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Low Cost Holidays

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Low Cost Holidays


Just a quick question regarding Low Cost Holidays,

We booked our holiday about 8 weeks ago and are due to travel in 5 weeks time. We have all the documents printed off i.e Hotel booking and Flight Bookings etc which were provided at the time of booking but have not recieved any further correspondance from them at all since. Is this normal? I just presumed that we would have had some further confirmation about our holiday through the post or email. I have read reviews on the company and have not had any problems with them attempting to charge me more for the holiday so this is a good thing!

Many thanks for any comments

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1. Re: Low Cost Holidays

Another thread regarding this company current running on the forum.


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2. Re: Low Cost Holidays


Please don't worry about your holiday, we would have been in touch if there were any problems. If you'd like us to contact you directly, or double check your holiday for reassurance, may we please have your booking reference?



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3. Re: Low Cost Holidays

You would be wise to confirm your reservations directly with the airline and hotel.

One of the big mistakes travelers make is not double checking with the airline and hotel to make sure the reservations are in order from the perspective of the service provider. I can't think of anything worse than showing up at the airport to find the airline has no reservation for you. Or showing up at the hotel to find out you don't have a room.

Although to answer your question I don't know why Low cost Holidays would have any reason to follow up after the reservation has been made.

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4. Re: Low Cost Holidays

Booked my holiday with Lowcost 2 weeks ago, have been trying to get an answer to a question via their 'Customer Relations' dept since booking. I have emailed them no less than 10 times and still no answer......all I wanted to know was.....On my flight to Alicante on 02/07/2013 Flight No/ VOE9364 WHAT IS MY BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE?? which I paid extra for??

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5. Re: Low Cost Holidays

Check with the operating carrier.

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6. Re: Low Cost Holidays

just tried to book low cost holiday to hotel in costa adeje with this company and during completion of the booking form and confirmation it went up from £2499 (booking ref WEBHQO3CAZYK30) to £3142. Double checked and there are still same flight details and still 4 remaining family rooms so why the increase of £643 in approximately 10 mins !

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: Low Cost Holidays


Be warned about this crowd. My wife and I booked a holiday with them to Portugal earlier this year and had to leave as we both got food poisoning. We could have only got it at the hotel we stayed at as it was the only place we ate. Low Cost Holidays did absolutely nothing for us and on many occasions didn't bother responding. The hotel we stayed in was advertised as a 5 star and it wasn't even close, terrible food, very poor facilities and in a grubby little town. We left 3 days early as we just couldn't stay any longer. Tread very carefully with these chancers.

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8. Re: Low Cost Holidays

Having a nightmare with this company!

Booked our holiday more than 12 months ago, everything we wanted location flights etc. we didn't book the cheapest flights as the times weren't great, we paid a little extra to get there and back at a decent time.

I have now been informed of a change to flights. We don't arrive back in the uk till 0.40 instead of 18.00. This causes us a problem as we are both at work and our young son is at school the day we one get back and won't get home till approx 4am after collecting our car and the drive.

I have tried to speak to Lowcostholidays customer service who just keep spouting about the terms and conditions!

I understand things can change but this is now causing us problems as neither of us can have more time off work and is going to cost us more for parking!

We are willing to change to another holiday booked through LCH but they are not interested.

The has tainted the holiday before we have even set off!

As someone who holidays several times a year I would rather pay more than use this company again!!!

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: Low Cost Holidays

Unfortunately you will get no satisfaction from this shower, they just take the money and run, I would suggest everyone (and most reviews confirm that this company is utter crap) should post their complaint on their facebook page and send an email to their MD Clem Walshe - Clem.Walshe@lowcosttravelgroup.com As per usual don't expect a response but it might make you feel a bit better after being ripped off. I know it was slightly helpful after our honeymoon which was booked through them was the worst trip of our lives.

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10. Re: Low Cost Holidays


Whether you can change your booking is a difficult one. The terms and conditions are now different to when you booked. Holidays booked since they relocated to Palma are treated as package holidays, those booked prior to that date aren't. They are the same as when you booked, as far as I know, so changing would depend on the contracts you have with the individual suppliers.


I think you'll find Clem Walshe is the MD of Lowcost Ireland, USA and Canada so not much good to Tired-out-dad if he's not travelling to either of those destinations.