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Anguilla or Antigua???

Charlotte, NC
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Anguilla or Antigua???

Hi - we are thinking of taking a vacation to the Caribbean sometime in November and have narrowed it down to either Antigua or Anguilla but are having a tough time deciding.

Can anyone out there who's been to both islands compare and contrast them for us to help make our decision?

Thinking of staying at the Sandals in Antigua (have stayed at Sandals resorts before) or CapJuluca on Anguilla. Realize there will be a price difference between the two.

Thanks in advance!

Washington DC...
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for Turks and Caicos
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1. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Hands down Cap jaluca in Anguilla.

Anguilla has some of the best beaches in the world. Best restaurants in Caribbean. Cap Jaluca is spectacular.

Antigua is nice, but doesn't compare to Anguilla.

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2. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Cap Juluca is amazing. Loads of celebrities stay there. The beaches & water on Anguilla are incredible. Been there many times & still love it.

London, England
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3. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Have been to Antigua twice and Anguilla once and given the choice of only one I would go back to Anguilla but it does really depend on what you want out of your holiday.

Anguilla is really quiet with beautifull beaches, turquoise sea and fabulous restaurants. I've never stayed in Sandals or Cap Juluca but would think that Cap Juluca is way better certainly on location alone. Sandals is on Dickenson Bay which 10 years ago was a very nice sandy reasonably unspoilt beach. I have just revisited it and was shocked to see that this beach is now littered with shacks offering watersports and the whole beach is now overdeveloped and a bit holiday camp in my opinion, but maybe this is your bag? I much preferred St James Club which is on its own peninsular in the south but isn't particularly near anywhere else. I'm sure there are some other nice resorts too. Antigua has some great beaches and obviously it's much bigger so there's more happening there.

I would go through the reviews on tripadvisor carefully and decide which resort sounds like your kind of place. Hope this helps.

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4. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Hi, I will be biast as we have family there - but I would say Anguilla definatly! When I was a travel agent, I booked our family an overnight stay in a 5 star hotel in Antigua on route and wasn't that impressed. I aslo know from family Antigua can be expensive (and just from our one night) although you would prob go all inc.

hope this helps abit, S.

San Diego
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5. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Anguilla is one of our favorite Caribbean islands that we return to often as possible. .We stay on glorious quiet Meads Bay, but there are numerous outstanding beaches on Anguilla. Depends on what type of holiday you're looking for. Antigua has more activity, day and night.

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6. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???


As usual, I am in complete agreement with Blamona. Cap Juluca is incredible. The resort and the beach setting is quite possibly one of the most stunning sights in the Caribbean IMO. I just cannot get over the beauty of it. Although Antigua is a great island known for it's 365 beaches with some that are just as stunning (Darkwood Beach comes to mind) I would stay at Cap Juluca over the Sandals Resort. Dickenson Bay is lovely but I think the Sandal's Resorts are very passe.


San Francisco, CA
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7. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

I, too, agree with Anguilla, having been to both. How about the Masara resort? It is remote, romantic and has a great bay to snorkel all to yourselves. And there are many great restaurants on the island, however a few years ago when I was there none took credit cards, they all said they did on the phone but then when you got there no, sorry.

Cleveland, Ohio
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8. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Hi, Anguilla !!!!!!would be my choice. But our #1 is St.John! Anguilla is close! But go with your heart & do your homework! Good Luck from .... cleveland.ohio

Cleveland, Ohio
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9. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Hi, Anguilla !!!!!!would be my choice. But our #1 is St.John! Anguilla is close! But go with your heart & do your homework! Good Luck from .... cleveland.ohio

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10. Re: Anguilla or Antigua???

Referee Joe,

You just helped me! I have been trying to decide between Anguilla and St. John. Thanks!!