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Boscobel Toll Gang

Hove, United Kingdom
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Boscobel Toll Gang

Just a word of warning to anyone planning to hire a car and drive themselves around the island...

Just got back from an amazing trip to Barbados. The only negative part was that we ran into the Boscobel toll gang.

Reading some of the accounts I have read online, I think we got off pretty lightly, but it was still a pretty scary experience.

We had driven up from Bathsheba and were trying to find Cherry Hill Point. We ended up driving into Boscobel and before we knew it, there were two guys jumping out in front of the car yelling 'road closed' and 'bridge out'. We kept going, and round the next bend, an older guy jumped out in from of us forcing us to stop. We were in a Moke and felt pretty vulnerable.

Thanks to posts I had previously read on Trip Advisor, we had a pretty good idea of what we were in for. Despite being mightily fed up about it, we played along, expressed gratitude for the ‘useful’ information and directions we were given, and then of course we were asked for money. The guy asked for ‘two greens’ but seemed happy enough when I told him I only had one. He was then all smiles and waved us on our way.

We were fine, but it is still a pretty scary experience and although I will definitely return to Barbados, I would never return to that part of the island until I was sure that the police have dealt with these crooks.

Guys, steer clear of Boscobel unless you want to get mugged!

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1. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

I am guessing that despite all the complaints posted here about the gang and the repeated complaints registered with the tourist authorities and police, the only way that action will be taken against these thugs is when one of them is run down by a frightened driver and injuries/death occurs.

The continued presence and activities of these bandits is shameful. Makes a person wonder if the authorities turning a blind eye to them is meant to be a'slap in the face' to the tourists and the tourism industry.

Burlington, Canada
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2. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

Here's a link with some additional information. Obviously there's a difference of opinion by one/some but the fact remains what you experienced is an ongoing problem. Thanks for the update.

Well said Mrs.BB but wasn't someone local going to contact the police about it? I wonder what happened?


Derbyshire, United...
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3. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

A shame that is STILL happening! Sorry you had to experience it! I can imagine it is harder in a moke too to just drive on, if you were in a jeep etc you would probably feel safer to just ignore them and drive on, as you say MrsBB what will it take! ~exasperated sigh~!

Derbyshire, United...
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4. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

As an aside, please don't let this put people off visiting Cherry Tree Hill as the view is spectacular! One of the easiest ways to get there is from the West Coast following signs for St.Nicholas Abbey, it s just along the road after the entrance to the Abbey. I always think the view is much more spectacular approached from that direction too, from there it is then easy to just head downhill towards the East Coast and Bathsheba and ignore the road to Boscobel on your left. Coming up from the East Coast I can easily see how you could take the fork up to Boscobel instead of carrying straight on to Cherry tree Hill.

We have never seen any of these problems doing this.

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5. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

Followed those directions when we last visited and all was fine, enjoyed lovely views and going down to Bathsheba could see how easily someone could go off on the wrong road.  

Will return when we visit again and this time will stop at Abbey too!!

Derbyshire, United...
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6. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

You are in for a treat ske the Abbey is lovely, well worth a visit!

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for Barbados
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7. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

Is it really beyond the capabilities of the police to borrow a hire car or two and set up a sting to arrest these people ...it is a disgrace that it is still happening

...has anyone ever been arrersted for this ???

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8. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

2013: Any recent problems?

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems recently when driving in St Lucy/northern parts of Barbados? Postings from 2012 are very concerning. Many thanks.

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9. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

Any recent problems in 2013?

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems recently when driving in St Lucy and the northern part of Barbados? Postings on the toll bandits seem to have gone quiet, but still feel rather apprehensive about venturing in this area.Thank you.

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10. Re: Boscobel Toll Gang

Drove all around St Lucy, up North Point etc, Fustic, Checkerhall etc including many remote areas during February this year...no problems whatsoever.

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