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My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

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My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

Just back from our week in Agios Gordios and having looked forward to this holiday for so long, scouring the Tripadvisor website and absorbing every word written as part of the build up, I thought I'd write a detailed report in case like me, there are people out there who are fortunate enough to be able to skive whilst at work, and will enjoy reading my experience in the hope it may give you some useful tips etc. it's going to be a long one as I cover every aspect of the holiday, but that's what the scroll button is for! Mind you, it's not for the faint hearted in parts!

The outbound flight. We flew from Manchester with Easyjet and paid for Speedy Boarding and extra legroom seats. Worth every penny as it's not just pre-boarding the plane that comes with this, you get to jump the queue at the bag drop as there's a speedy lane just for Speedy Boarders. Then, you get to use the Fast Track lane to get to security, again bypassing a lengthy queue that had built up. Now by the time we got to this point, all of the young children who had been awakened from their peaceful slumber, joined together in their cries and agonised screams to voice their disapproval, as at this point they are removed from their pushchairs etc and the creshendo of noise reached fever pitch, I would have found it less painful had the security man reached down for a Black & Decker and started drilling into my skull! It's not that I don't like kids, it's just that i'm not used to them, we lead a quiet life and I'm simply not used to such noise. The security experience was not assisted by me stupidly forgetting to remove a bottle of water from my bag, as I watched my bag be shoved across to the reject 'search' lane. Anyway, disaster averted and screaming kids left behind, we made our way into the terminal. There are some really nice shops at Terminal 1 and I treated myself to a few items, it's amazing how the excitement of going on holiday loosens the purse strings! As a Speedy Boarder we were pre-boarded, much to the disgust of the passengers who hadn't paid for this benefit, it amused me to see the look of distain on a few faces, as we queued in the 'special' lane to get us onboard before them - get over it folks, we've paid for the right to look smug and get on the plane before you! I'd booked my husband and I aisle seats and he was sat next to a very nice couple. i'm always a bit wary of sitting next to strangers as I couldn't cope with incessant wittering during my flight, so I tend to keep myself to myself. I was quite impressed with how smart the interior of the cabin was, I was expecting a budget airline to be all old and tatty, but it was quite the opposite. Nice flight crew, plenty of camp cabin crew which I much prefer to a haggard old witch (I am ex-cabin crew myself, so I tend to watch them with a critical eye). I gazed across at my husband and he's happily chatting away to his travel companions, whilst mine had started piling into the booze, ordering spirits and wine, well it was 7am after all, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. The early morning consumption of alcohol resulted in a few burps and a few yawns, none of which, to my major irritation, were accompanied by a hand over the mouth, but this is me being uptight and easily irritated! You see, I really am Victor Meldrew in a frock. Great flight, nice and short, we usually fly to Cyprus which is 5 hours, and it feels long, whereas the 3 hours flew by and I was delighted with how quickly it went. Making our descent into Corfu I couldn't see out of the window as the burpie chap next to me had twisted his torso to secure his own view, his shoulders completely obscuring mine - yet another of my major irritations - if you just stay upright in your seat and turn your head, the person next to you can ALSO enjoy the view out of the window, but I did manage to catch the amazing aqua colours of the sea and the lush green mountain ranges as I felt my excitement surge. Now the bit I had been waiting for, the moment when you arrive at the plane door, finally after everyone has stopped faffing with the overhead locker and having finally got their act together and reached the door - the hit of warm air greets you. Oh I love that moment. I stood there tilting my head back to absorb the sun the and warmth, and felt like a pit pony that had been released from the dark mine - basking in the warmth, until I felt the pressure from behind from my fellow passengers also eager to see some sun. A taxi had been arranged for us and we were quickly through and I was delighted to see our driver with a sign bearing my name and we were quickly on our way. Now I should mention here that 26 years ago, I was a Holiday Rep in Agios Gordios working for Intasun. This was the first time I was returning since then and I was beyond excited. I wanted to share with my husband this beautiful place that I remember people used to return to year after year. I wasn't a very good Rep, unless you were buying an excursion from me which would earn me commission, I was pretty disinterested. Intasun were all about money and less about customer care and I unreservedly apologise to all of my customers in the summer of 1988!! I remember how much I hated being dragged from the village of Agios Gordios into Corfu town for meetings, or airport duty, and when my taxi used to make its way back down the mountain and that view came into sight, the view of the beach, my heart used to sing as I was heading back to my tranquil location. As our taxi made its way up the mountain I couldn't WAIT for this view to come and when it did, I felt the usual surge of excitement that I was coming back, albeit some 26 years later.

