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Dover Beach the Great

Chicago, Illinois
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Dover Beach the Great

If you are looking to travel to Barbados for the first. I will suggest you Christchurch with the beautiful Dover Beach.

Christchurch is close to the airport and easy to get by public transport.

You will find a very Nice swimming beach or sunbathing, no hassle. You can find a place to stay for all budget. Our second part we stayed in a private house (Hill House) on Maxwell hill, 8 min. walk to the beach, with a nice German lady who gave us a lot of freedom. You have all you need on walk: bank, ATM, super market, bars, restaurants...

Manchester, United...
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1. Re: Dover Beach the Great

Totally disagree about Dover Beach, it was full of young dealers hassling me and shouting sexual comments at my girlfriend, also had someone snatch my food trays from my hands as I was putting them in the bin. Very intimidating beach.

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2. Re: Dover Beach the Great

I have just spent four weeks in Barbados and visited Dover Beach many times. For the last eight years this has been 'our' beach and over time have got to know the regulars there, both holidaymakers and those who live on the island. We have never been hassled, in fact I feel perfectly safe there as all the locals who work there are around and about all day and I feel they look out for 'their' tourists.

Of all the lovely beaches on the island, this is probably my favourite and so convenient with all the food stalls and little bars in Dover Court, Johnny Cools, Pablo Dantes and Happy Days over the road, Southern Palms for a relaxing lunch, Oceans 14 just up the road, and the Dover Market, to pick up groceries on the way home. Not to forget the lovely Salt Ash, just over the rocks and the memorable Scotties.

It is also a good stretch of beach to walk, which I try to do several times while

there. Tiger and Kenny will provide you with chairs and remember your favourite spot.

Not in the slightest intimidating, in fact quite the opposite. I could not disagree with Xzbit more.

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Manchester, United...
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3. Re: Dover Beach the Great

I have to agree about the guys who work on the beach. They were great, especially the guy who sold the Jetski rides.

Nobody is right and wrong, these are our own personal experience's.

My girlfriends first ever trip to Barbados and first day on our first beach was not pleasant at all, being offered drugs 4 or 5 times and having comments of a sexual nature by a gang of young men, having food snatched and seeing someone arrested is not that appealing. Thank god we discovered Crane Beach the next day, paradise!

Manchester, United...
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4. Re: Dover Beach the Great

I have to agree with billydove, I walked Dover beach most mornings and never saw any hassle, yes there is a group of young lads who 'hang' around near the lifeguard station playing dominoes and sometimes pass the odd comment but it's nothing out of order just friendly banter. Guess you just were unlucky. When you say you got the food snatched from you maybe the person was someone who has hit bad times and thought if you were going to throw it away you didn't need it and he did.

Manchester, United...
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5. Re: Dover Beach the Great

Yes I agree with you about the man who snatched my food, it was just a bit of a shock, if he had asked me I would of bought him some food.

And I'm not going to repeat what was shouted at my girl but it was certainly not 'friendly banter'

Like I said we may of been unlucky. All I'm doing is posting my experience.

Leeds, UK
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6. Re: Dover Beach the Great

What a shame you didn't have such a good experience on Dover Beach. We stayed at Oceans 2 recently and walked Dover twice a day (alllegedly for excersise but really so we could call at J Cools) we didn't come accross anything untoward. On our cruise next year we're going to spend the day there as opposed to Rockley is our new fav. It sounds like you were deeply offended so I can understand why you'd want to post your experience, I think as you say you were very unlucky.

South Yorkshire
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7. Re: Dover Beach the Great

I love Dover Beach . The only time I was hassled was from a guy trying to sell me aloe , but then again I did look like a sun burned lobster . You can't beat a stroll up the beach and then a few bevvies at Johnny Cools place . I find the domino players quite entertaining especially when they kick off with each other about who's cheating .

Buzzards Bay...
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8. Re: Dover Beach the Great

I'm also a fan of Dover Beach. Even if you aren't crazy about it there are great beaches on either side of it. If someone took the Dover Beach Hotel, cleaned it up, and pimped it out, it could be potentially be one of the cutest boutique hotels on the island in my opinion. It looks like it has the bones and the location already.

Buzzards Bay...
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9. Re: Dover Beach the Great

You do get the usual vendors in that entire area but no worse than any other place. I never got hasseld there, annoyed a little, but never hassled.

Hanover, Canada
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10. Re: Dover Beach the Great

My vote too as a great beach. Discreet would be how I would describe the beach dealers, and you will be asked, but not hassled. Interestingly someone who had been lying on a beach lounger approached me last December to ask if I was a cop. This was closer to Maresol and I had just chosen a lounger when he approached me. He had been lying in a row of loungers further back from the ocean, and perhaps I did not look touristy enough and he was worried I would affect his business day. He laughed when I asked him if I really looked like a cop.

Re inappropriate comments towards women, I haven't heard any but my wife was asked if she wanted a boyfriend, one afternoon while walking alone near Scotties. She too laughed it off, but given the recent incidents, one has to have ones wits about them.

So, the beach is great, but some of the people who hang there, I can see how some might view them as being an intimidating presence.