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Solos Holidays

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Solos Holidays

Has anyone been on holidays with Solos Holidays, please? Thank you.

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1. Re: Solos Holidays

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2. Re: Solos Holidays

Some reviews for them found on google.


The name of this company, although it being terribly generic, does come up with basic search here on Tripadvisor as well. Here is one example I found.


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3. Re: Solos Holidays

I haven't used Solos but quite a few friends have, many of them using them year after year after year. They appear to be perfectly reliable and trustworthy. I'm travelling with them later this year and so far, I've been very happy with the service I've received.

Just be aware they are only travel agents. They will ensure you have a room for solo occupancy, but apart from that they don't offer much more than a regular travel agent would. There's no attempt to balance the sexes for instance, so most groups end up with far more women than men. That's particularly the case with beach holidays I think. I guess many male travellers prefer the more active breaks, or cultural tours. And most holidays don't try to balance ages either, so you can easily find yourself mixing with people 40 years older or younger than you are. None of these companies try to put balanced groups of like-minded people together, whatever they might suggest.

Other minor things to be aware of; even if you book a 'houseparty' which claims to take over the whole hotel, that may not really be the case. If they only have 8 travellers going in a particular week, the hotelier will try to sell the vacant rooms to others. Also many people book for 2 weeks, so if you only book 1 week and arrive in week 2, cliques may already have formed by the time you arrive. And don't expect everyone in the group to truly be travelling solo - people often makes friends on these holidays and travel with them again in future years, so it's not uncommon to arrive and find a ready-formed group of people who know each other well and keep in touch at home. Naturally, some are more open than others to including new people in their group. And there's usually at least one downright odd bod on every holiday - there's no personality test before you book after all.

But as long as you have reasonable expectations, using Solos or one of their competitors should at least ensure you're not sitting alone at dinner every night. And you may make some good friends - that's been my experience and I'm definitely not alone. I also travel genuinely solo, with no expectation of any company other than my own, but I find it nice to go away for a sociable week with new people once in a while.

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4. Re: Solos Holidays

It sounds as though truly solo travel is a lot less of a lottery than the solo groups.

It sounds as there could be a rather high price to pay for not eating dinner alone.....

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5. Re: Solos Holidays

Yes Leagle, in my experience holidays with the solo travel companies are a lottery. You can get a great group of people with whom you have lots in common and end up having the time of your life and making some new friends. But you can find yourself compelled to spend your precious holiday with people you find annoying, upsetting or simply uncongenial. Normally you get something in between - some people you like and others you'd cross the road to avoid under normal circumstances. If I get the latter, I just opt out of the group for the most part, and do my own thing. For all the risks, I still find these holidays preferable to going somewhere completely unfamiliar on my own, especially if I don't speak the language. And they offered me a lifeline after a painful breakup when I felt far too emotionally delicate to contemplate a week of solitude and needed a holiday that would encourage me to be sociable and not remind me of holidays with my ex.

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6. Re: Solos Holidays

Thank you guys! I've never travelled on my own & I'm naturally a bit worried! I can't find many reviews about this company online & that makes me vary..

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7. Re: Solos Holidays

Have travelled with Solos Holidays eleven times now and off again in a couple of months, plus am going away with them New Year. Have loved every single one of them. Yes you will meet people you don't gel with but that is the case in all walks of life. If you find the group overpowering, you just join them when you want that is never a problem. I promise you there is a lot of fun to be had with these groups.

If more proof is needed just join the Solos forum and read it for yourself.

Good luck

Surrey, U.K.
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8. Re: Solos Holidays

I went on a walking holiday with Solos earlier this year and had a lovely time. Would use them again and there were several in our group of 21 who had been on other Solos holidays. Depending on the holiday, some Solos holidays are age categorised, others are "All ages". Solos office will tell you the age mix and gender mix of people who've already booked if you ask and as mentioned, the forum is a useful source of information.

9. Re: Solos Holidays

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10. Re: Solos Holidays


I haven't had a holiday with Solos for over 5 years now as I was lucky enough to meet someone and re-marry. However, I only have good memories of some great holidays with them, mostly golf but some other types of holiday too.

I found them a very good company to deal with and yes, you could argue that you might do it cheaper on your own but that would be to completely miss the point.

Like a lot of people, I am quite happy with my own company during the day but in the evening, dinner for one has nothing to recommend it as far as I am concerned.

With Solos you travel as a group and you eat as a group. You are free to do your own thing if you want, but a social evening with some conversation over a meal and a few drinks in the bar generally rounds the day of nicely for most folk.

My first wife died in 2000 and I found myself, after 31 years of marriage, thrown into the singles world at the age of 50. With all my friends being married and with families, Solos provided my with an ideal holiday solution

If, God forbid, I ever found myself in the same situation again, I wouldn't hesitate to use them

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