Our Accommodation

We had booked Jenny's Apartments which is situated along a track opposite Sebastians Taverna and we had read lots of great comments about Labros, the owner. Oh he was such a character, greeting us with a beer as he completed his check-in formalities. I was dying to get to the apartment, we just wanted to get out of our travel clothes, change into something more suitable to being on holiday, and get some lunch. So that's what we did, before long we were walking down the main street of the village, and headed towards the beach. Having read the reviews on this website, I had decided that Thalassa would be our lunch destination (my husband is happy to let me choose, but during the week we took it in turns to decide where we would eat). We arrived at the pretty beach and just took it in for a moment, the blue sky, the lovely blue sea and people enjoying beach life. I took a deep breath and just took it all in, bliss.

The dining experience

Now I read every review of the Agios Gordios restaurants and it really did contribute to my holiday excitement, as I imagined us there and so we arrived at Thalassa, further along the boardwalk than I'd anticipated, and it's just before Sea Breeze. We were the first diners to arrive so we took prime position in the corner on the front row of tables, with a stunning view of the beach. As I sat in my chair and gazed out at that view, I felt all of the irritations of daily life that leave me with a permanent scowl, completely disappear. There is such aggression on our roads with people driving up my backside (guaranteed to bring on a hissy fit of monumental proportions) there is little courtesy out there, where I work on a male dominated industrial plant, people stomp past me every day too ignorant to even extend a courtesy, and it takes it's toll. But it all slipped away as I gazed at that view, so pleased to have brought my husband to share it with me. We got chatting to the lovely waiter and he explained about the two different types of Meze lunch they offer, one is with various dips that comes with deliscious morsels to dip into them together with a Greek salad and some wine, or the other option is pizza, salad and the wine, at 15 Euros. We opted for the first one with the dips and our eyes lit up when this large platter was placed before us, we hadn't eaten anything since the previous evening. It was truly delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed it, washed down with a jug of rose wine (I love it when wine is served in those terracotta jugs, another sign you're in the Med!). On the evening we were still a bit full from lunch, so we found ourselves once again on the boardwalk, the pull of the lovely beach luring us back, and settled upon Dandidos for dinner. It was very windy on the evening so a lot of the restaurants had plastic covering up, which I hate but I suppose it's a better option than eating sand. Our meal was perfectly enjoyable, however there was no real warmth of service, with the waiter just plonking your food down and walking off and the older chap that works there has really bad BO. I have a sensitive snout and could smell him from a distance, and when he leaned over our table to put a candle down, I swear I felt the lining of my nostrils expand to block out the offending odour, eeew dude, get a shower. The second day we decided to return to Thalassa and partook in the pizza meze, again delicious. We had decided for the rest of the afternoon to utilise the sunbeds in front of Thalassa and made our way down the steps with the feeling of contentment that comes with a full tummy and a glass of wine. Now I am a little self-conscious and I was aware that as when anyone new arrives on your patch of beach, people tend to have a little nosey, check them out, I do it myself. I'd clocked a chap having a nosey at me, and believing that I was the picture of serenity, proceeded to place my towel on a sunbed. Unfortunately at that precise moment, some hideous green insect sunk it's pincers into the underside of my left bingo wing which was so painful and unexpected that I screamed and violently thrashed my arm out to the left of me, had there been anyone standing there I would have knocked them clean out. My picture of serenity ended right there, but I settled down on my chosen sunbed, with my husband wondering why his wife was screaming and having a violent spasm. I was interested to see a lady a few sunbeds away having a massage. Now I love a massage, being of a nervous disposition, I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, and decided I would treat myself. A succession of Chinese ladies walk up and down the beach clutching