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Expedia a fraud!

New York
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Expedia a fraud!

I booked a hotel in Paris through expedia. Upon check out i was asked pay now or at hotel upon arrival. I checked at hotel. I was charged immediately by hotel, Ok no problem. Now i cancelled this reservation (it was a free cancellation) but I am not getting my money back.

Expedia customer care is nasty and very unfriendly. Initially they said it will take 72 hours to get ur money back, Ok i called them back on 5th day after cancellation they said they will contact the hotel, of course nothing happened. I called them again, same result, we will call the hotel. Now after 15 days of cancellation, Expedia saying they haven't charged me, talked to the hotel directly yourself, we cant hep you. Not even that they are disconnecting my call. Very unhelpful.

I booked the hotel in 829$ which is a lot for me and they are not helping at all. This is fraud. Avoid these people.

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North Carolina
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1. Re: Expedia a fraud!

It sounds like the hotel has your money and are the ones being difficult.

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2. Re: Expedia a fraud!

While I am totally unsure why this is on the NYC forum ( has nothing to do with NYC) as said above the problem is with the hotel. You can't expect Expedia to refund what they didn't take. Let's look at it logically,

Per your own words

a. you checked, 'pay at the hotel"

b. you write, "I was charged immediately by hotel"

You need to contact the hotel and ask them for the refund. The booking was through Expedia--but payment obviously was not. I can appreciate this is frustrating. I would imagine Customer care assumed THEY had your money when they said 72 hours. Why they are not talking anymore to the hotel is not clear. I have never had anyone disconnect a call on me--expect in the one situation where I lost it and I was being verbally abusive to the customer service rep? Did you perhaps also loose it?

Buffalo, New York
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3. Re: Expedia a fraud!

call you credit card company and begin a formal dispute

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4. Re: Expedia a fraud!

Yeah, why is this on the NYC forum and why are you mad at Expedia and not the hotel?

Bradford, United...
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5. Re: Expedia a fraud!

I agree

I have never had issues with expedia

Mount Dora, Florida
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6. Re: Expedia a fraud!

I have booked with Expedia three or four times, and I have never had a situation that was not a problem. I do not attempt to change reservations or cancel reservations. I just arrive to discover that I either do not have the type of room I reserved or I have no room at all. I am also unwilling to gamble on being assigned a "No Smoking" room. Since Expedia cannot guarantee this, I do not use them.

I do not understand why anyone uses Expedia. If you call or write the hotel directly you can almost always get the same exact rate available through Expedia. Then there is no third party between you and the resolution of your problem.

I try to avoid pre-paying for hotel rooms, which is the major reason I do not use Expedia. Frankly, I am always suspicious of hotels that want your money in advance and will not provide even a partial refund. I understand that the hotel has to have a hedge. If you reserve a room and then do not arrive to rent it, the hotel is stuck with an unoccupied room for the night. So, I understand that they will want to charge you for the night you reserved, but did not occupy the room.

Beyond that I avoid pre-paying for hotel rooms. I agree with the previous posters. You should dispute this issue directly with the hotel. In my experience, the hotel will probably not even talk to you because they will maintain that you are Expedia's customer not their customer. None the less, I would certainly attempt to contact them.

Then I would ask my credit card company to dispute the charges. It is really a bad idea to give anyone over $800 unless you are 100% certain you will be able to take advantage of your reservation. In the event that I am forced to do this, I always purchase travel insurance.

Syracuse, New York
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7. Re: Expedia a fraud!

I never understand why people don't book directly with the hotel by actually talking to someone. It takes out a lot of the guesswork and eliminates a lot of "middle-men". It often means that if something does go wrong or plans change, then you only have to deal with one person, not a finger-pointing exercise.

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Expedia a fraud!

All the answers are provided above.

Have a look at your credit card statement - is the charge from Expedia? No.

It's one thing for them to have told you 72hrs, but that was both naive and inexperience by whoever was dealing with you. Hotels can promise one thing, but take forever to process. It's not fraud, and you should learn a few things before you start bandying about legal terms that's only going to cause more problems.

I suspect you haven't contacted the hotel at all with this matter - otherwise you would have wrote what they said.

Busy-Retired - no third party can guarantee your room allocation, that's entirely the doing of the hotel, regardless of what is advertised on the site (which again, is controlled by the hotel anyways).

Mount Dora, Florida
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9. Re: Expedia a fraud!

Yes. I understand that no third party agency can guarantee my room accommodation. This is exactly why I never use them.

Sydney, Australia
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for Sydney, Bargain Travel, Food and Travel
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10. Re: Expedia a fraud!

Absolutely fair enough.

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