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Los Angeles...
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My adults kids want to take me camping at Stoneycreek campground.

I was excited until I read the guidebook that warns of ticks and lyme disease! Are ticks a valid concern? I am freaked out and seriously considering backing out of this trip.

Thousand Oaks...
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1. Re: ticks

Don't worry....It's just a general warning!!

Just be very aware of any areas of exposed skin, especially your legs and arms, if you go exploring or hiking. The ticks like to wait for a nice warm blooded meal on things like grasses or ground cover.

If you see a tick just flick it off before it starts it's lunchtime.

Go camping. You'll have fun

Dr. Z

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2. Re: ticks

Well, Diane -

The previous poster says not to worry! Oohh . . .

We all have our opinions. And here is mine.

Personally, I'm not keen on ticks . . . I just found a tick on me . . . apparently, brought to me by one of my kitties (time for another Frontline application).

They must be especially bad this year. This makes the 6th or 7th one in about 6 weeks time.

Me? I don't "flick" ticks . . . because what's to prevent them from finding me again? And they can't be smashed -- their little bodies are really hard. If camping, and I found one, I would put it in a zip lock bag and zip it SECURELY. (At home, they get flushed down the toilet)

Trouble is -- it's hard to see a tick on you when your eyes are closed because you are asleep.

Lyme Disease is not fun. I have a friend who contacted Lyme about 10 months ago -- she thinks it was from a mosquito. Yes, she is undergoing treatment -- has been since she contacted Lyme. In another TWO YEARS, she thinks she will be back to living a normal life. In the meantime, the effects of the disease can turn a person's life upside down. It has basically ruined her life -- until she is fully recovered. (She can't go anywhere because she is so exhausted, not even to take a weekend getaway. Nor to even run simple household errands, etc. It's putting quite a strain on other family members.)

My advice? Talk to your pharmacist about any products you can apply to your skin and that you can rub into your hair that could repel ticks. On one trip to Yosemite Valley, I caught two ticks walking around in my hair as I was sitting on a blanket near the Merced River. Thankfully, I was awake and so therefore I felt something crawling. (Maybe I am a tick magnet)

Los Angeles...
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3. Re: ticks

Thank you, Dr. Z, for your reply.

Los Angeles...
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4. Re: ticks

Thank you, Nota, for the reply. The more I research ticks and their diseases the more I think I will stay in the city!

Washington State
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for Yosemite National Park
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5. Re: ticks

Wow Notafan ~ I guess I'm glad I'm only a mosquito-magnet and not a tick-magnet. I've never seen a tick in Yosemite, but I know they exist throughout the Sierra.

Diane M ~ I hope you have a fabulous trip. The campground sounds great. tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g143050-d1171005

Fortaleza, CE
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6. Re: ticks

I think there's a difference between "don't worry" and "don't cancel the trip." Ticks, not all of which carry Lyme Disease, are found throughout the country. Some areas are worse than others, but the advice on wearing long pants, using repellent and checking regularly for ticks (and knowing the symptoms of lyme disease so you can see a doctor if necessry) are good ideas. Tick infestations can occur in specific areas, but I doubt a guidebook is up to date enough to know about a current one (I could be wrong, at least if it's a common occurrence there). If you're worriked, contact the rangers http://www.nps.gov/seki/index.htm I've gotten a tick in the Shenandoah Park area, my wife got one in Zambia and our dogs have gotten them along the

beach where we live.

You can find info on Lyme Disease at http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/ and you can see an informational film at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108339/

Edited: 2:50 pm, June 20, 2012
Lassen National...
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7. Re: ticks

I agree with Sutter. I live in the northern Sierra (there are no fleas here!) and have never seen a tick even though I'm bush wacking daily.

Wear long pants! This is also great for sun protection! Don't bushwack if you are very worried. In the Sierra the trails are usually open--nicely spaced bushes, lots of boulders, nicely spaced trees, unlike in the grassy & bushy valley.

You're odds of getting Lyme are probably greater in a grassy area, such as the entire CA valley with few exceptions, than in the mountains--above snow line that remains all winter.

Edited: 3:34 pm, June 20, 2012
Santa Cruz...
Destination Expert
for Santa Cruz
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8. Re: ticks


For heaven's sake DO NOT cancel your trip.

Listen to Dr. Z.

There is one chance in a million, or more, that a tick will land on you, and if it does, you have time to find it after your hike and get it off.

I lived in the Rocky Mountains as a child, and we always had ticks after a hike. Yes, we flicked them off, unless they had a chance to start burrowing into our skin. Then, mommy and daddy knew how to get them out.

I have lived in California for more years than I want to tell you. I have camped, hiked, climbed and never had a tick. You just need to check your body after you finish your hike.

Don't listen to the naysayers.

Lassen National...
posts: 2,628
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9. Re: ticks

And as someone mentioned you can get Lyme from mosquitos. I looked that up &it seems to be true. Lyme is scary & under reported but it shouldn't stop you from living life & getting outside. If you wear lightweight hiking pants your odds of getting bitten are very, very low and every bite does not result in Lyme!

Fortaleza, CE
posts: 7,013
reviews: 348
10. Re: ticks

Ticks are the main vectors of Lyme. I don't know that any study has shown the actual transmission of Lyme by mosquito even if technically possible. Mosquitoes carry a lot of other disease, of course.