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Is Delta getting worse?

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Is Delta getting worse?

Twice in 3 weeks flights delayed for more than an hour due to mechanical problems. No more complementary upgrades for int'l flights -- even if one is a Million Miler, the other is platinum. DL would rather leave 4 empty seats in business than court good will. DL promotes Economy Comfort, which is anything but...seats are terrible, no footrest, the recline is maybe 1/2" more than regular coach. My tray table caved in in the middle; Skyclub at JFK -- no tissues in women's loo; no TP in men's; mess from prior occupants sat on table for an hour (and it was taking up over half the table; it was a BIG mess). And woe be to those professional women whose names differ from their husbands; thy record shall never be tied to his (or his platinum status). UGH!!

Seems like it is gettting to be one negative experience after another.

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1. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

Times are tough in the airline industry.

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2. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

All airlines have bad days.

Daydream Island...
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3. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

.... You're having a bad day Bed Bug. get a good night sleep and read this post tomorrow. I don't think being a million miler is a guarantee of happiness and life long contentment. Also, change your nickname. It's hard for me to have empathy for someone called bed bug.

P.S. Did you get your double mile bonus on the Budapest trip ?

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4. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

I think all the airlines are struggling to satisfy customers. I haven't had an international op-up for about 6 years (got lucky on UA once). Most airlines offer int'l upgrades with co-pays now. If they offer you a seat, then what about the others they do not? Seats are still being filled, if only 4 biz class seats were empty. My solution is lower your expectations and join the club.

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5. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

To be honest, Delta is starting to scare me. 6 Delta flights in the past two weeks, and all were delayed from one to 3 hours due to mechanical problems. My last flight on 07/14 was delayed an extra 20 minutes because the mechanic didn't document the work he did. Lazy mechanics aren't a good thing in the Airline Industry.

I'm heading for Paris next week on Delta. I just hope the plane holds together long enough to get there.

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6. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

Nothing to worry about your next flight. It happens.

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7. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

Yes! Flying to Penn last week for work....was delayed going up and coming back flight was delayed twice. Delta ended up moving me to USAir to get me home. Also, when at ticket counter the poor Delta employee was alone having to handle about 50 customers! One lady in line told me she and her daughter and two grandchildren were traveling through Atlanta and their flight was cancelled....when they were found a flight, only 2 seats were available and they were offered to the children...ages 4 and 6.

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8. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

I have flown Delta four time shtis summer. All disasterous. If there is any bump in the road folks are delayed...for days. I fortunately can switch vendors and do, but feel so bad for the vacation travelers stuck on standby hoping for a seat after theirs in canceled. The other airlines are not as bad and on days that Delta had trouble, they were still operatiing.

Daydream Island...
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9. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

You're a real sharp pencil to have figured out you didn't like Delta by the fourth flight this summer.

Your comments remind me of the guy who kept hitting himself in the face with a club and explained that he kept doing it because it felt so good when he stopped.

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New York City, New...
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10. Re: Is Delta getting worse?

I so needed that laugh.

Unfortunately I don't get to select the preferred vendors on certain routes. I am just the traveling suitcase. But at least it has wheels.