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Getting Sick

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Sherwood, Wisconsin
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Getting Sick

Hi All,

I've been teasing myself with the thought of going on an all inclusive vacation for atleast the past 7 years and I can now say that my husband and I are finally going to goto our first all inclusive resort this February. I've been eyeing up Punta Cana for a while now. We had initially assumed that we'd travel to Mexico (especially given the price point), but are vearing away from that due to being constantly reminded by others of how sick they got when traveling to Mexico. This caused me to question, do individuals run into the same scenario in Punta Cana? I understand some of the issues in Mexico are potentially due to how they fertilize their crops. Are chances just as high (or low) of getting sick in Punta Cana? I understand this may be a silly question and that the potential for people to get sick on vacation exists everywhere, however I gotta imagine some countries are a bit lower risk than others.

I appreciate any insight you all can provide.

Halifax, Canada
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1. Re: Getting Sick

Probably not any different risk in PC, than in any other destination such as Mexico.

The reasons people get sick are not known, no matter what someone may tell you. It could be related to any number of reasons.

All we can do is be vigilant about what we eat, drink and do while travelling. Drink only bottled water, prep your "system" with a good pro-biotic before departure, only eat foods that are either cooked in front of you, or have been kept hot/cold. And, most of all, make sure you drink plenty of water while out in the sun, especially if you plan to have a few drinks.

But, to be clear, the percentage of the travelling public who become sick while travelling, are not near as high as some people believe.

Happy travels.

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Arnprior, Canada
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2. Re: Getting Sick

Here is why people get sick. They are at a resort on vacation and EVERYTHING is free, Yipee. So they eat fruit that they wouldn't normally at home, they eat more food than they would normally at home, they drink alot and get too much sun. Basically OVER INDULDGE.

Everything in moderation, drink lots of water (all resorts have bottled water). Use bottled water to brush your teeth, don't drink from the tap and you will be fine. Have a wonderful experience in Punta Cana.

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Boston, MA
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3. Re: Getting Sick

Another thing that we do in addition to what has been posted is that we do not eat any fruits or vegetables unless they are ones that we peel. That means no lettuce or tomatoes unfortunately but they are uncooked and how they are washed is questionable so we stay away. Another thing we do is to sanitize our hands after we use a buffet and before we touch our silverware or any food. One has no idea of how dirty others' hands may be and we are all touching the same utensils. Many Caribbean trips and no sickness has us convinced that we are doing something right!

Sherwood, Wisconsin
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4. Re: Getting Sick

I'm scratching my head wondering how my vegetarian diet is going to work on vacation........ :-)

Brooklin, Canada
Destination Expert
for Punta Cana
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5. Re: Getting Sick


Salads/vegetables are prepared /washed with purified water - resorts don't want people to be getting ill and are very diligent on taking the proper precautions and procedures.


Brooklin (Bubba King)

Ajijic, Mexico
posts: 789
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6. Re: Getting Sick

I suspect that most people who get sick on vacation do so because of the extended time on an airplane breathing recycled air. Destination doesn't matter; state of health of your fellow passengers does.

No science to back this up - just a hunch.

York, Pennsylvania
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7. Re: Getting Sick

Bill..I can attest to that as all the "sickness " I have ever experienced while traveling, in my opinion, stemmed from the plane trip.

Saint John, Canada
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8. Re: Getting Sick

been a few times now and never been sick. We drink the bottled water, but use the tap water for brushing teeth. I try not to eat any differently than at home. never worried about fruit and veg that arent peeled......mostly my sickness is my own fault....if you know what i mean.

i agree with Prior1's comment most people get to an AI resort and go crazy on the food, alcohol and add hot humid weather to that after a plane trip and spend every night breathing airconditioned air.....your system cant handle the shock!

go away, relax and enjoy....

Kincardine, Canada
posts: 651
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9. Re: Getting Sick

Coconut is a natural laxative. If People are drinking Pina Coladas and Coco Locos like they are going out of styles they will have stomach issues --especially if they are not used to consuming a lot of coconut.

Erieau, Canada
Destination Expert
for Punta Cana
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10. Re: Getting Sick

Great suggestion " prep your "system" with a good pro-biotic before departure"

Did that in 40+ trips top the DR, been very lucky, never have been sick.

+ another 18 to the Caribbean and Mexico and even one to China.

Although the last time I went I picked up a bug on the airplane that I havent shook yet.

Looking into Dukoral for my next trip Jan. 19th.