a laminated price list of the various massages that they offer and eagerly scour the beach dwellers for their next customer. If you're not interested, just shake your head and they will walk on by, however if you make eye contact with them, they will come up to you and give you the hard sell. One of them tugged at by husband's toes, which he didn't like! But anyway, I was up for one and the next lady that came along clocked that I was showing an interest and settled to the side of my sunbed waving her price list. They're not cheap and of course the idea is (I now realise) that these ladies are open to bartering. I thought I was driving such a hard bargain as I pointed to the two areas I wanted her to treat and then pointed at 30 euros on her list, it's no wonder she smiled, I wonder what's Chinese for Sucker? Off she started, slathering my shoulders in oil, god she was strong, surprisingly strong, as her skilled fingers zoomed straight into my knotted shoulders, oh it was bliss. I yowled quietly as she pummeled my knots into submission and when she massaged the back of my neck with vigour, my boobs shook violently but I didn't care, I was loving it! Upon completion of the shoulders she moved down to my feet. I assumed she was just going to rub my feet with oil and watched her as she looked around the beach for her next customer. But then she started to study the soles of my feet as if she was reading them, and dug her thumb nails repeatedly into the underneath of my big toe, an unusuan but not unpleasant sensation and I realised she was actually doing reflexology, where it is believed that major organs can be accessed/treated via the sole of the foot. I believe in Chinese medicine, accupuncture etc (I am vehemently opposed to the use of animal parts in Chinese medicine, as the demand for animal parts to sustain this will surely end certain species, but this isn't the right platform for me to get on my high horse over that particular issue). She spent a decent amount of time on my feet and it was a very pleasant experience. Upon handing over 30 Euros she departed with a huge smile, but I was satisfied. A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours were spent reading and observing beach life, I had given up trying to have a conversation with my husband, who had his kindle superglued to his hands, but that's what holiday's are all about, giving each the time and space to do what you want. About 4pm we decided to head back to the apartment and gathered our belongings and started to walk along the boardwalk. Once we were on the main street I noticed a sharp pain in my tummy, as if I needed 'to go'. This surprised me, as I had already partaken in my morning constitution and I wondered if something I'd eaten had disagreed with me but surely that would have affected hubby too, and he was fine. I started to walk a little quicker as I started to feel the pressure build and casually mentioned to my husband that we should perhaps pick the pace up a little bit. After a few steps the pressure increased and I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead at the prospect of following through in the middle of Agios Gordios high street. I didn't want to use a Taverna, no I needed the privacy of my own facilities for this building eruption. The urgency increased with each step and by this time I barked at my husband "move it" with the sharpness of a sargeant major, the entrance to our accommodation was looming. At this point I took off past my husband with a speed that would make Mo Farah look sluggish. By the time I'd arrived at the steep flight of steps to our accomoddation I had developed Tourette Syndrome, with each squit inducing step being accompanied by an expletive. I don't even remember opening the door, perhaps I burst though it Joey from Friendy style, my butt needed the porcelain like an addict needed its next fix - I JUST made it in time.......oh my god the blessed relief. As I sat there, thanking GOD I had made it in time - I mean we're talking Krakatoa here, it dawned on me - I bet this was the result of the reflexology. I bet whatever she had been tinkering with on my sole, had stimulated or unblocked or done something to my digestive system. I exited the bathroom with the feeling of total and utter wellbeing that comes with shedding mass toxins from the body. By the time I sat down on the balcony, I could hear the music from the Castella cigar advert playing in my head, total and utter blissful relief, a total purging that left me feeling, well amazing really. So be wary if you partake in a foot massage, these ladies know what they are doing - make sure there are adequate facilities nearby!

