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Tripit app

Oxford, United...
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Tripit app

Just got this for my Apple devices and it is outstanding. If you are a regular traveller or doing a complex journey this helps so much and I really recommend it.

It takes your booking confirmations, diarizes them, keeps all the info in one place and automatically updates new aspects of the journey.

I am about to go 4 countries in 6 weeks with multiple flights, hotels, hire cars etc and it has slotted the lot into one beautiful itinery.

I love it!

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: Tripit app

Is it free !

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2. Re: Tripit app

Yes it's free. There's also a paid version - about $5. Not sure what extra things it does.

It's brilliant.

You can also network with other people (colleagues, partner etc) and you can link their itineraries in too ( so mine has my itineraries and hubbies)

When he forwards his itineraries to my email address they are picked up by Tripit.

Best bit, it links to your calendar as well.

It also keeps track of your FF programs and points for you.

It will also automatically insert directions between airport of arrival and hotel destination.

You just need to be careful when making airline and hotel reservations to always use the email address linked to Tripit.

Can't imagine traveling without it now. No more folders full of printouts of reservations and bookings.

Edited: 6:11 am, March 19, 2012
London, United...
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3. Re: Tripit app

“No more folders full of printouts of reservations and bookings.”

I don’t wish to sound like a Luddite here, but the problem is whenever I arrive at the Immigration counters the first thing they ask for are print outs of your itinerary. I used to have the travel booking electronically, but now its quicker and easier to carry print outs.

Especially in countries where English is not their first language, a print out of your ticket is far easier than trying to explain with an iPhone. I expect it may take some time before Immigration catch up on this front.

I am not sure what you mean by:

“automatically updates new aspects of the journey.”

Surely if your flights change the airlines would notify you of the changes, I don’t believe it’s the case that they shift around the timings, just like that, unless it’s just a charter flight. Trains & boats are much the same except trains don’t notify of changes very well.

Aubrey, Texas
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4. Re: Tripit app

I looked at tripit but decided against it. It searches your email accounts for info. I wasn't comfortable with that.

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5. Re: Tripit app

Actually, it only searches designated accounts.

I have set up a a special gmail account which I only use for travel related matters. My Tripit account is only linked to that one email address and unlike my business and personal email accounts, this one is accessible from anywhere in the world on any computer.

Aubrey, Texas
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6. Re: Tripit app

That's a good idea, evamelb. Of course, now Google knows all about your travels, too. lol

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: Tripit app


I use it and what I do it forward all my itinerary into to plans@tripit.com and it makes it up for me.

I find this app very useful. It is much better than scrolling through endless amounts of emails on my blackberry.

Prague, Czech...
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8. Re: Tripit app

It searches your email only if you ask for it! Otherwise, you just forward your booking info email to their mailbox and its processed automatically! So its really up to you...

Gambrills, MD
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9. Re: Tripit app

The free version of Tripit does NOT let you or someone in your contact list know when a flight is cancelled. The paid version does. However, the free version of Trip Case DOES email you and your contact person if your flight is cancelled.

I verified this last summer. My connecting flight home from Frankfurt was cancelled by United. I found out when I tried to check in at the airport! Trip Case automatically emailed a cancellation notice to my husband at home, luckily. United never emailed me any notification at all. I have both apps because I like the format of Tripit better, but I really like the free notification from Trip Case too.

Syracuse, New York
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10. Re: Tripit app

Big fan of Tripit. While it doesn't replace the idea of having printed backups of itineraries, etc., it does save you from having to pull them out just to check on what time your flight is due to land, or what time your next flight leaves, or what the address/phone number of your hotel is, or what the are on your rental car is. It also keeps track of my confirmation numbers, which I like too.

The price is right (free) and I haven't set it up to scan my email - I send it the itinerary items I want (in other words I forward the email to a mailbox) and it updates my itinerary. it also deals well with shared itineraries - my travel companion shares the info with me and I have it on my phone.

Not necessarily saying that it's the best out there, but it is very handy and has saved me a bunch of hassle.

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