there will be full of wonderfull memories. You will be there working with the people to build up Jamaica again. So that when you come back next year you can boast that YOU DID IT.

robbinsvile, nj
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3. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

I'm sorry...but I have to disagree with the above reply.

I feel sorry for the people of Jamaica having to rebuild their homes and make their resorts beautiful again, but these are the facts when you are living in the Caribbean. Hurricanes hit. Things are destroyed. Yes it is a tragedy, and no I'm not a heartless person and I do feel bad for these people. However, I would not wish to waste my hard-earned money and my family vacation sitting around inside the hotel. People go on vacation for the enjoyment and the attractions and to experience things they normally wouldn't such as the tours, island excursions and snorkeling/scuba diving.

I think the original review you posted with your entry is right on target. Even the hotel pools are a disaster.

So in my opinion, if you are able to reschedule...I would not go. I just don't think it will be worth your money.

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4. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

The above post regarding dangerous conditions and recommending avoiding Negril originally appeared on a message board known for its virulent inflammatory postings. I���d take it with a large grain of salt.

Cuenca, Spain
Destination Expert
for Jamaica
posts: 8,437
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5. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

ERICA You are forgiven.

QUOTE:-I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I'm posting so much....I don't know much about the Caribbean / Mexico and I'm trying to find a place that would best suit our preferences.


I feel very sorry for any tourist who is satisfied with only staying in their hotel.

Jamaica is such a fascinating island. Full of mountains. Culture. Lively music.

Interesting people. Hand crafts. Paintings. A world of sport activities.

I strongly recommend that you see the movie called Cool Runnings.

On DVD with John Candy. It is a true story about the strength, courage and determination of a Jamaican sport team. It represents the true character of all of us.

You have not visited Jamaica unless you have rode on a raft for three hours down the Rio Grande in Pt Antonio. Stopping to chat and have lunch with Miss Betty on the way.

Tasted chicken and pork cooked jerk style from the original setting. Boston Bay. Together with roast corn or breadfruit while sipping a Red Stripe beer . Swam in the Blue Lagoon and later ate a freshly cooked lobster right at their restaurant.

Rode a mountain bike from Newcastle through the blue mountain range down to the north coast shoreline, stopping to have a dip under the waterfalls.

Climbed the Dunns River Falls in a group and then alone. Swam with the Dolphins.

Safari trip up the Black River to watch the crocodiles. Watched the south coast shoreline from Lovers Leap Eaten a fresh mackrel fish just caught and immediately cooked on a BBQ right on the beach. Watched a sunset from the west end in Negril. Had a swim after midnight with a full moon lighting your way.

I could go on forever. But none of these things will really be enjoyed without the company of the hospitable Jamaicans to make the journey more fun and relaxing.

Once you get to know the people of Jamaica you will appreciate and want to help them.

Going on holiday also means doing something different and experiencing things you normally would not...(you said it yourself)........ like helping to rebuild a country and peoples lives. It is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling.

Maybe I have forgotten how to express myself. The citizens who write on the site negril.com are very good at relaying their message. They have just survived holy hell.

I was born, raised, educated and lived on the island for half my life. Even though I now live in another paradise I can never forget my roots. Never. Ever. I will always defend the people and the island and give them my moral, physical and personal support.

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6. Re: Damage to Negril Beach

Take a look at the Coco La Palm webcam. You can see that there is a beach and the water is blue and sun is shining. I think there was some erosion but the beach is certainly not gone.