Now for dinner that evening, I was really excited to be going to Sebastians, as I had read so many amazing reviews about his taverna, and also, I remembered him when he was a young teenager back in the day when I was a Rep. It made such a nice change to be able to get glammed up, my work uniform is a baggy T shirt with the company logo, trainers due to the massive hike across the plant, and makeup would just look out of place. Now I enjoy glamour, painting my nails, doing my hair, putting some makeup on and although I say it myself, I still scrub up well!! As we walked up the ramp to Sebastians Taverna I saw him over the other side looking at us as we entered, and I said to my husband "I recognise him" and he can either lip read or he heard me, but he said "you look familiar" and I said "it's me, Marina" to which he shrieked in delight and then proceeded to tell me in front of my husband that he used to drool over me when I was "the sexy rep in the village". Now compliments these days are a stranger to me and upon hearing this my excitement level reached such a peak, I had to stop myself from latching onto Sebastian and licking his face like Dino welcoming the Flinstones home (I think Sebastian's mother would probably have thwacked me with a fying pan had she seen someone assult her son in such an undignified manner!). Oh my god, someone found me attractive, albeit 26 years ago!!! My husband was highly amused by all of this. We sat down and Sebastian came over to chat, but Sebastian chats to ALL of his customers, and this is where he and his restaurant are leaps ahead of others we experienced during the week, diners like people to show an interest in them, and with Sebastians it's genuine interest. We enjoyed a superb meal, my smile muscles that had been lying dormant in a cave for years, were working overtime as we reminisced about life 26 years ago, when I was young and glamorous and it felt good. A wonderful evening and I cannot recommend Sebastians highly enough (and not cos' he used to fancy me!). By the third day my husband and I had decided that the large lunches were spoling our dinners, which is the highlight of our day, so we eased off the lunchtime eating. The next day we headed to Black Rocks Cafe, a place I had read so much about and was intrigued to see it for myself. This is situated to the right hand side of the boardwalk and sturdy footwear is needed to tackle the large pebbles on the beach as you approach it, but it is worth the effort, it isn't far. We arrived there about 11am and we had the place to ourselves, a really pleasant seating area with lovely views back along the bay, and Spiros, the young man who's family run the place is so friendly and welcoming. We soon sat back with a couple of nice drinks and I set off to explore these coves I'd read about. Sure enough down a sandy path you come to a delightful little cove with a few sunbeds, only small, but lovely. Over the next few days we came here a few times and I absolutely loved the place. One tip though, if you're having a club sandwich, the portion is mahoosive and one order is plenty for two people. It's a pretty basic lunchtime menu compared to the tavernas, but the setting and being able to use the cove make it well worth a visit. There is another cove but you need to clamber over some big rocks to get there, and as I am clumsy decided against it. I merely stood on a rock and my legs turned into bambi on the ice, and I had visions of falling and gashing my head, so left well alone. Well worth a visit. Spiros does a wonderful pina colada (he has a secret ingredient) and having been fortunate to drink pina coladas in the Caribbean and onboard various cruise ships, Spiros was the best. We noticed as we walked towards Black Rocks, a bar called Alo Bar that advertised delicious looking stuffed pittas, so the next day we settled on their sunbeds and much preferred this area as it was more spacious than the Thalassa area. By this time the endless procession of massage ladies was becoming somewhat irritating, or was it that merely seeing one made my sphincter contract for fear I would partake again? Alo Bar pittas are absolutely lovely, not too overpowering and won't spoil your dinner, we loved it there. Having saved ourselves for dinner, we headed up to Steven on the Hill, a place where our relatives stay every year without fail. I have a vague memory of attending 26 years ago, but it's all a bit fuzzy. Walking up the hill I kept telling my husband I wanted to stop to admire the view, but the truth was my lungs were about to explode and I needed to catch my breath, I didn't want to arrive at the restaurant panting like a labrador that had run for a stick. Wow. I didn't remember it being THAT pretty. The entrance is covered in beautiful shrubery and colourful flowers and a warn welcome was extended by George (Yorgos in Greek) and we took our table. As we hadn't made a reservation we couldn't be seated on the beautiful terrace, but the views from wherever you are sat are lovely. They have a huge beautiful swimming pool with quality wooden sunbeds and decent parasols, they'd obviously invested a lot in the place since 'my day' and we had a lovely meal. Really friendly waiter, there's a lovely English lady that works there too called Claire, she made me smile, edpecially when a guy on a local terrace decided to flash her the full monty! I had to stop myself from leaping out of my seat to see for myself, after all I was having a romantic dinner with my lovely husband, it wasn't appropriate! We loved Stevens on the Hill so much we went 3 times, and saved it for our last evening. The veiws, food and ambiance were just lovely.

