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Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

Windsor, Ontario
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Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

In your opinion are the upgrades worth it?

From my understanding standard to club gives me alcohol in my fridge and free wifi (but I can purchase wifi in standard so really its only alcohol in my fridge). Also instead of calling yourself to make arrangements such as dinner and activities you just call the concierge who does it for you. I dont really see the upgrade there cause you are still calling someone to relay info leaving me with alcohol in fridge.

As for butler I assume the diff is he/she are there to wait on you hand and foot...or basically grab drinks for us vs getting up to get our own.

So in my head its standard I do everything myself club level gives me alcohol in my room and butler grabs my drinks...

What am I missing?


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1. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

There are some other things that Club gets you. It may be minor, but you will find robes in your room at this level, and as well as in butler rooms. For me, that's one less thing I have to pack. With Club, you have the concierge staff to go to with any issues or requests that you might have; with standard, you to go to the front desk; with butler, you would go to your butler. With Club, they will surprise you occasionally with a lovely little plate of food (maybe cheese and crackers, or cookies, etc.). With standard, you will do your check-in sitting in the lobby, With Club, you do check-in in the Club office. They now have all sorts of food and drink available for you in the Club office. There really are a lot of little extras that come with Club. Butler gets you all of that and much more.

Here is the list of amenities that come with Club:

Met on arrival by Club Sandals Concierge.

Served cold/warm towels on arrival.

Privately checked in at the Club Sandals Lounge.

Escorted to room by Club Sandals Concierge.

In-Room Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge.

Private Resort Orientation by Club Sandals Concierge.

Club Sandals Welcome packet on arrival.

Hours: 24 hours (As of June 1st); Staff will be available from the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

High-definition flat-screen TV.

Selection of Board Games, books and novels.

Tea and coffee station with assorted tea and freshly Ground Coffee

(Blue Mountain Coffee).

Coffee machine in all lounges serving Espressos and Cappuccinos.

New York Times and British Today, The Canadian and any other Times Fax as requested.

Kindles available in the Lounge

IPads displaying menus, martini menu, weekly activities and Managers wine list

Library of Local Books Available

Air conditioned comfort

Signature Scent

Soothing Background Music

Guest check-out with Club Sandals Concierge

Free Basic Wi-Fi(Available at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica Only)

Alcoholic Beverages, Sparkling Wine, Juice, Soda and Water

All Day Snacks and Pastries:

Danish, Croissants, Muffins

Coconut, Sugar and Chocolate cookies

Caribbean Treats - Rumball, coconut drops, coconut macaroon, gizzarda

Apples and other Whole Fruits

Sandwiches and Wraps

Concierge Signature Drink

Windsor, Ontario
posts: 717
reviews: 6
2. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

Read the site a few times and even called sandals but I still don't see more of a diff then my original post. I guess its just me not caring about the little thing like a cool towel or being checked in in a different room. BUT having alcohol in the room seems like a big deal. I would hate to have to go to the bar grab drinks each time I needed one while waiting for my wife or friends to get ready...

So you don't get special privileges or some sort of fast pass for things or even free stuff like tours or what not?

Ontario Canada
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3. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

here is a link to club service:


and the link to butler service:


I normally look at room location and view when booking, and am happy whether it is standard or club level. Have to admit though...we do like club at certain resorts, especially the room service, in-room bar and the concierge cocktail party which is always fun! But even in standard level rooms, it is no hardship to grab a drink or two at the bar to take back to the room. Whether the cost of club or butler is worth it, is truly a personal decision. We have equal fun and terrific service whether we book any of the three room categories.

Rochester, New York
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4. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

Perferd: Have you read the Sandals web site and compared side by side the three levels? Besides the service aspect, Butler level rooms are generally larger, in more scenic locations, and have more amenities in the room such as a double bathroom sink.

This 'worth it' question will be debated forever here on TA. 'Worth it' is always subjective...what is of value to you will be different from everyone else. The subject has been debated endlessly here on TripAdvisor. Only you and you alone can answer that question.

I can tell you this much...there are the standard things the Butlers do that is described at length in the Sandals marketing content. Then there are the 'wow' things they do once they get to know you and your likes and dislikes. Lastly, and you hope you never have to use them for this, but if anything goes wrong, big or small, your Butler is your single point of contact for resolution. For example, once our room flooded out due to backed up bathroom sink. Black smelly water all over the floor. One call to our Butler and all was resolved. He coordinated clean up, repairs, and personally insured our possessions were unharmed. We never left the beach.

Good luck.

