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Wyndham Rose Hall

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Wyndham Rose Hall

Staying at the WRH in dec has anyone stayed there and got any information


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1. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

Stayed at WRH last month. It was FANTASTIC. Don't be put of by negative reviews. The food was great, the staff was great, the waterpark is wonderful. The rooms only average, but very clean. Sign up for Wyndham ByRequest, it does wonders. Any specific questions-let me know.

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2. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

stayed out the Wyndham last December (05). Resort was great, rooms were nice and clean, hotel staff very accomodating and very personable. Beach party first night was alot of fun, get involved from the beginning and the staff will remember you and always treat you well. The Barbecue night was fun, show and dinner around the main pool. We were there for 4 nites and that was the only entertainment that had. The outdoor bar was fun at nite, and the nite club was very small and dark and was full of teens. The buffet dinners got alittle played out, so make sure you make your reservations at there two restaurants. This is an AI, but the restaurants charge you a small fee per person (forgot how much) The water park was nice, the beach was not what I expected...very narrow (actually swimming was not allowed the whole time we where there because of rough surf...lets put it this way, the weather was horrible the whole time we were there) Golf was enjoyed by my hubby and son...pretty expensive though!) But the nicest course the ever played on they said. Craft fairs around the pool were interesting...

All in all, great resort, great people, not too big, not too small.

enjoy Jamaica!

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3. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

Hi Crissyp,

when you say the weather was horrible, what do you mean......was it still nice and hot..

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4. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

Here is my experience at WRH (stayed 7 nights at the end of May):

Staff: very nice and friendly. By the end of our visit, they knew us by name.

Rooms: very nice and cozy. Small, kind of like a Holiday Inn type room, but always VERY clean. Balconys with great views. Be sure to be on the top floor, you get a great view of EVERYTHING-mountains, sea, and entertainment.

Resturants: The Java is good for lunch, they have a nice selection of salads and sandwhiches. The Terrace is excellent, we ate there almost every night. They have great buffets, and great breakfasts. This is where the entertainment is at night, they have a band, and have some activities going on. The Luna was alright, I would not recommend it. It's like a fancy Olive Garden, and men must wear collared shirts. There are about 3 people waiting on you at once, and you must leave a great tip. I would not go back there. There are some little resturants by the waterpark, which is stuff for kids and fast food type of stuff. Burgers, chicken tenders.

Bars: We loved the swim up bar (Garfield is a blast) The Gazebo is great at night time, look down on the bands playing. If there isnt any entertainment, they have a piano player. Never went to the Cricket Club, its like a sports bar.

Waterpark: we enjoyed it a lot. A nice lazy river, nice slides.

The sea: It is narrow, but beautiful. No rocks no seaweed. You can swim in a little section of it, and it is like taking a hot bath.

Entertainment: Bands play at night while you eat, bands play by the beach during the day. There are some craft vendors set up by the ocean everyday. The Craft Market is on Sunday, The Beach Bash is on Sunday also, it is a blast. You sit with people you don't know, they have bands and tons of entertainment going on. They have a entertainment board that offers some neat stuff such as Raggae Dance Classes, Nature Walks, Volleyball, Ping Pong, bon fires, and a lot of stuff for kids. They have banana boat rides that cost $15 per person, snokeling which is free, glass bottom boat rides which is $25 per person. Parasailing which is $50 per person. They offer trips to see Rose Hall Great House, which is $15 per person including the ride, they also offer a shopping tour, which is $30 per person (you go to the Crafts Market and 2 other shopping centers). Margarittaville offers to pick you up and take you home for free. Be sure to check out the tour desk. (if you would like to know of some great tours-let me know)

We loved WRH, and I am sure you will to. Any questions, let me know.-katie

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5. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

Hello Janlo,

We just got back from Mobay June 14th. We had a wonderful time at the Wyndham.

The weather was not the greatest, but the day we left Houston, a tropical depression was just West of Jamaica. It was a little cloudy in the afternoons with a shower/thunderstorm here and there - but the mornings were nice. We did most of our laying out from about 8:30 - 11:00, it seems that around lunch time is when the weather declined. I have been to Jamaica 3 other times, and the weather has always been nothing but sunshine! We just happened to leave when a depression was lurking about, but nonetheless - we had a great time. I know you will too.

The hotel is very nice. It's older - but kept up very well I think. The rooms are nice and kept very clean. The bathrooms are roomy and have a coffee pot/blow dryer. They keep the shampoo/conditioner/soap and all of that stuff stocked as you need it. The bathrooms do not have electrical outlets (just the one the coffee pot/blow dryer are plugged in to) - so if you have curling irons or something like that - you'll have to use the plugs behind the T.V.

It is a very good idea to sign up for Wyndham By Request if you haven't already. You definately get additional perks. We bought a phone card and each time you call the operator to use the phone there is a $3.00 charge - all of those were comped because of WBR, so it's worth the time to do. Also, if you plan on calling home with a phone card - buy one BEFORE you leave the airport if you can - the hotel does not sell them. We found that out the hard way.