One night we ate at Theodoros, the original restaurant on the beach, situated the other side of Sea Breeze. We had a perfectly pleasant meal, stunning sunset view, but again the service although perfectly polite, was lacking in the warmth we had enjoyed at Sebastians and Steven on the Hill. We were due to join the BBQ evening at Black Rocks on the Thursday, but when we turned up in the afternoon our magical place had been overtaken with loud, lairy tourists, all perfectly entitled to be loud and lairy, but worse for me, everyone, absolutely everyone was smoking. I abhor cigarettes, nothing makes me pull my lemon sucking face more than someone lighting up near me, poisoning my air with toxins - I hate it. It didn't feel right, even my husband, who's so much easier going than me (let's face it, most people are) looked unhappy. I removed myself to the cove in anticipation of a better environment, but a group of young German holiday makers had taken situ and made it their own for the day. Not to be put off, I spotted a sunbed at the far end in the shade and clambered onto it. I enjoyed some peace before a couple of the young ladies ran into the sea. I watched them enjoying the waves and thought to myself, we can all enjoy the cove, when upon their exit from the water, one of the young men was making an obscene gesture under his towel, as though he was enjoying the view a little too much. Enough. We left. Our romance with Black Rock ended that night, nothing whatsoever to do with the venue and everything to do with the patrons, or rather my inability to be around them. We went to Thalassa for dinner and had a really wonderful evening. We sat a few rows back and enjoyed the fabulous sunset without the breeze, and the food was wonderful. That night we drank white wine instead of the usual rose, and it was absolutely lovely. So lovely that we had a second jug (we're talking the litre jugs here, not the small lunchtime ones!). After dinner we weaved our way unsteadily through the village, headed towards our favourite supermarket Gee-Bees, to say goodnight to George. I befriended Angela and George 26 years ago, Angela is from Liverpool and is married to George who is Greek. They are the most lovely people you could ever wish to meet and they genuinely want to help people. Their supermarket is stocked with everything you could need, plus a stock of local goodies, which we love. Back when I was a Rep I was very friendly with them, popping in to see Angela every day and George taught me how to ride my moped, which terrified me. Seeing them both after all this time was quite emotional for me and I loved introducing them to my husband. On this particular evening, the evening of the second jug, our conversation must have been particularly challenging for George as I observed that my husband was slurring. At some point, the mother of Spiros from Black Rocks came in to buy something, and I don't know what on earth George said, but in her eagerness to join in our merry mood, she clamped her fingers into my shoulder and launched me towards George for a kiss on each cheek, whilst she latched onto my husband, it was bizarre. I wouldn't mess with her though, she is super strong! Gee Bees are situated right at the bus stop, you can buy bus tickets there and they are more than happy to answer any queries you have about the resort or the island, they are lovely, lovely people. Check out the Gee-Bees Facebook page for a picture of Angela & me taken 26 years ago! Several times they saved my bacon all those years ago by transporting my guests that had been stranded at the bus stop back up the hill in the back of their truck, like cattle, because I had failed to meet them during the night (god I was awful). Our holiday was drawing to a close, we were missing our little dog, and all too soon it was time to say goodbye to George & Angela.

