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KPX Travel and Groupon

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KPX Travel and Groupon

Hi All

I booked a deal with Groupon back in November for a 2 night stay in Barcelona and tickets to a Barcelona FC match.

When I telephoned KPX to redeem the voucher I was told the original football tickets were no longer available but I could upgrade to better seats for £30 each. I was told that we would be seated just behind the goal and the original tickets were at the very top so I was getting a good deal.

The tickets have come through today and we're seated in the top corner of Camp Nou. I telephoned KPX to complain. Initially I was told I haven't paid for any upgrade so I 'got what I paid for'! Then after being passed around I was that I've paid for a category 2 upgrade and they have no way to reserve specific seats. I explained that I was assured that my seats would be just behind the goal and I'm extremely disappointed.

I also had issues with the hotel booking but I have contacted them directly to rectify.. Spending an extra £200 in doing so!

I have emailed KPX and Groupon as I believe I am entitled to a refund for this upgrade.

Has anyone had success in obtaining a refund with this type of 'deal'?

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1. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

Looks like you fell into a trap that many others have fallen into - see these posts. I'm sorry for your situation, but the time to research the company should have been before giving them your money.




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2. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that your experience with us was less than perfect. We would like to try and rectify this issue for you. Please contact us at customerservice@kpxtravel.net and we shall endeavor to resolve your query in a timely manner.

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3. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

This company is FOUL.

Hounded with telephone calls (over 30 in the last 2 hours) after speaking to a customer adviser - Riz - regarding a holiday booking. I am still receiving telephone calls at 21.45.

I advised if I wanted to go ahead with the holiday, I would call back - I do not expect this amount of phone calls to my mobile and landline repeatedly throughout the day just so this person can make a sale and possibly gain some commission.

I am absolutely livid and furious by this badgering. Appalling customer service.

It's safe to say I WILL NOT be booking ANY trip through KPX Travel - EVER.

After speaking to Riz and advising I did not want to go ahead with the booking, I was still telephoned multiple times. This is absolutely disgusting.

Badgering and hounding potential customers with phonecall after phonecall is revolting customer service. This needs to be stopped, IMMEDIATELY.

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4. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

I also am having issues with KPX travel via a wowcher I bought. £378 for two for Iceland. When you put your initial dates (3 preferred dates) that means the wowcher is 'redeemed'. What happens next is that although flights are available they try to add on £100 extra for the direct flight, a good flight time or which airport you fly into. I complained straight away to wowcher but two weeks later it is still not resolved. The travel company tried to call me but I ignored them as I did not want another lengthy argument about how they have not fully disclosed their terms and conditions. KPX travel tried to tell me I was not being flexible! I was but they were doing their utmost to only give dates with additional charges. If I don't get a refund I'm seeking legal advice that's for sure!

After reason how many people have put bad reviews about this company, I wish I had known before buying the voucher And will be letting wowcher know of these issues!!

Torun, Poland
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5. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

I recently booked a groupon: tour, car hire, hotel and flights. We were looking forward to going away, but now I am just worried that it might be the worst holiday in my life.

First of all, KPX travel agent calls me to upgrade for free to "better" hotel. I compared both hotels online and I actually found out my original hotel was 4*, and he wanted to "upgrade" for 3* hotel. Wow!! What a deal!! After he admitted that actually the original hotel was fully booked, thus he had to offer "better" 3* hotel.

Moreover, I want to book flights. I speak to KPX travel agent and he again offers me some upgrades and I had to pay 120 pounds more!! So I don't want this upgraded flights, but he says I have to take it, because it is too late! I actually did not confirmed any flights, but he booked without my permission, and I have to pay extra!

Furthermore, I ask him about car hire and wine tour (which I bought extra) and he actually doesn't know if I have to book something or he will sort it! So how can I know it? I just what to have what I bought on groupon. What unprofessional customer service!!

I do not recommend book anything from KPX travel agency, because this company is so unhelpful, rude and terrible to deal with.

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6. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

So sorry to hear of others having problems with KPX. They're an awful company and I'm stunned that they're still in business! I have made formal complaints to Groupon but they are still using KPX. I will never use Groupon again. I hope this thread stops others making the same mistake

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7. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

I posted an earlier post And after two weeks of phoning wowcher every day nearly, I got my money back. I really don't know how this company can be (1) in business and (2) how all these money saving websites ... Groupon and wowcher can use them after all the complaints I have read. It's frustrating that's for sure!!!

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8. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

We booked a holiday with KPX travel through Groupon and everything was a mess. I already made a complaint to groupon and they handled it well and said they are looking at the company, and I hope that they do and banned it from Groupon as they are giving Groupon a bad name.

This company is a rip off. they will let you fall into their trap that bookings are available, then you buy the group, then they will call you just to tell you that your dates were fully booked and will offer a massive amount of surcharge just to get the dates you want. I've checked easy jet and the hotel they are using and everything is bookable, even contacted the hotel via email.

This company is so money oriented and wont even give me a feedback on the email i've sent their customer service. Now I'm wondering if they even do have customer service at all. we need to close this company down, before they rip off most of us.

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9. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon

I agree completely.

Here is my story I just posted elsewhere:

I have had a horrible experience with KPX Travel, and I will never use them again.

We purchased a trip to Dubai from the UK through Groupon. Never got to take the trip!

They immediately up-sold us for different flights/airlines/hotels because they had us originally taking off at 6 am from Stansted, with 2 connections etc... The upgrades were really needed for any kind of civil holiday. I'm OK with that

The trouble started when we arrived at Heathrow. We were not allowed on the plane due to VISA requirements (We are Canadian Nationals).

The fine print of any travel agent documentation says that the traveller is responsible for their Visa requirements. I understand that. But as a travel agent, who has taken our Passport information, and has booked our flights and has taken our money.... it is their job to provide guidance on this.

What really burns me up is what has happened since.

1) It is impossible to get anyone on the phone. I called and they said the Customer service team is busy, call back. I offered to give my number so they could call me.. I was told "The Customer Service team is not allowed to call customers" WHAT??

2) Emails are replied to weeks after the fact, and no one puts a name on the emails, so I have no record of who sent it.

3) When I finally did speak with someone, I was told (No kidding these were their actual words) "It is not the travel agents job, to advise on Travel requirements". WHAT???? Read that again. I'm sorry, but as a travel agent you actually only have ONE JOB. Advise on travel. Period. Full Stop. No question about it.

As it stands right now, I have been refunded by Groupon (very quickly), but I feel I have been robbed of over 500GBP for the upgrades by KPX.

By the letter of the Law - they did their job.

But in the spirit of actually making customers happy - 100% failure.

You should be very ashamed of yourselves.

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10. Re: KPX Travel and Groupon


I read your post and find myself in a similar situation with KPX Travel and Wowcher. I haven't made a booking but they have apparently redeemed my Wowcher and I'm being told I can't get a refund.

I wondered if you could let me know whether and how you got your issue resolved?

Many thanks,


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