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question for business travelers

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question for business travelers

Hi there

I have a quick question for you, because I'm writing a story on business travel...with the downturn in the economy and the reduction of guest numbers, hotels are talking about cutting costs. I'm interested in what you think are inappropriate measures--for example, if you had to watch local TV instead of the slicker pay tv packages that have the latest series and movies? Or if some of the facilities were closed?

Thanks for taking a minute to answer this--I'm on deadline :)

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: question for business travelers

If hotels were to cut costs regarding TV / movie features then I would expect a reduction on my room rate. Hotels would have to sacrifice their star ratings ie..5 star means providing 5 star facilities and amenities.

Hotels if feeling the pinch in a tight economy, would do better by just reducing their room rates to seduce tourists/ travelers to their hotel. A half house is better than an empty house.

Amsterdam, The...
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2. Re: question for business travelers

I agree with Ellemay - hotels should drop their prices to attract more custom (in fact, this is already happening - I picked up a good deal in London recently and there are lots of bargains around!)

But to reply to the OP - as a business traveller, I like to have access to international news stations, such as BBC World/CNN/Sky/Al Jazzera/Euronews etc. Local television may not always be in my first language (English) so there is less likelihood that I would watch it.

If international hotels wish to maintain their position in regard to each other, they are also unlikely to close any of their facilities. Hotels clearly have to cut costs and this could be done by limiting the number of rooms available, closing off a wing, for example, thus saving on maintenance, heating or air conditioning and power.

Waupaca, WI
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3. Re: question for business travelers

I think cutting back on perks like int'l business channels will not happen. 5 star hotels are keeping room rates up but throwing in free nights or other perks. I just booked some stays at Four Seasons--stay 2 get one free.

Hong Kong, China
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4. Re: question for business travelers

Hyatt has promotions at different times of the year so for every 2 stays, you get a free night. I just used one of my free nights at Tokyo.

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5. Re: question for business travelers

i for one think it's a lot of fun to watch local channels in foreign countries.

two memorable ones i can think of off the top of my head...

in puerto rico...a japanese samurai movie with spanish subtitles. it was a HOOT to see the samurais yelling "VAMONOS, MUCHACOS!"

and in monte carlo my husband got so fascinated watching an italian game show, (we had NO idea what it was about, but it was hilarious) that i had trouble getting him to get dressed in time for the banquet..

Fruita, Colorado
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6. Re: question for business travelers

They can drop the HBO/movie offerings - I never can get in at the start of the movie and/or I need to do some prep for the next day so I can't really devote that much time to a movie. What I need to have is a shuttle to the airport and an exercise room.

London, United...
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7. Re: question for business travelers

Being an ex hotelier myself, I can tell you that for a property to drop the pay-tv will not impact the bottom line much & even if nobody ever watches the pay-tv, they will recieve more complaints than it's worth about its non-availabilty.

Special rates & deals are the way that they will be able to survive the downturn.

This being said, the downturn will not last so long (think back to 9/11 etc...), business will come back so hotels need to position themselves right for the surge..... A wrong move now in cost cutting will be more harmful than any recession can ever be.

Reputation is everything.

Sydney, Australia
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for Sydney, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Business Travel, New South Wales
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8. Re: question for business travelers

Totally agree with you AHotelier and welcome to TA !

London, United...
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9. Re: question for business travelers

Thank you for the welcome!

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10. Re: question for business travelers

My husband travels extensively on business, his company has slashed travel budgets in half. Where he used to stay at top hotels he now has to book medium priced rooms. Limos are out, taxis are in, expensive meals out, wine out and economy airline seats only, unless they are sold out. His company is privately held so there are no bailout funds to get free rides with. I don't think this will be like the 911 slump, this will be longer and more difficult.

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