The return flight

Oh..my....god. Corfu Airport. Bearing in mind this is still fairly early in the season, I was surprised upon arrival at Departures when the automatic doors opened, to be greeted by a wall of bodies queuing up. Corfu Airport must be organised by the Pilsbury Doughman, because the set up is ludicrous. First of all you have to queue to get a tag on your luggage. So we spotted the Easyjet Speedy Boarding desk and was surprised to see a line the length of a football pitch. "Is this for Speedy Boarding" my husband politely asked someone "we're AWL speedy boawding mate" some Cockney git replied with attitude, basically telling us it was a total free for all, and not even bothering to hide his total distain that we were Speedy Boarding passengers wanting to partake in the benefit we had paid for! So we found the end of the line (somewhere around Athens I think) and waited. I could feel myself bristling at Cockney git's response, sometimes the travelling public are really not pleasant. We're all hot, tired and irritated, but the bad behaviours that come out when travelling annoy me SO much (but not as much as cigarettes). We were appalled to discover that once you've queued to get a tag on your luggage, you have to take your luggage and queue again to get it put through the scanner, absolutely totally and utterly ridiculous. I intend to track down the Pilsbury Doughman and tell him what I think of his airport arrangements, considering tourism must bring millios of Euros onto the island, they need to invest in the airport and make it more passenger friendly. So having queued this second time to get your bags put through the scanner, you now get the pleasure of queuing AGAIN to go through security, which was the wall of bodies we bumped into upon arrival. No real system, just a mass of irritated bodies trying to push their way forward. I felt my toes curl in my shoes. My smile muscles had packed up and gone back into their cave and the lemon was wedged firmly back in. This is the worst part, the journey home. As the line shoved forward I could feel my irritation levels rising (I wish I could just go with the flow, but for some reason I was feeling really uptight) and people were annoying me (just breathing in and out it would seem). In front of me was a couple, an older lady, attractive, elegant, nice blonde hair in an updo, with her toyboy. A good looking younger lad, all tattoos, baseball cap on back to front, you know the type, kept turning to her and curling back his top lip, leant into her and started nuzzling her neck, accompanied by a childish growl. He did this a couple of times and as I felt my toes curl even tighter in my shoes, wondered how he felt this an appropriate location to start performing such a display, and judging by her response, she really wasn't feeling it either - know your location and read your partner's body language dude. I started to fantasise about sinking my teeth into his juglar, to see how he'd like it...accompanied with a gggrrrrrrr. Stop being unreasonable I told myself, be nice. We were getting closer to the front now, the bit where you have to start putting your stuff into the plastic bins, by this point I was well and truly hacked off with my Corfu departure experience and it showed on my face, which could stop a Policeman's horse dead in its tracks at this point. I'm just about to step through the security screener when the guy in front of me, having touched the sides and set the alarm off, was intrsucted to step back and do it again. This meant I bumped into him, as he suddenly appeared in my space. Feet like Rumplestintskin now. Finally he manages to step through without setting off the alarms and it's my turn. A guy from the right tried to carve me up and my head turned to greet him looking like the Exorcist, he stepped back quickly. As I was about to step through the security lady on the other side held her hand up to stop me, well it was all I could do not to run towards her and headbut her. WHY why are you stopping me at this agonizing point? I had visions of me in a Corfu jail and got a grip although I think I'd started to froth at the mouth by now. At last we were through and managed to find a seat in the busy departure lounge. I turned to my husband and said "what on earth must this be like in August?" I put my iPod on and listened to some soothing music to aid my shattered nerves and started to calm down a bit, after all, we were on our way home to collect our adored dog, we'd had a lovely time, chill and get a grip. It wasn't long before we were summoned to the gate and I was relieved to see.....yes a Speedy Boarding lane to stand in. I felt the daggers in my back as the passengers in the other line looked as us with the look I had come to recognise, as though we felt we were a cut above, something special - well guess what, we WERE! Well not really, but we had paid money for this flaming perk and I damn well wanted it! So we Speedy Boarders were released and like a bunch of greyhounds being released from their traps, we all bolted to the end of the lane outside to await our bus. We sat on the bus for 10 minutes and you can just Imagine the look on my face when the rest of the passengers were released to join us, and we were all driven to the aircraft TOGETHER. Hah I hear you cry, serves you right, Speedy Boarding my @rse!!! "Can you smell lemons" said the lady next to me? We settled in our seats onboard the aircraft and just as my toes were straightening out, the lady in the seat in front of me started to thrash around like a Dolphin caught in a net. Her young daughter was using her seat as a trampoline and squealing with joy as she pushed the steward call button. My toes tightened again. It's going to be one of those flights I thought, but I was still relieved to be in my seat. As we climbed up into the clouds I looked down at the stunning colours of Corfu below me, oh that amaing coloured water, I felt sad. I don't usually feel sad when leaving somewhere as i'm usually desperate to get home. Settling into the flight and trying to read my kindle, I felt something land on my foot. I Looked down in case it was something important I needed to retrieve and hand to the lady in front of me, and saw it was rubbish from a lollipop. Thought no more of it. I was struggling to concentrate, there was a little baby screaming away at the front of the plane, as the pressure changes in the cabin, the only way a baby can relieve this is to scream blue murder, after all they can hardly suck on a sweet can they. The young girl in front of my husband stood on her seat and pressed the call buttons again, squealing her delight at this game. After the duty free trolly had passed again, I felt something else land on my foot. I looked down and it was a black plastic cover from something she had purchased, bless this lady, she obviously felt more comfortable pitching her garbage on the floor, rather than stowing it in the seatpocket and then handing it to the cabin crew as they regularly come round with the rubbish bag. Pig. Eventually we made our descent into Manchester and as I looked out of the window I could have seriously cried, as there was nothing but grey. It was raining and cloudy and a mass of grey. I thought about the colours I'd left behind and tried not to lose the plot completely when something else landed on my foot. We had landed, we were almost home.

