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Luggage that lasts?

Sydney, Australia
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Luggage that lasts?

Looking for 4 wheeled, lightweight (polycarbonate) check in luggage that will survive being thrown around as airport luggage handlers do. Comparing Rimowa, Samsonite and Eminent. All suggestions / advice greatly appreciated.

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Houston, Texas
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1. Re: Luggage that lasts?

Over the years I've gone through dozens of pieces. I found a brand called Ricardo Beverly Hills at my local Costco..


I use a hard case carry-on that has held up for the last two years of heavy use. Some of their soft case duffle type have steel cable in the handles and are attached with stainless steel plates and screws.

I put my 30 lb. computer bag on top when rolling, and the case and wheels are still going strong.

Newmarket, Canada
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2. Re: Luggage that lasts?

A 30 lb. computer bag? Exactly what kind of computer do you travel with?

Hong Kong, China
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for Hong Kong, Osaka
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3. Re: Luggage that lasts?

Rimowa is extremely expensive. A top-of-the line Samsonite is not cheap either.

I use Delsey and they are nicely constructed, on par or better than many Samsonites (and its cheap sister brand American Tourister), but usually just a bit cheaper.

Aoyama Dori and San...
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4. Re: Luggage that lasts?

We seem to go through checked luggage fairly quickly. For carry-on I use Hartmann because of the quality but it's relatively heavy compared to the new polycarbonates. For checked bags I recently bought a 30" Britto by Heys USA. Street prices is about US$350 so cheaper than Rimowa and upper class Samsonite but still not cheap. I bought the Britto because of the very loud motif, akin to Peter Max cartoons. It's easy to spot in a crowd and not many people have it. It's a bit "out there" but I'll never see 99.9% of the people around me at the airport again so I don't care.

Houston, Texas
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5. Re: Luggage that lasts?

Computer case is a bit heavy but quite compact.

2 computers

2 GPS (US & Euro)

1 month worth of medication.

1 month of e_ cigarette supplies

Power bricks, and chargers.

Beleive it or not, it fits in the smallest overheads.

Houston, Texas
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for Solo Travel
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6. Re: Luggage that lasts?

There is also a Travel Gadgets & Gear forum here, with several posts and recommendations...


There is also a travel products section on Flyertalk forums with great reviews that I often use. My wheeled carrier is only 2-wheels and is Kirkland brand from Costco (not sure if you have access). The great thing about Costco is their liberal return and exchange policy for pretty much anything.

Houston, Texas
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for Air Travel, Business Travel
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7. Re: Luggage that lasts?

No luggage, in my opinion, with four wheel configuration will be long lived. The wheels stick out and are bound to encounter stress beyond their capacity in the various luggage systems around the world. Note that airlines are not responsible for the wheels, zipper pulls or damage to other elements of a bag that may stick out or dangle.

I have had tremendous success with cheaper bags I've bought from TJMaxx. While not many of the bags at discount stores are worth even the highly reduced price, sometimes you find good quality Columbia and Nautica bags that withstand the test of time. Again... I would not buy a four wheeled checked or carry-on bag expecting it to last.

Aoyama Dori and San...
posts: 9,179
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8. Re: Luggage that lasts?

4-wheeled (at least most of them) end up costing quite a bit of space because the wheels do stick out and count as part of the height of the bag for carry-on purposes. 2-wheeled usually have very little wasted space because the wheels are almost flush or flush with the end of the bag.

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9. Re: Luggage that lasts?

Eagle Creek. They have a 'no matter what' warrantee. Lots of different styles.

London, United...
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10. Re: Luggage that lasts?

To be honest if you are looking for a reasonable four wheeled hard side case, you have to balance it between cost and strength. I am currently onto my fourth hard side case in as many years and I have alternated between Samsonite and Delsey.

I do think that at airports baggage handlers tend to thrown them around a bit and guaranteed no one is going to hold their hand up when your case is damaged.

I currently have a Samsonite hard side Vintage collection that I bought from Selfridges, four years ago, for £650 (U$ 996.00 / €782.00/ A$960.00) Its a sturdy case, but the downside is that empty it weighs 11 kilos, which is one reason they don’t make these any more.

After two years I had a problem with the lock but took it back to Selfridges and they fixed it no problem, no charge.


With a limited baggage allowance, on most flighs, its not too practical, but better suited for trains and cruises.

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