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A2Z Vacations ???

Des Moines, Iowa
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A2Z Vacations ???

I think I stuck our heads in a noose when we signed up with a travel program with A2Z Vacations. I am afraid it is another one of those "sounds too good to b true" and I didn't listen to myself and say "NO!". Has anyone had any dealings with A2Z Vacations? I would like to know if it ever works out. Thank you, Wes.

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71. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

UPDATE.....just learned that my credit card reversed the charges A2Z Vacations made against my account.

They gave me a full refund. Visa saw through the fraudulent practices of A2Z Vacations and put boot up their wahoo!!

"Thank you so much" Visa !!!

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72. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

I just received a letter in the mail , This is what it read , In celebration of our Grand Opening in your area

( Jacksonville FL) You have been selected to receive a complimentary 8-day/7-Night Cruise for 2, leaving

from a major port in US and it go's on , (1-877-926-8038) the company is call (Treasure Coast Excursions)

When I talk to the call center , I need to check out this so call new company in the Jacksonville, Before I commit to anything, So I am glad I look then up on TripAdvisor , For what I read, I am glad I did,

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73. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

This is a viable travel service booking company. I have had a positive experience with them. The allegations of lying and fraud on this thread are ridiculous. If you don't want or need the service then don't sign up. Some people like the service because it saves time and money.

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74. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

Do you know that Treasure Coast Excursions are a scam for a fact? We too signed up but have not tried to use the service as of yet. We paid about the same as you. We are well past our cancellation date so we are stuck.

How can we confirm this.

Playa Dorado Allegro
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75. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

This company is guilty of truth in advertising laws and the consumer watchdogs have not put these rackateers out of business. They operate in different states and make it difficult to recoup your money. My best advice is to keep after these crooks until they are brought to justice. Karma is very bad when it comes around the second time. They continue to fleece the American public and no one not even governmental agencies do anything about it but gather information --a class actions suit needs to be brought against these folks and they all need to be put in prison.

Sanford, North...
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76. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

We bought our fully willable, family useful etc. Etc package last year. I have tried since November to redeem my 'free' 8-day cruise vouchers only to be offered a destination and date of travel that I did not want to go. In addition, I paid the fees requested only to be told that I needed to pay an additional amount. I canceled the vouchers and have received a full refund from Millennium. Have now been trying to book a very discounted cruise thru A2Z only to receive prices almost double what I see online. Not boring too well. Am going to try onemore trip but would like to be contacted if anyone out there is entertaining class action. We paid $3600 for this membership. One note...I have not had any problem reaching A2Z or East Coast Travel. Millennium was very, very rude people by phone. Momsturn2learn@earthlink.net

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77. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

Yes!!!! They are awful!!!! I was also scammed into purchasing them after being led to believe I would get AMAZING deals on travel. I signed up for them through a travel distributor called Sunrise to Sunset Travel who has the absolutely WORST customer service I have ever dealt with! Good luck getting a phone call back from them within a month...even if you call repeatedly! We signed up for them after specifically asking about a Disney Land vacation we had coming up and were told they could get us $100 tickets and stay in an on-site resort for $200 for the weekend...when we actually called A2Z the best they could do was $185/night at the Sheraton (which was not even an on site resort) and $179 tickets/person. I found a better deal through AAA! I have tried to cancel with them since March, 2013 bc they cannot find me better deals than I can find myself and they refuse to refund my money! I don't know what to do at this point aside from seeking legal advice but if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry to hear you're in a similar situation.

West Des Moines...
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78. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

We, too, are kicking ourselves for falling for this scam. The company does not reply to requests and when we call them their response is that their emails do not go to Hotmail.com! What kind of an answer is that??? Can't they pick up the phone and call us back?? Their prices are no good anyway. We have had better luck searching on the internet ourselves and booking hotels and flights. I am sick over wasting our money on these crooks.

Playa Dorado Allegro
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79. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

We were scammed as well --this group needs to get a class action suit aganist these losers and put them behind bars. My credit card company did not take into account the 3 day cooling period so I had to pay a bogus cancellation fee--I will not be doing business with Citi card as they were inept in this matter. I have hired a private investigator to locate Mr. Bently----toa ddress the cancellation fee charged--these folks are headquartered in dfferent states. A2Z is in Wyoming under travel scapes but I will be going to a state in the Northwest seeking Mr. Benley--he ripped me off for $700 and I hope to address this theft.

Des Moines, Iowa
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80. Re: A2Z Vacations ???

This is kind of late response to your info. But I am experiencing the same problem with this company as their prices are too high and not a bargain as when they have the presentation. I am scamed after reading all this complaints on line. Have made 3 request for a vacation quote in the past month and only got one and the price is too expensive.

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