It was a wonderful week and I know I've gone on and on here, because it's all fresh in my mind and I saw the place through fresh eyes. I'm back at work now and yesterday I felt like I was being led back down the mine shaft, with my blinkers back on, colour warmth & joy now removed from my life for the next few months. Over & out.

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21. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

Hi Collette, thanks for your comment - oh what a nightmare having to unpack your hand luggage and then try and re-pack it, when it's bound to have doubled in size once it's escaped its confines! At Manchester going through security, I noticed a couple of people grinning at me and for a second I thought to myself "still got it Rina" but then realised in my see-through plastic bag for liquids, my tube of Anusol was showing in prime position (had I known then what the side effect of my reflexology massage would be, I'd have taken a bigger tube!)

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22. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

OMG u gas. You should write a book. It would be a best seller ! I lost my silver bracelet in Corfu airport on day of departure. Yer wan was making me walk back and forth as the yoke kept beeping and took bracelet off. Must not have closed clasp properly in all the hassle and discovered on plane it was missing. Huge sentimental value and I was devastated. Put damper on whole holiday. richie had massage on beach and it was deadly. cheap enough when u think of what it costs in Dublin !

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23. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

That was a great review, we're heading out to AG tomorrow.. We will give the restaurants a try.. Thank You..

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24. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

I think we must be related ? Your review so resonated with me I almost knew what was coming next. How fantastic your writing skills are . We are going in July for the first time in 26 years, well ,longer it was 86 the last time we were in Corfu and that time was Acharavi. This time we will be staying at Sebastian's and your review of there has really got our juices flowing. I am one of those people who scour reviews so yours was a treat. It has taken me the whole of Emmerdale to read it, but I did keep pausing to read excerpts out to my husband and it was far more entertaining.

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25. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

Hi Cavfan, so pleased you enjoyed my review, thanks to you & in fact everyone who has taken the time to reply to me, delighted as I've never done anything like this before i.e. putting so much of my unreasonable self 'out there'! You won't be disappointed with Sebastians, by all accounts his accommodation is great, I've read lots about really comfy beds which I would have given anything for on our holiday, as ours were really hard. The taverna is simply lovely, nice and cool with the vine roof, so you still get that open spacious feel without feeling enclosed, and lovely food. I'd be really interested to hear how you get in, I'm sure all of you heading out there, will have a wonderful time. Thanks again. Delighted to hear there's someone so similar to me, I thought I was holding the gold medal for the world's most easy to irritate person all by myself!!!

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26. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

A fantastic report Rina. I could see myself with a large Mythos sat in Stevens. We will be staying there for two weeks from 30th June. AG is heaven on earth. It will be our eighth time to Stevens.

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27. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

Hi Overboard, have a wonderful holiday, soon be round! All the best, Rina

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28. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

You're barking mad but thanks for the info - off to AG on the 9th July

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29. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

What a fantastic trip report,best I have ever read on TA,hilarious,informative and wonderfully true in every respect regards the airport,a nightmare of a place.Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us,and for having me curled up in knots laughing at your beach escapade.You have fabulous skills in writing how most people feel travelling in an aircraft,and on holiday.Wonderful,absolute genius,never read a review like it before,showing it to my wife right now LOL. Thanks again.

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30. Re: My fabulous week in AG - a VERY detailed report!

Hi Dumfries, you have made my day! Thank you for your lovely comments! Rina

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