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The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

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The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

Why are the ladies on the checkouts at the Super Centre in Holetown ALL so so miserable and unhelpful??....this is in complete contrast to everyone else in Barbados who are always helpful and cheery!

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1. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

You may want to direct this question to one of the ladies when you shop there the next time or to Super Center management or, better yet, the the Super Center corporation.

Burlington, Canada
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2. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

What you got has been commented on many, many, many, many times on this site.

As stated, let the management know about it. It may not change but you'll feel better.

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3. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

It's the same at their Oistens location, very cool towards tourists but seem fine with other Bajans. I just take it as a challenge to try and get a smile out of them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it annoys them. I win either way.

Moncton, Canada
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4. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

This is a management issue at these places as the staff are indifferent in view of the managers on the floor . The same surly attitude can be found at BIG B's in Worthing and at most gas stations !!....now this is not the case at most other store such as the Imart at the Lantern and smaller outlets where the service is cordial and cheerful. When faced with this surly attitide I always tell them what a great day it is and thank them for there service and then watch them "crinch" ..it does make me chuckle ...Laurie.

Derbyshire, United...
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5. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

I'm not saying everyone is always smily and cheery but can't say I have noticed people being particularly miserable or unhelpful in the supermarket, I'm sure if you say hi or good morning, afternoon, whatever you will get a response. Don't you find the same at home, some people are happy and cheery, other not. I'm a firm believer in sometimes the behaviour you give out you get back. Maybe I'm just that happy to be on holiday I don't notice it lol! I will say though that on the whole we always find people in Barbados to be very friendly and helpful.

Buzzards Bay...
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6. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

I actually find cashiers here in the US very friendly and finding a surly one is rare since they tend to be weeded out and fired or reassigned away from customer service. Poor treatment of customers doesn't get tolerated in the US. Supermarket checkouts here in the US aren't paid very well either, probably dislike their bosses, but they are able to separate it out and still treat customers with respect. They are still expected to give a "thank you" at the end of the transaction. In Barbados it's the exception if you ever get a "thank you". Apparently Barbados supermarkets don't ask it of employees.

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7. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

This is definitely a management/training issue ...and I agree that highlighting the issue with management is one way that it might change

However I have to say I sometimes find similar attitudes in UK supermarkets. Those where it is not present are known for their high standards in customer care

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Rossendale, United...
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8. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

This made me chuckle to myself!

We recently stayed in Holetown and used the supercentre nearly every day. I have to agree with the OP. Some of the staff were fine and helpful, but some of those till ladies were scary! I always smile and say hello, but was quite often ignored.

One scary lady even told me off loudly for stacking my food poorly on the conveyer belt -"BOTTLES UP"!! Same one told my husband off for pushing the trolley through the till area. Apparently you have to leave the trolley at the end of the till aisle and the packer will wheel your bagged groceries to the car for you if needed. Of course we did not realise this at first, but soon got the hang of it after being well and truly told to "LEAVE IT THERE AND DON'T TOUCH IT".

Nearly every time we were in there I felt like a naughty child. One helpful till lady noticed that my fabric conditioner bottle was half empty ( where the other half went goodness only knows ) so she scanned it and told my husband to go and get another off the shelf. She then went to sort out some ice for us and was still away when he brought it back. Meanwhile a queue had built up and as I put the bottle in my shopping bag, one of the people in the queue shouted loudly "YOU HAVEN'T PAID FOR THAT"! OMG I was so embarrassed. Of course I had not in theory paid for it until the ice came back and we could pay the bill, but it had been tilled up. I explained this to the other shopper ( another scary looking lady ) but she just sneered at me and in front of everyone, asked the nice till lady if she had scanned it. Of course nice till lady said she had. Scary shopper grunted and offered me no apology.

Prices in the supermarket were also quite scary average 200-300.bbds no matter how much or little we put in the trolley (or so it seemed).

Bathgate, United...
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9. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

My Goodness.......no wonder there are so many posts by people asking about talking their own supplys into Barbados....8*)

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10. Re: The ladies on the checkout at Super Centre, Holetown

We just switch off when in these places, now. For some unknown reason whatever you say/being polite as ever. We are met with the same surly attitude.

It doesn't worry us now. We come to expect it! We know 99% of Bajans we come into contact with are fantastic people. Sadly petrol stations/supermarkets are the exception to the rule...

Just look at it this way - when you walk outside. Just think where you are.