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Brown sludge on south coast

Kenora, Canada
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Brown sludge on south coast

Does anyone know if the brown sludge discharge has effected Miami beach today, looks like Accra is goin got be closed for the second time this week.

Iroquois, Canada
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1. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

Wow where did you see this

Burlington, Canada
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2. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

The sludge is Sea Dust.

Earlier this week at Rockley it appeared to look like an oil slick. I spoke to the life guards and a Marine Biologist who stated it is finely chopped seaweed from south of Barbados being carried by the wind and waves from the south. This is seasonal and happens this time of the year. This is also accompanied by "jelly fish" Portugese Man of War, which is painful if stung. You could see some small ones already on the beach.

I was told the sea dust is not contaminated but people in the water ended up with a mud like substance in the folds of their bathing suits.

Certainly does not look good and I didn't go in the water.

St. John's, Canada
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3. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

I got stung by one of these just by walking in the water this morning near Coconut Court hotel and it sure does sting! Others were also stung while I was there. There are some washed up along the shore and from my reading online since then, I learned the dead ones can sting for hours after they wash up so be careful!

Sheffield, England
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4. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

Canby is that linked to the sargassum seaweed?

London, United...
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5. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

I am at the Hilton right now, and the ocean is very brown, completely different to the clear blue of yesterday! However, the west coast appeared untouched (earlier today)..

Hope it won't remain like this for too long, and it won't spread to the west coast, where I will be moving to in a few days time!

Holetown, Barbados
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6. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

I have just returned to the calm BLUE waters of Holetown having had lunch at Tapas, and I was horrified to see the colour of the sea down there. Dark, muddy brown rollers and detergent like froth, is not a nice thing to see and I pray it doesn't travel up our way, -------------------it made the colour of our sea when Mango Bay's creek bursts, look positively healthy.

I do hope whatever is causing it, (and there was a team on the Boardwalk doing tests) , will go away soon.

Vancouver, Canada
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7. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

There was an article in the Advocate about it today. It is cyano bacteria and although the local experts say it isn't harmful, the World Health Organization doesn't seem to agree with them.

Lahti, Finland
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8. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

Hmm, no wonder the water at Dover Beach looked a bit strange today.

London, United...
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9. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

Oh no...I'm going to Barbados Monday and have so been looking forward to this holiday. How bad is it? Is it pretty much the entire south coastline (we'll be staying at Butterfly Beach)?

How long does this usually last? Please, please, please say it should clear in a couple of days and won't stick around to ruin my entire holiday :(

Edited: 6:10 pm, March 07, 2013
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10. Re: Brown sludge on south coast

Wow this sucks how long till its gone I'm coming sunday