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Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

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Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

Hey All,

I'm traveling for the first time to SE ASIA in 2013 in a week. I'm going to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines and Malaysia for 7 months.

I grew up in the Philippines and currently living in Melbourne so I know whats its like in some these countries.

The question is, will I need travel insurance or not? The way I see it, its just another unnecessary expense as I travel on a shoestring. I am not one of those people who do stupid stuff not knowing the consequences after and I travel responsibly. Not quite sure how important it is to have insurance so please do enlighten me and tell me if I should get one or not.

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1. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

100% essential, no question about it.

In particular for medical, imagine you through no fault are involved in an accident or contract an illness, how would you plan to pay the bills ?

No person on their travel heads out each day planning to have an accident, or to contract an illness, or to loose their belongings, plenty of people who take very possible care and precuation can find themselves in hospital, at home or on travels, anywhere in the world.

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2. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

What will you do when a scooter slams into you, you get sick, get robbed etc etc and all other things that might happen?

With a good travel insurance you're not out of pocket, without it you're royaly sc***ed.

Norwegian media has the last few days covered the situation a family of Norwegians got themselves into when the 22yo son got into a traffic accident in Thailand a week and a half ago. Medical bills and transport back home is estimated a 1m NOK (~AU$170.000), and since they didn't have a proper travel insurance they'll have to come up with the money themselves.

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3. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

Would be worth reading through this thread about Travel Insurance on the Holiday Travel forum.


Happy travels in SE Asia.

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4. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

You can find horror stories everyehere about the problems caused by lack of tavel insurance. It is vital to have it. In all my years travelling, I have made just one claim, for items stolen. However, my son was in Korea last year. A friend had an accident and the bill to get home was similar to the amount quoted by our Norwegian friend. Like the ad said, when it comes to insurance, don't leave home without it.

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5. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

I can't believe that in this day and age some people still consider travel insurance to be 'just another unnecessary expense'!

Not as unnecessary as having to pay for weeks or months of hospital bills, or to be repatriated!

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6. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

The cost of travel insurance is very reasonable. Peace of mind is worth it all. Happy travels!

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7. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

No one purchases travel insurance with the thought that they are going to do something dangerous and therefore require it. Even if you are very familiar with your destinations, you are always at the mercy of a stupid act from someone else causing an accident, or a random virus attacking you.

No one can predict that they will be 100% safe. When you travel without insurance you are just playing the odds. Probably nothing will happen to you, but if something does the consequences are so dreadful that it is not worth it to me to gamble.

I take risks with cheap hotels, and I even eat cheap street food, but I would not take the risk of traveling without insurance.

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8. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

"I am not one of those people who do stupid stuff not knowing the consequences after and I travel responsibly. "

Not really if you travel without medical insurance. Insurance for things like valuables, delays and cancellations is another matter, I never take out those myself.

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9. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

I used to work on a rish management team for my employer. At that time employees could opt out of the group health insurance provided by our employer, and receive the amount of money the employer spent on the premium.

I saw several young, healthy new employees make this risky decision. Most were successful. Two of them, however, were not. One had a baby born with horrific problems that required massive amounts of medical intervention. The man lost his credit rating, his car, his home and almost everything else that the medical profession could attach. The other employee was hit be a drunk driver without any auto insurance. Again, after recovering enough to come home from the hospital he spent the next ten years trying to recover from the hospital bills. The drunk driver left the US and paid him nothing for his injuries.

So I always look at insurance like this. If you have absolutely nothing to lose....no monthly salary or pension, no automobile, no house, no significant personal belongings, and you never plan to have any of these things, then you can take the risk of living without health insurance. If not, you put everything you now own, and everything you might ever own at risk when you are without health insurance.

A responsible traveler always has health insurance. At my age, I also carry insurance to bring my body back home in the event that I die abroad, but my husband says he will just have me cremated, stuff me in a shoe box and finish his vacation first. At least I want him to have an option:-)

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10. Re: Travel Insurance - worth it or not?

As the old saying goes "if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel"