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Grand Pinapple

Nottingham - England
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Grand Pinapple

Hi, Wonder if someone who has visited could clarify something for me. On trip advisor reviews, at the top of the page, there is view photo's and virtual tour of the resort. The photographs of the rooms look really nice, but on the virtual tour, they look really shabby???? Could someone please tell me which is the true likeness? have booked to go to Barbados in Oct but tour operator has advised there is building/refurbishments going on in the hotel that we have booked. They have offered for us to change our holiday (if we wish). Antigua sounds really appealing, we will also be hiring a car so will not be spending all of our time in the resort...its just the virtual tour of the rooms that are bothering me as it is classed as a premier hotel?? Please can someone help !!

Fallston, MD
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1. Re: Grand Pinapple

Well, Sue ..........

I had never viewed that particular virtual tour before today. I'd say that it fairly accurately depicts the several locations that you can view. I'd point out, however, that the one of a Beachfront / Waterside is actually a Waterside. They don't have one that shows the interiors of any of the Beachfronts.

In all fairness, they don't look all that "shabby" to me.


Nottingham - England
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2. Re: Grand Pinapple

Terry - "sorry" I suppose the word "shabby" was a bit unthoughtful and reading back was rather harsh. But on the photographs, (and also in the tour operator brochure) the rooms look quite plush and modern with drapes at the windows etc, but on the virtual tour they look quite different. The resort itself looks brill.

The tour operator have classed this as a premium 4 * luxury resort and looking at the "photographs", looks that way to me too, maybe the virtual tour does not do it justice?

many apologies if my comment above was a bit harsh. Sue

Fallston, MD
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3. Re: Grand Pinapple


No apology was necessary nor expected. The UK definition of "shabby" may be far different from my own, here in the States.

One of the reasons that I've continued to participate on several Antigua forums, over the years, ... is to better understand the UK English versus the American "English".

For instance, you just used the word "brill". I think of it as a fish. Checked my dictionary and even "Googled it" online. My guess is that it's a short expression for "brilliant".

I could write reams about the photos that many websites and brochures use for the Pineapple. Some of them are so old that I can't quite figure out where they were taken on the resort property.

On some of the photos you mentioned, the pictures are "mirrored". I hope you understand that expression. What is shown on the left ... should be on the right. That should explain it.

It took me several years to get just a handful of websites to change the stated number of rooms from 135 to 180. It's just unbelievable ! While it was still owned by Allegro, they never ... ever ...... changed their site to reflect the proper room count ... and ... they still owned it about 3 years after the 45 newest rooms (3 story buildings) were constructed.

Some of the photos you've viewed, are so old, that they were taken before air conditioning was added to the rooms !

Photos can always be "enhanced" ... the virtual videos would be a tad more difficult to make things look better. However, even the videos are not exactly "high definition". Things still look a bit better than what they actually are and, because of the nature of a virtual ... some aspects will be distorted.

The best "photos" are those that have been "published" by returning guests from whatever resort you may be thinking about visiting.

Don't misunderstand me, Sue ......... The Pineapple is our favorite Caribbean resort and we try to go there for 2 of your "fortnights" a year, these days. The Waterside - 2nd floor rooms have always been our favorite. For years we always stayed in #514 ... but, just over a year ago, we switched to the room next door ... #516. Our current room is configured exactly like the one in the "Beachfront / Waterside" virtual. I suspect that the room that it was taken in was most likely a few rooms North of ours. Maybe #520 or #524 ?


Nottingham - England
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4. Re: Grand Pinapple

Terry - Thank You for your comments. It is very difficult when trying to book a resort that you have never been too before. Unfortunatly we only get one shot a year for a 2 week holiday, if it turns out bad..then its tough luck and we have to wait until the following year!

I suppose I am just over sensitive at the mo, as we have already booked a holiday to Barbados as I said above, and am feeling rather sorry for myself!!

I have however emailed the tour operator to see if they can upgarde us to a garden view ( if we pay for a standard room) as a "good will geasture", as I have paid for an upgraded room in barbados, the holiday to Antigua is alot more expensive than Barbados, so we will have to pay the difference too, and also we have to fly from another airport which is a lot further from where we live. And of course there is the airport parking that I will have to cancel and the car that we have hired at Barbados. Our tour operator does not give the beach side/water front rooms as an option, only standard,garden and sea view (which are on a slight hill facing the sea?) but anyway, am drumming my fingers waiting for a reply back from the tour operator before we can make a final decision on what resort we will be going to. Thank You so much for your comments, I am not expecting "The Hilton" just a relaxing, peaceful, holiday with a "paradise found feeling" . Cheers - Sue

Fallston, MD
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5. Re: Grand Pinapple


I'm tempted to go somewhat "off-topic".

I'll email you privately.


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6. Re: Grand Pinapple

Dear Sue:

I have read your concern and conversation with our dear repeat guest Terry.

Please book your holiday and arrangements to your best convenience and just let me know the details (date, room booked,TTOO, etc.) and we shall look after you and make sure that you have a perfect holiday with us.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Guillermo Guerra

General Manager

Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach


Nottingham - England
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7. Re: Grand Pinapple


Oh WOW, WOW and double WOW.. I am sooo speachless (which takes a lot for me, I must say!!) A very BIG Thank you.. what better service can anyone get than this..

I am really overwhelmed that you have replied to my post, and will be in touch AGAIN Monday with the tour operator. I will let you know when we will be arriving....

Thank you so very much.. Sue

Toronto Ont Canada
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8. Re: Grand Pinapple

Dont stay at the pineapple Beach the resort is older & situated in a terrible loaction as it is far from everything & the water is very rough at that point stay at jolly Beach or Sandals or if you have extra money Jumby Bay!!!

we went to Barbados & stayed at Turtle Beach Resort another really nice sister resort is Colony Club in Barbados

My husband and I went to Sandals Antigua for our 5 yr wedding anniversary (early 30's) we were

there April 1 - 11 2006.

CHECK IN & OUT - They check in for you as you are greeted in the lobby with champagne and a wet

face cloth to refresh & sit & lounge this took 15 minutes. Excellent

ROOMS- We booked a Premium room but were upgraded to a Luxury suite. Dont bother to pay a

fortune to stay in another room class all the rooms are the same it's just the location that

changes. Rooms are clean but small and in need of a renovation although some have already been

renovated. We stayed in room 601.

GROUNDS - The grounds were very well maintained daily full of trees & tropical flowers which

makes this resort very private.

POOLS - Each building of rooms have there own small swimming pool & jaquzzi. There is also a

large main pool with swim up bar (very close to the construction of the new Sandals Resort) Very

nice but with the beautiful becah & ocean this resort is nestled on who needs a pool in my


FOOD - Restaurants were very clean (checking food temperatures daily) large variety of food and

very good. Ask for LOBSTER at any of the restaurants although it is not on the menu if you ask

you shall receive and boy is it great! When booking your reservations for the restaurants give

the guy at the desk 15.00 and book them all one shot & make sure to request your lobster.

Japanese restaurant & Italian were my favorites. They also have a beach BBQ one weekly which was

Terrific and you eat directly on the beach. Most of the restaurants have a very strict dress

code no t- shirts only collared shirts for men.

DRINKS - Have a Bananna Colada, Bannanna Sip Sop & A Miami Vice. Drinks are served in large

glasses and are NOt watered down at all. Bars are easy to come by & service is great.

SERVICE - Outstanding service, and although it was all inclusive the service was so good we

tried to leave tips and at our surprise tips were not excepted. Staff was so friendly &

welcoming always smiling!!!! Never experienced service like this!

ENTERTAINMENT - During the day this resort is very quiet no loud music or games on the beach

which we enjoyed at night they had shows, calypso bands, singers, fire eaters,dancers, newlywed

games. Entertainment was average.

BEACH - Remarkable Beach white sand raked regularly, crystal clean water, array of gorgeous

colours and no waves whatsoever. Just perfect couldn't ask for a better beach. Dickenson's Bay

is rated one of the top ten worlds best beaches in the world.. and it definetly is. The beach

and ocean was by far the best this resort had to offer & a reason alone to return.

WEATHER - The weather was very dry but extremley hot no rain & only one day of overcast. Bring

lots of block even if you tan well. I love to sun tan but I found it very hard to lie in the sun

for more then 15 minutes at a time....I have never used block other then on my face and I found

myself applying 30 block as I was burning.

