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info wanted re car insurance

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Bakau, Gambia
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info wanted re car insurance

Can anyone put me in the picture regarding what i need to drive in Gambia,I am either going to buy a vehicle over there or bring one wiyh me,i'm lookin at something like a 110 landrover,i'v been looking at some EX MOD LH drive ones over here at the right price,

So what will i need to get ,Insurance etc etc,will i need to get a tin no to get insurance ? Resident card ?,

Any help please,

I'v asked my lot over there ,and little ADU (ADAMA) is trying to sell me a Bloo---y Donkey,She say's its a one owner-low milage ,its got no MOT,(but she don't know wat dat iz)i told her it needs one,

But the biggest thing is,it only understands Wollof,and i only know a few words and stop is not one of them,So its a NoNo to the donky,

The only good thing is i'l never get lost as it will always bring me home,she says,

So i would appreciate any help.

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South Yorkshire...
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1. Re: info wanted re car insurance

You can drive for up to 3 months using your UK driving licence then you need to get a Gambian one which is renewed annually as is car tax etc. All done in January so don't get your car on the road until January at least. ie if you put it on the road in November you pay for a full year and have to renew in January. The police checks do not usually start until late February due to the long queues to get the documents. Insurance is required for the car (not the driver) although the policy will be in your name. It is yearly renewed 12 months after the date of the policy.

As far as I am aware you can apply for a Gambian licence without having to take a test but due to the lack of traffic lights and roundabouts the test is easy.

P.S. One of the discs you display on your vehicle believe it or not is the equivalent of an MOT without them seeing the vehicle which you can judge from the state of some on the road.

Bijilo, Gambia
posts: 411
2. Re: info wanted re car insurance

Are you bringing the car into The Gambia permanently? If so you will have to pay customs duty on the car and register it. They law is that your supposed to pay 35% of the value of the vehicle, however as is common in TG this is not always the case. A 4 wheel vehicle will cost you about 30 to 40.000GMD £600 to £800 at least. You will have to do all this before you can buy insurance or tax the vehicle. You will need a Tin number to pay the customs duty.

If you are only bringing the vehicle temporarily, you will have to go through some serious haggling for the officials to allow you a few months without any money crossing palms!!

Bakau, Gambia
posts: 3,327
3. Re: info wanted re car insurance

Cheers Peedy,were do you insure the car,i mean is it like back in the UK, lots of insur'companys ,or is it a Goverment run thing,i have to ask these daft questions coz i really have not got a clue on this,

Bijilo, Gambia
posts: 411
4. Re: info wanted re car insurance


yes there are loads of Insurance companies/offices.

South Yorkshire...
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5. Re: info wanted re car insurance

Hi Jeff, Don't know where you are looking for your vehicles in the UK but try www.mod-sales.com based in Lincolnshire. They get all ex military equipment and then distribute to other businesses throughout the UK. They also get surplus (old) stock direct from Land Rover. My mate has bought two new Range Rover Discos (on separate occasions) and had them sent over in a container (£2,000 each) so he can fill them up with all sorts of things. He also sent over a Ford Explorer on RORO (£700) and even had a quad in the back but on RORO you have to give them your keys so he lost a a few smaller items.

Chelmsford, United...
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6. Re: info wanted re car insurance

Be careful you do not end up buying what is classified as a commercial vehicle. A foreigner will not get a commercial vehicle drivig licence and so will need to get a letter from the director general of police (as indeed you need for tinted windows. Also the tax for a comercial veh -is a LOT higher than for a car. I had a pickup which was classed as a commecial veh - total PIA!!!

Nottingham, United...
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7. Re: info wanted re car insurance


The official way to tax your car is

First of all you must go to the income tax office and pay D100 to pay for the MOT you then take this receipt to a Police Station which does Mot's they 'should' check the vehicle and then give you another receipt and a cardboard disc, you then take these documents back to the tax office pay the Income Tax get another receipt and get your second disc. At all times at the Tax Office you must have a TIN Number. depending on when you go for this can take minutes or days, this year took us 10mins for the MOT and 15 mins for the TAX. If you are based in Bijilo then you should be able to use the Tax Office at Brushubi. This year we had to replace our TIN number and it was applied for and printed off immediately, however because of our location we can use either Brikama or Brushubi Tax Office as it depends where you live to which Tax Office you can apply. The year before last you were supposed to get interviewed by the Tax Office, which was a bit if a pain, but not to traumatic. The cost of Tax for a normal or tourist (not tourist vehicle) is dependant on the weight of your vehicle they reduced it to 2.4t, basically if you have a 4x4 then the cost this year was D3000, also this year you had to produce and leave with them a copy if your insurance. There are different ways to do this process, some insurance companies will now do this whole process for you at a fixed fee. However we have always decided to do this for ourselves as this way you will always know the correct procedure and if it takes a few days - well what else have you have to do.

If you are based in Bijilo then you can use Brusubi Police for your MOT.

My understanding on Driving Licence is that you can drive on a UK Licence for 3 months, then you must have a Gambian one, which officially you cannot obtain without getting your residence permit first. To apply for your first one all you need is a copy of your UK Licence and the fee. The following year it does get easier as all you need is a copy of last years licence and again your fee, however again it depends which official you get when applying for your Licence as to whether you need to produce your residence permit. Think the fee for this is still D500

To legally drive you need 2 triangles a jack and fire extinguisher, make sure you get one without an expiry date on it.

As previously said the info for commercial vehicles etc. This whole process sound bad, but really it's 100% better than it used to be also think about when you want to tax it again as previously said and only factory fitted tinted glass is allowed and must get a permit from the Police Station

Hope this is as clear mud because reading it back it seems to me.

Chorley, United...
posts: 151
8. Re: info wanted re car insurance


Having read all that, I'd take up the offer of a donkey!!!!!


North Pole, Alaska
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9. Re: info wanted re car insurance

Hi Lynn

I missed that one!!

So how much does a donkey cost and does it come with a cart as that would be very useful I think!!


Edited: 5:38 pm, March 03, 2013
South Yorkshire...
posts: 3,661
reviews: 16
10. Re: info wanted re car insurance

The rules about commercial vehicles is very confusing. I know a couple of non Gambians who drive pickups which I am told are registered as commercial for private use so you can drive it but pay the higher road tax. This has not been confitmed yet. You musn't carry any goods other than your own. Someone I know has to have his Gambian driver for his open topped land rover as he takes house guests on fishing trips and is deemed commercial.

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