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Business Class Fares

Newcastle upon...
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Business Class Fares

How do airlines justify the massive discrepancy between Business Class and 'economy'?.... I would never dream of paying the difference for the benefit of having a separate room to sit in at the airport and a slightly wider seat .... is the exclusivity worth the difference? Perhaps I'm just mean though!

The best example was sitting on a BA flight one row back from business/first class separated from the posh people by a curtain... same seats, same stewards but provided with hot food!

Amsterdam, The...
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1. Re: Business Class Fares

I now REFUSE to fly for any length of time in Economy, even on vacation.

My partner and I just returned from vacation in Panama City on KLM's Business Class, and it was excellent - certainly when compared to the cattle market in the Economy section. Similarly, last year we flew from AMS to Sydney in Business Class and again hardly suffered from any jet lag.

Yes, the exclusivity (and the higher level of service, improved audio and video, and the quietness) makes complete sense to fly Business Class whenever possible.

Newcastle upon...
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2. Re: Business Class Fares

What sort of %age cost difference do you expect to pay [over and above economy] for business class?

Sadly it doesn't stop screaming children and 'difficult' grown-ups flying Business Class... if it did I might just consider it! (c;


Amsterdam, The...
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3. Re: Business Class Fares

I don't even LOOK at Economy class fares so your question is hypothetical, really.

As for difficult passengers, the worst in Business Class are those off-duty cabin staff (flying for free, off course!) who insist on chatting to the working crew all the time! ;-( P-aleese! Give us all a break!! ;-)

Worthing, United...
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4. Re: Business Class Fares

We decided after our first flight from London to OZ in economy that we could never do it again. Since then we've flown the same route 3 times in Biz class & can honestly say, there is no comparison to economy flying, it's fabulous. OK the cost is very high and some would say we could spend our money in a better way, but what the heck, once it's spent, it's spent, less to leave in the will for the relatives!

PS. We still fly economy on short haul though....

Melbourne, Florida
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5. Re: Business Class Fares

Ponz, I agree with kencar about the long haul flights. We flew overseas for work and the company paid for business class seats... HUGE difference. If we ever had to put it on our tab...ugh! Now that we have seen the other side we know its value. I think if the flight is any longer than 5 hours I just might consider paying the extra or using the frequent flier miles for the upgrade.

As far as the dicrepancy goes, business class is for people who fly a lot for their job. They require the space to work, relax, and eat a good meal because the plane is like "home base" between jobs. They also have to be able to be in good shape when they arrive at their meeting destination, ready to work and not be stressed out by the flight experience.

This is the theory anyway...

hope my two cents helps...

Brisbane, Australia
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6. Re: Business Class Fares

There is quite a difference between business class on short haul flights and business class on long haul flights. Often there is not a huge difference between the two classes on mini flights but on long haul there is definately a difference. Flat beds, decent cuisine, space, attentive crew etc etc .

I know that I would never fly longhaul from New Zealand to Europe in economy. I have in the past but not now. I do fly economy shorthaul which for me is up to 5 hrs.

Its all a matter of choice. Its your money, spend it as you see fit:)

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Business Class Fares

Despite the high cost of business class, my husband and I will only travel that way for any flights longer than about 5 hours. We are older, larger and less flexible than we were when we travelled economy to Europe years ago. I just look at it as part of our holiday and if it means we have less holidays, that is the price we are more than willing to pay. We are by no means rich, but had a RTW holiday a few years ago when my husband retired, and treated ourselves to business class. That may have been a mistake, as we can no longer tolerate the thought of anything less on medium and long haul. So, we just have long trips to justify the cost of the flights. Works for me!

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Business Class Fares

We fly economy and business in Australia and overseas.

We always fly business in Australia as we like the short flights and easy access off the planes. .

We never pay for business class travel overseas, its usually given to us as an upgrade or we use our F/F points for an upgrade. (hence, our short BC flights around Australia create heaps of F/F points).

I absolutely looooooove flying business class overseas as ALL flights from Australia are so long. If we do have to fly economy, we KNOW which seats are the best..and book them ahead of time.

As Platinum members on OWA we are allowed access to all the First Class lounges, they are fantastic and we love them.. We would prefer to have First class lounge access than traveling business class.

As business travelers its usually always about keeping your status credits up, as we do not want to lose our platinum card.

Platinum - a) allows you to check in at First Class counters (where available) or Business Class check-in desks, regardless of the class you're travelling that day.

b)oneworld member airlines allow their most frequent customers to nominate a preferred seat in advance of their flight.

c) welcomed at any of almost 550 exclusive pre-flight lounges - regardless of the class you're flying.

Surrey England
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9. Re: Business Class Fares

Once you've flown Business class long haul,there is no going back.

Some years back, we were upgraded on a flight to Mauritius and that did it for us when we realised what we had been missing out on.

We don't fly a lot,especially long haul,but when we do I like to do it in comfort.

A couple of years back we flew to NZ in business class and got a heap of F/F points which we have used on some shorter flights.Next year we are going to have to find the cash for a return visit down under as there is just no way I would consider such a long journey unable to stretch out my legs or recline my seat sufficiently to be comfortable.Yes, it is expensive but,as I said, we don't do it that often.It's part of the whole holiday package,and what could be worse than,after a wonderful trip overseas,having to look forward to cramming yourselves into a 31-32" seat for 12 plus hours?

Los Angeles...
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10. Re: Business Class Fares

IMHO, I can always justify it because as much travel as I do, having a larger/more comfortable seat, better food/service, priority during security, customs, etc, as well as lounge access makes all the difference in the world. With all the traveling I do, I have earned elite status with several airlines so I have even become accustomed to/spoiled by even flying 1st class on my domestic flights. It certainly helps when you have elite status and fly frequently because you earn the miles and perks that make business/1st class travel possible.

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