Top Questions - how to use

Folks I have started creating some "top questions" for the Antarctic Adventures forum.

If you look over to the right you will see the heading

Top questions about ANTARCTIC ADVENTURES

followed by the links I have added so far:

* What to pack

* What time of year should I go

* Useful links to blogs etc

The way top questions are set up is as links to existing threads on a specific topic. This works well when a topic stays on track so if you have a question that doesnt relate to an existing thread - start a fresh one with an appropriate title.

When I come across threads that will suit being a "top question" I will add them as soon as possible to make them easily findable.

I think a good one to do is probably one containing all the names and links for the various shipping companies - so I will start a thread and please feel free to add a reply with any companies you can think of!