The staff is very friendly - they are the friendliest people in the world. The food is good, and just as Kate109 described - I agree with her 100%.

If you get your hair braided as I did - be sure to have or buy a bandana or wear a cap - my scalp got very sunburned - but I loved the braids - they were alot of fun. We had them done at the hotel.

There are lots of activities on the resort - there is something going on all of the time. I heard the beach party on Sunday's is a blast, but ours got rained out - we had to have it inside instead - but it was still good. We just missed out on the outside atmosphere.

Be sure to do some shopping at the craft market and the city center - you can get some decent bargains. At the market the people can be very pushy, but a simple "no thank you" works wonders. They will also have some vendors come to the hotel, but the deals are better in town. We also went to Dunn's River Fall - it's a great way to spend the day. If you get a chance, be sure to do that. We also did the booze cruise on the catamaran (not sure how to spell that one) that was a lot of fun also - it takes you to Margarittaville to go down the slide and jump on the trampolines in the water - lots of fun and good snorkeling if you like that kinda stuff. (please excuse my spelling, it's off today - and I don't have a dictionary close by!!!)

The grounds at the hotel are beautiful. They are very well kept. There just isn't anything NOT to like at the Wyndham.

I don't know if you are traveling with family/couples or singles - but I will tell you that this is a family/couples place. Once I got there I felt guilty for not having my 13 year old daughter with me because she would have had a blast. Most everything is geared towards families/couples. If you want the party atmosphere, which we did a couple of nights, there are frequent shuttles to Margaritaville. It's a free shuttle that leaves on the hour starting at 9:00, and it brings you back to the hotel at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 OR 2:00. The bar at the hotel was alright - we only went in for a few minutes one night.

We stayed in room 657 and had a wonderful view of everything. Right below us was the pool and the terrace cafe, to the right was the beautiful carribean and to the left were the lush green mountains of Jamaica. No place was a bad view. I have pictures, if you send me your email, I'll be happy to forward you some that I took of the hotel/room/grounds/ etc. Just let me know.

When you get to the hotel one of the security guys is Kevin! Super guy, knows all the drivers and will point you in the right direction. Be sure to tell him the girls from Texas said hello. If you have any other questions, please let me know. I found out alot of information before leaving by doing just what you are doing on this forum. It's a good way to find out whats going on.

I know you will have a wonderful time.


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6. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

Hi Susan60,

Your information is very helpful, I would love to see your pictures of the WRH. My email is janetdwayne@yahoo.co.uk

thanks janlo

Liverpool, UK
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7. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

I am staying at the WRH at the end of this month and was wondering, do they have an ATm on site.

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8. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall


Yes, they do have an ATM at the Wyndham. It is right outside the casino. I never used it, so I don't know what type it is - but yes, they do have one.


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9. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall


I will send you the pictures after lunch today - I'll either send them as attachments through my email, or they will come over in a photo album from Kodak. Thanks.


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10. Re: Wyndham Rose Hall

There is a ATM at WRH. We used it several times. It gives you american dollars, which was great for us. It does charge you $6.50 per transaction, so make sure you get all the money you will need from it the first time.

Be sure to get Wyndham Byrequest, it does wonders. And it FREE. You get free local calls, free late check out (until 2 p.m.), and free welcome snack.

Be sure to bring enough clothes for your stay, doing the laundry here is VERY expensive- $1.50 for a pair of socks-$7.00 for a pair of pants.

I have heard some complaints about waiting hours for your room. We had NO problem with this, we arrived at about 10 a.m. and were in our room 10 minutes later, no lines. (there is some renovations going on-they are redoing the roof-they even asked us if we would like to switch sides!)

We stayed in room 767, it had a fantastic view. Be sure to get somewhere near the top floors. Wyndham Byrequest also lets you choose what floor you would like. The only downfall, is that the elevators take FOREVER. But heh-no problem.

The only thing I did not like about WRH is the room keys, you must use them everytime you eat or drink, and you have to sign the reciept and keep them. It becomes a pain, but I guess you get used to it. You have to do this at the bars too, and when you get a little tipsy, you forget-haha. (the pool bar doesnt require you to have your card, you just have to sign the handwritten reciept) A wristband would be much easier. Also, you have a towel card, do not lose these, they are worth $25 each. (we did lose one of ours, but they didnt charge us for it, which was nice)

I got my hair done at the salon. The did a wonderful job. My hair is down to my butt, and they charged me $80 for a full head. We also got massages, and an hour is about $60. You can get them down by the beach, it was excellent.

I heard many storys about how the grounds were dirty, this is NOT true, it is beautiful and so clean.

I loved WRH and plan on going back next year. But we will stay 10 days instead of 7. We loved it and I am sure you will too.