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Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Temecula, California
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Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Has anyone used Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations? We received a call with an incredible offer. We would like to know if anyone has used them and had a great experience?

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Orlando, Florida
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11. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Actually I work for this company and we have been in business for over 10 years and are fully accredited with federal and state agencies. I am sorry that some of you have had issues but I can guarantee that any and all complaints/issues have been resolved. All of our vacations are sold on a non-refundable basis and no one with our company is authorized to offer a 24 hour cancellation. Also it is a live call promotion as we can not offer these discounts to the general public. We under no circumstances portray to be Marriott or any other company besides Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations. If you choose to only listen to half of what is said that is not the fault of our reps. Most of our promotions do go to PAST Marriott travelers. All of our offers are 100% legitimate. Guess it goes to show you can't please them all. Just trying to clear some air and let all of you know there are good companies out there. Yes scams do exist but LWDV is DEFINITELY not one of them! Thanks!

Dallas, Texas
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12. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Interesting to note the belief that the company policy supersedes Florida state law. http://myfloridalegal.com/pages.nsf/main/8140f2cf06fc01b785256cc900693171!OpenDocument

Note the language near the end. I feel that it is part of a bigger picture to make it a bigger financial burden to file suit in another state and that people will give up and write off the loss.

The reps may not portray themselves to be with Marriott or RCI, but they do say they are AFFILIATED with those companies. Marriott said they aren't. Didn't call RCI. Nonetheless, we'll never deal with them after our previous experiences.

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Orlando, Florida
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13. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

To be honest I've traveled to the mayan palace with them and I absolutely loved it.

I also recieved an orlando trip with them . Great packages at amazing rates!!!

Orlando, Florida
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14. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Wow I really don't know why you had problems. But i enjoyed my mexico trip so much I am already booked for my orlando on Aug 8th. Plus I do remember when I got verified they asked if i authorize the non-refundable charge of $428. I also referred 3 guest and have acquired a bonus trip to Jamaica all-inclusive.

Give them a chance there AMAZING!!!

Houston, Texas
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15. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

The business has been around for about 20 years, my family and I have purchased several vacations, these people work wonders and have helped my family and I travel to different destinations we have always dreamed of traveling for a very affordable price. I am appalled that people have such negative things to say but there are always two sides to the story so I do not go with the opinions of critics, i trust my gut and that is what

I did with this company and have never been disappointed. They now have new destinations such as Rome and I plan on taking a trip for new years,

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Destination Expert
for Milwaukee
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16. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

I gotta believe Mike, he's never lied to me before. If he says "it is a live call promotion as we can not offer these discounts to the general public" he must be telling the truth because, well, because he says so.

I don't know why these shills keep coming back on TA to try to convince people that there scam is not a scam. Wouldn't it be easier to just try to sell to gullible people who aren't questioning the business model?

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17. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

May 2013 I purchased a 4 night package at Royal Kona Resort in hawaii and prepaid the vacation. I arranged for the June 2014 stay via email earlier in July. Last night, I received a phone call indicating that in order to confirm my reservation (I had already received my confirmation email that my reservation was in order 3 weeks ago), I needed to prepay my hotel taxes, $82 additional dollars. I asked why wasn't all prepayments indicated on the original invoice? This was a shady move, selling me a package for one amount, and then deciding that they needed to collect more money? According to the hotel policy, I could pay all taxes upon checkout, and I indicated to the Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations manager that we would pay taxes upon checkout. The manager said that was unacceptable, and if we didn't provide a credit card immediately for an additional $82 payment, that our trip would be cancelled and they would keep our prepaid money. We refused to pay, and contacted our credit card company to dispute the original prepaid charge and we are submitting paperwork to justify the reimbursement from our credit card company. This company has an F rating with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, and 7 complaints have been filed against this company in the past 12 months. I recommend based upon my personal experience not to do business with this company.

Wales, United...
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for Bargain Travel
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18. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

I think the post by Mike J says it all. It's a company that likes to call people with a high pressure pitch of a dream holiday that is only available NOW, and then it is the customers fault if they don't listen to everything that is said. And, of course, ther eis no 24 hour cancellation period as the business model would undoubtedly collapse if there was. Very shoddy. The experience of Lynn D, and the BBB rating, is ample evidence of this.

If it looks like duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Fort Lauderdale...
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for Fort Lauderdale
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19. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Mike must be totally stupid if he thinks his post makes people want to do business with his firm- he gives you all the reasons you should run the other way ( or better yet hang the phone up in their ear). As far as all the 'testimonials" that have popped up - give me a break! Everyone who has been scammed should contact the Florida Atty. General and let Mike try his defense on that office.

Fresno, California
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20. Re: Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations

Funny, we just got a call from "Affordable Vacations Unlimited" earlier this week (August 3, 2013). Everything that people have described here sounds EXACTLY the same: we can take two trips (Hawaii, Italy, Costa Rica, Cabo, Cancun, Sandals, etc) for less than $1000, 3 yrs to take the trip, 5-star accommodations, etc. High-pressure, "we can only offer this once per customer, so you need to purchase NOW" sales pitch. Even the destinations/resorts are the same as others have listed here.

At first, it sounded kinda good, but there was no way I was going to give someone my credit card & make a $500-$900 purchase after listening to a 20-minute spiel OVER THE PHONE. Even though "John" insisted he could only offer this during the call, after I said I had to think about it he was quick to give me his cell number(!) so I could call him back if I decided I wanted to do it. Meanwhile, he and whoever else is at that telemarketing center has called our house around 4-5 times per day every day since(we have caller ID, so I have stopped answering)!!! So much for "we can only sell this package during this call due to limited availability!! Ha!

I notice that the resortwholesale.com website mentioned above is now shut down. I bet that "Luxury Wholesale Dream Vacations" and "Affordable Vacations Unlimited" are one and the same -they probably just shut down the website and open a new one under another vague name every time the complaints start to pile up.

THE THING I FIND MOST UPSETTING: the started their spiel by saying we had been selected to receive their "special offers" because we had attended Marriott timeshare presentations in the past (which is true). Is this also the case with others posting here???? If so, does this mean MARRIOTT IS SELLING OUR PERSONAL INFO to other unscrupulous companies?? Come to think of it, I never got these calls before I had attended a Marriott timeshare presentation about 18 months ago.

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