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questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

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questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

A party of 9 of us are going to be at the Melia Caribe Tropical next week.

We're confused about the dining options.

Buffet dinner needs no reservation, but all other dining options do require a reservation? On one of the forums, someone said that you could make dinner reservations before leaving home, but others said no way.

Next, we've heard that the tram that runs around the property tends to be crowded and slow around dinner hour and can't be counted on. True?

Lastly, do we have to get up at the crack of dawn to secure chairs on the beach, or will that not be a problem?

We're looking forward to our stay.

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1. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

hey there behtaa,

great choice on the Melia! you're going to absolutely love it!

Ok, so the dinner situation isnt as complicated as it sounds. There are 3 buffet restaurants (these dont need any reservation, you simply walk in and sit down) all the other restaurants are a-la carte restaurants, all with different types of food (chinese, japanese, mexican, dominican, french..etc) they are all fantastic!! so the deal with these guys is that you've got to make a reservation the day before, so you simply call from your room and make a reservation for the nest day. Its best to call in the morning before you head down to the beach, this way you get a wider selection. The first night you get there, you will eat at the buffet considering you couldnt have made a reservation and then call in that night to get a reservation for the next day. The buffets are great though so dont worry. Yes, you can make your reservations ahead of time with your travel agent, although it depends on close the date to your departure is to when you reserve these places, as places may be limited due to the time of the year. You can try and ask your travel agent now and see what she/he can do for you...but yes it can be done.

There are 2 trams that run all day long and pick new people up every 15 minutes. Yes, they do get crowded at supper time, but we never really had much of a problem. If worse comes to worse you wait 15 minutes extra or you can walk it (its a beautiful walk anyhow). Although, reservations for dinner are made in different time slots, so the whole resort isnt going to dinner all at once. It also depends on the time of year and how busy the resort is, but you really shouldnt ahve a huge problem

Don't worry about there not being enough chairs...there are always plennntyyy of chairs! which is one thing we loved about this place..and everything else of course as well! but you will not have a problem..the property is so large that they accomodate you well with these types of things. Same goes for palapas and towels, you dont have to worry about them being out of towels. wak up at 1 in the afternoon if you like and the towels will still be there. hope this answers yous questions! if you have any other concerns dont be shy!

happy travels!!


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2. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Thanks islandgirl 2-

You sound like you should work for the hotel! You've made it sound great. We are looking forward to it all. Do you know if there is a fee to borrow snorkeling equipment, sailboats, pedalboats, etc? Is there a sign-up area for this?

And since you're being so helpful,what can you do about guarunteeing the weather for us?

We'd love sunny days straight through!

New Jersey
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3. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Hi Bethaa,

My family and I will be at the Melia Caribe Tropical April 5-10. We can't wait. I've also heard of people who made their reservations for dinner at 3:oopm. They claimed that the resort holds seats for the Royal Service guests in the restuarants. After 3:00 I guess whatever is not booked is up for grabs.

I see you're from NJ. Where are you flying out of. So far, I believe we are going to be on the Tropical side. Have a great time, I'm sure we all will!

Toronto, Canada
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4. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Hi guys, We just got back. Our favourite restaurant was one of the "a la cart"s that DID NOT require reservations. It is a small open air restaurant near the Avenue Bar, the Moonlight Bistro. Excellent atmoshphere, great food and presentation, quiet live jazz music, candle light.... A very nice suprise. Try to go before 7 p.m.

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5. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

How about food for kids? Do the buffets have any of the usual kid friendly food - chicken fingers, grilled cheese... How about the a la cartes? Do they have kid menus?

Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

The a la cartes had no kids menues unfortunately. My kids loved the italian for the pasta and pizza and the American Grill for the burgers and chicken wings. I'm not sure about chicken fingers.

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7. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Hi Bethaa

We just got home from the Melia yesterday. Everyone complained about the dinner reservation problem(s).

We were unable to make dinner reservations for the week before we left home because we booked at last minute, but it can be done. Ask your travel agent to try for you.

Most of the restaurants have lots of empty tables every night. If you can't get a reservation, just go to the door and ask for a table. There are 3 restaurants which do not require reservations. Two are at the "restaurant strip", (The Moonlight and the Las Americas) the other one is at the beach (Agora Grill).

We were always able to get onto the train, but on two different occasions it was very slow. We lost our reservation at the Japanese Restaurant (everyone liked it the most) because it took the train almost 45 min. from the beach, where we were staying, to the restaurants. The roadway is very narrow and if there is a vehicle on it, the train cannot pass. I think this amount of time was quite unusual, but we were very disappointed as we were unable to obtain another reservation. The Japanese restaurant is difficult to obtain reservations for.

On the other occasion, the driver left the train and went into the Beach Grill Bar. We thought he was probably doing a washroom visit, but he was gone long enough to have had something to eat! ! Taking an earlier train than you really need is probably a good idea. The place is beautiful so no matter where you sit to wait it is very pleasant.

It's a 15 min. walk from the beach to the restaurants, but if you are staying somewhere between the two, you can easily walk. The pathways are all tiled so anything other than flat shoes can be tricky if you are walking, but it is possible.

There are always beach chairs. However, people put towels, shoes, etc. on the ones under the palapas so it was difficult to find chairs in the shade. Some people told us they tipped one of the boys at the Beach Grill and he put towels on the chairs for them so they didn't have to go down to the beach early. We never went to the pools so I don't know if there was a problem there.

Take lots of sunscreen and use it. It's very warm there now. Enjoy your vacation.

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8. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Thanks for your info.

Spoke to my travel agent today and she said that she was not able to make dinner reservations for us before we check in, so now I wonder whether that's true- perhaps she didn't want to exert the effort? As long as you think that's it's not a big deal to make reservations when we arrive, we'll wing it. She did say that we could make the reservations for dinners for all 5 nights upon our arrival, which is not what I'd heard. I heard that you had to make them 24 hours ahead of time. Oh well, at least there seem to be buffets and a la cartes that don't require reservations which from which we can choose. A party of 9 could be tricky to seat.

And I still haven't found anyone out there who will guarantee my sunny weather!!

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9. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Hi again Bethaa,

We were unable to book dinner reservations for the whole week when we arrived. It may depend on who answers the reservations phone when you call?????? You're right, it may be more difficult to seat a party of 9, but there were always lots of empty tables. People I talked to refused to be refused at the door and walked right in. The hotel doesn't want any "confrontation" going on. If verbal persuasion doesn't do the trick, try some money.

As for the promise of sunny weather, if it rains while you're at the beach or the pool, you're wet anyways.

It rained a few times while we were there. A couple at night, and again during the day two different times. It was very warm rain and I continued my walk down the beach and also swam in the ocean while it was pouring. What a wonderful experience! There was no thunder or lightning so I felt quite safe.

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10. Re: questions about Melia Caribe Tropical

Did you travel with children? We will have 3 girls ages 16, 13 and 10 years old. Any idea what there is specifically for the kids? Is it safe for the kids to wander on their own during the day and/or night? Not that we want them to send them off all that often, but they will be asking.