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Luxury Jr. Suite or 1 Bedroom

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Luxury Jr. Suite or 1 Bedroom

We're staying at Cuisinart in late January and I'm torn between the luxury jr. suite or one-bedroom suite. My poor husband hasn't been on a proper vacation for about two years. Has anyone stayed in or seen both? Know of any pictures?

Thank you so much.

Los Angeles, CA
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1. Re: Luxury Jr. Suite or 1 Bedroom

My wife and I stayed at the Cuisinart last November to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversay. Couple thoughts. First, if you refer to you "poor" husband now, you ain't seen nothing until you see your Cuisinart bill. Just kidding. Its expensive-ish, but worth every penny.

You will love the island and you will love the Cuisinart. I did a TA post on the Cuisinart and the island back in December 2004 if you care to see.

Regarding rooms, since all the room types on the island sound the same, I had to go to the website to remind myself what the heck we had. We had a Junior Suite, which is just like the Lux Jr. Suite except for the floor location. We really wanted a Lux Jr. suite but I gambled a little, since we booked through a travel agent and we could have upgraded upon arrival from a jr. suite to a lux jr. suite for free if available--turns out the resort was booked solid the week after Thanksgiving.

That said, our Junior Suite couldn't have been more perfect--it was awesome. If you send me an email address, I can send you some pics (but I didn't take many pics of the inside--if any??). With the Lux Jr. Suite I believe your patio is open to the blue sky--other than that, and the fact that you have climb an extra flight of stairs for the more expensive digs, they are the same. We had a covered patio, and other than air drying our scuba stuff, we never used it. But we were always out of our room--maybe with top floor we would have hung out on the patio at night--instead of being out on the beach or hanging in the hot tub? Its hard to guess. I would note though, that in the villas on the beach (which is where you want to be in any event), having the top floor might not provide the privacy you're dreaming of. The villas are situated sort of close together--and depending on which building you are in, the neighboring buildings can easily partially block your view of the ocean.

Back in my vacation planning phase, I envisioned some hanky panky on an open superbly private patio (assuming we'd pull off the free upgrade), just like a kid dreaming of Christmas morning. But in reality I don't think it was really all that private up there (depending on your building, perhaps), so its unlikely that I'd ever have managed to get my lovely wife to fulfill my dream ;-)

My brother in law had a larger room in the main house, but I can't remember what it was. It had a nice patio overlooking the pool. But the room wasn't as nice, at least I don't recall it being as nice, as anything over in the beachfront villas.

In all honesty, we never ended up in our rooms, except to sleep or shower. So I can't imagine using 1/2th of the space in the one bedroom (the website said that one is 1,800 sq ft.). But I think all the one-bedrooms are located in the beachfront villas, so they would undoubtedly be nice as well. Furnishings are probably all 100% alike. Lots of blues and lots of yellows!

Good times. You'll love it.