TOURS - We took the Waldaldi Catamaran tour around the entire island of Antigua & then to green

island a secluded island to go snorkelling and have a BBQ. The tour was a perfect way to see all

of Antigua & all the resorts. However my husband did get sea sick when we entered the Atalantic

Ocean with waves about 4 feet it did get rough so make sure to take a motion sickness pill

before going.

TIPS - There is a convinient store located off the beach along the fence where the construction

is going on walk along the fence and in the right hand corner there is a store.

CONSTRUCTION / NEW SANDALS RESORT - when we were there in April it was hard to see or hear where

the construction was until we saw a huge crane...noise was minimal as most of the work that

would cause noise is already completed...don't let this scare you off it's unnoticeable.

SHIRLEY HIGHTS - It's all a hipe... The party there is no big deal & way to over crowded

although the view is spectacular.

SHOPPING - The shopping downtown is expensive especially if a cruise ship is in. Everything on

the island is overpriced even at duty free. Lots of stores & jewllery & plenty of souvenior

shops with great gifts although pricey. We went to the tiny casino which was okay to pass some

time. Down town was very safe even at night but remember to always be wise & alert anything is


OVERALL - Sandals Antigua has mixed reviews and I believe I know why ... Most couples that stay

here are getting married or on honeymoon or anniversary and they stay in the ocean rondovals

that come with a private butter and are literally treated as ROYALTY and they are also focussed

on eachother rather then minor difficiencies and they give excellent reviews. Others stay in a

baic room with no buttler pay less money and expect the world and obviously dont receive it and

they are the ones that give negative reviews.

My husband and I paid 6000.00 Canadian we stayed in an average room & for what we paid we did

expect more out of our room but we loved our trip even though we did expect more out of the

accomodations however you must keep in mind that this resort is about 15 years old and you dont

spend the trip in your room & your not at home your in the carribean. I would reccomend booking

at the new sandals resort and trust me you will love every minute of the resort & Antigua. We

are planning on going back and staying in the new Sandals in 2 years.

Remember that some people that post on this site are paid to give negative reviews so

investigate & be wise about who & what you trust.

If you have any further questions please email me at LINAPARIS74@HOTMAIL.COM

wales, uk
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9. Re: Grand Pinapple

sue, i have today returned from the Grand pineapple and had all the concerns you raised before leaving as i also was glued to this website.

Let me reasure you completely, i went with my husband , two children aged 6 and 3 and parents in law. And let me tell you wow wow wow will be what you say every second of your stay.

The beach paradise. Whitest sand and turquoise waters with small waves one end and calm as a cucumber the other end- take a snorkel and you will feel you have stepped into an aquarium. Sand powder soft on you feet. Safe for kids as long as you are with them which is common sense.

The hotel a typical carribean hotel, rooms not shabby but basic , clean and air conditioned. (What more do you want, eh you will not be in there much) Views out to sea with some-paradise.

Food beautiful and plentiful and varied. Mostly ala carte. THey even varied the buffett breakfast every morning, how many resorts do that.

Highly recommend the Fruit Salad as a starter at lunch, it is unusual but i was addicted to it.

Swimming pools fantastic , activities galore for adults and kids.

The staff were the friendliedst, most professional people i have ever met. Vera smiled lots at us despite another persons comments on this website, she was one of our favorites.( Thanks for the Cherries Vera )We rememember most of them by first names and vice versa.

WE were all very sad to leave and will definately be back. Antigua in general is the most beautiful island and we tourede all around and let me tell you , you will realise how spoilt you are with the hotel and location on your return.

The Manager was a welcoming presence around the hotel throughout our stay not something i have encountered at other resorts. Well done to you and your staff for making our holiday perfect.

So sue, i hope this reassures you and please reply on your return i will be absolutely gob smacked if it does not exceed your expectations. Oh and don't forget to visit mARY IN THE OUTHOUSE, THE SwEETest lady ever with the most delicious ribs and chicken. Enjoy.

Nottingham - England
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10. Re: Grand Pinapple

Thank you so much for your comments.

We have decided to stay with our original booking this year. Barbados. Apparently the building works have turned out to be minor refurbishments, as we received an email from the hotel in Barbados. We have had alot of stress regarding this holiday, and when the email came through, it was such a hard decision to make as to stick with Barbados or go to Antigua.

But I can promise this..the next hoilday we take will be Antigua and it will be the Grand Pinapple.

Thankyou again.