Ontario Canada
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for White House
posts: 7,351
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5. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

There might be a few things such as an organized shopping trip, the cocktail party etc specific to the individual resort. In all honesty, when we've stayed in standard level rooms, we simply stop at a bar on our way back to the room to get a cup filled with Crown Royal...or a glass of wine or beer to drink while we are getting ready for dinner...the fridge is stocked with water, pop and juice for mix...so no big issue.

Windsor, Ontario
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6. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

Worth it was probably the wrong way to put it as opinions are like *** lol....

Anyways I was more or less trying to find the True differences between them. The website gives examples like being met at the door but to me big deal. They also talk of a cool towel, well gee thanks lol. To me those are things that mean nothing but extra bullet points for your marketing campaign.

Now if we are talking about big diffs like no alcohol in the room or the fact that the room is bigger with better views easier access special services like front of the line for everything discounted or free trips ect. then you got my attention. Other then those things getting a bagel is a plush room while signing in vs chilling on a couch in the lobby waiting for a couple or two to check in before us doesnt kill me...

Thanks for the responses. It is helping me narrow down things...

United States
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7. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

"This 'worth it' question will be debated forever here on TA. 'Worth it' is always subjective"

I fully agree that it is subjective.

manchester, New...
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8. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

Worth it is definitely subjective!

For us, we decided it was not worth the extra money. We are now booked for seven nights, eight days rather than an "upgraded" room category for four nights, five days.

The only real consideration I had about the club level concierge was the alcohol in the room. I've come to the conclusion that we are ok to grab drinks from the bar and bring them up to our room if we want drinks on the balcony, or whatever. The other little things are nice, but we are so self sufficient and like to "do our own thing" when we go on vacation. After our visit, we might feel otherwise. Also, my bf has already been to sandals and did not feel the club concierge was with it, at all. So we are going basic. I don't think we'll regret it.

There is a small chance we will purchase the wifi, but I hope we will be having so much fun, we won't even think about that!

The check in stuff we don't care about. Chances are we will arrive prior to the three o'clock check in time, and be sent off to get a snack and drink anyway, which is just fine with us!

We will be making dinner reservations for Kimonos when we check in , and excursions as we like.

The club lounge looks cool too, but OT enough for us to pay the extra money.

If we feel like we are missing out, perhaps we will book differently on our next trip. We're just so excited to go to Jamaica for a week!!!

Ocala, Florida
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9. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

We stay mostly at SGR and go between concierge (club) and butler . I like having liquor in our room --- and we always stay on the hillside so it is a long way to a bar. Having a butler is nice, but we don't have them wait on us hand and foot --- we are pretty laid back, but it is nice to be able to request different liquors in our room --- I always get a bottle or 2 of Baileys, my husband gets extra Red Stripe and a cooler to take to the golf course. It's also nice not to have to wait to get into restaurants when they are busy. It was nice to have a lounger at the pool reserved when they were busy but they no longer do that at SGR. Since the hillside has gone all butler I guess we will be always getting a butler room since we prefer the hillside villas. Another thing --- when you get your free week they base it on what category you have stayed in the majority of the time. We used our free week this past February at SRC and since most of our visits were butler we were able to get the best room at SGR --- the R & J swimout suite.

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Rochester, NY
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10. Re: Sandals Room levels standard to club to butler???

I agree with your that Concierge/Club level is not worth. You are exactly right. The main benefit is liquor in your room, and if you look at the cost difference, are you possibly going to drink that much liquor in a week? Doubtful, unless you'd like a trip to the hospital in your trip :)

There are two options for liquor in your room. The bars will often give you a bottle of wine or champagne to take to your room if they have enough. You can also order a glass of Appleton, etc. You can bring that back to your room and put it in your fridge. There is also an incoming duty free section at MBJ airport now. I'm not sure what's there yet, but I'm sure there's Appleton, and I'm hoping for Cocomania. I will buy two bottles there and be all set.

The free wifi is nice if you're upgraded there, but again, $42.99 for a week of wifi is much cheaper than booking Concierge. And are they seriously not giving everyone a towel at check in anymore? That used to be for everyone, but again, I'm definitely not paying more money for that!

Some Sandals have room service for Concierge, and that may be worth it. Especially if it rains, or you're having a lazy morning.

From what I've said, it is probably obvious that I don't think a Butler is necessary. Like the above poster said, the villas at SGR are now all Butler, and that is where we like to stay, so we'd book a Butler in that case, but that would purely be for the room. There just isn't anything I need a Butler to do for me. Since you mentioned the liquor, you can also pick the liquor for your room at Butler level, which is nice. You could request Grey Goose rather than the awful Kirov you'd get in the plain Concierge room.

I hope that helps!