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The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

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The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

The Holiday Specialist same with LMS which is their sister company is a SCAM company, now it appears there is another company linked to them called Superior Resorts.

The Holiday Specialist website http://www.theholiday-specialist.com/

There are plenty of dissatisfied customers:-






LMS or Lifetime Marketing Solutions is according to staff at The Holiday Specialist a sister company http://www.lifetimemarketingsolutions.co.uk/

There are plenty of dissatisfied customers:-




Superior Resorts http://superior-resorts.com/ seem to be another fishy company similar to our friends The Holiday Specialists again their website has only been running for a short time, registered earlier this year.

I wonder if this is the next name on the list, LMS, then The Holiday Specialist and now Superior Resorts. It has all the same hallmarks, 087 number (08701 922 190), no address, no ABTA or ATOL reference, they are contacting timeshare owners but say that they have no affiliation to Interval International or RCI but they deal direct with the resorts


Personally I would not touch this SCAM company with a barge pole!



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1. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

Please be careful which company that you book with as there is genuine company in Wales "The Travel House" which are ATOL & ABTA members. One of their various websites is unfortunately http://theholidayspecialists.co.uk/ this is not to be confused with "theholiday-specialist DOT COM


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2. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

I was originally contacted by Lillian from The Holiday Specialist in early March this year.

Thinking it sounded an excellent deal,as they promised at least 30% discount on any holiday & that friends & family could use the card, Also we would get vouchers for 3 free European city holidays of 3 nights/4 days incuding flights & hotels (board only)for up to 6 people each time.It seemed really good so I the purchased the card for £550. The first problem was that the 3 FREE city holidays wasn't free. You have to pay £69.50 p.p.for each trip,plus £49.50 tax. Ok, it's still cheap at £119 each for a European city trip,but they choose where you go & when,not you.But my main criticism is that it's NOT free.

I kept receiving regular calls from their reservations dept. to book a holiday,but there wasn't anywhere we wanted to go at present.

Then early July,I received a call from a lady named Jasmine, who persuaded us to upgrade to a VIP package. This offered free transport from home to airport,airport to hotel, & visa versa.Use of VIP lounges,extra legroom seats on planes,extra luggage allowance. This sounded great so we paid another £300,so we had now paid HS £850.

Then (belatededly) I found many websites calling the HS & their mother company,Lifetime Marketing Solutions,scam companies.

I am now in the process of trying to get my money back from the credit card company under section 75 of the Consumer Credit act 1974.

Will let you know how I get on.

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3. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

Hi I see the old thread has been deleted, I would have liked to have responded to all who were following.

I have returned from my 14day holiday in tenerife , ( returned saturday 4th )

I booked thru HS after I had found an advert onthe internet.

Booked on19th Nov 2011 parted with £1400.

Newcastle to Tenerife 14days all inclusive 4 adults, 4star hotel, in costa Adeje.

There was an issue with the departure airport , but HS provided a stretch limo with complementary Champaign to Leeds Bradford, we all loved the experience.

Seats were booked so no hassle

flights on time

hotel transfer to and from the airport were exceptional. we received a letter in our room ,on the thursday to say what time we would be collected on the saturday to be taken to the airport.

All went well , an excellent holiday , I will use the holiday specialist again .

In fact I am looking today, for a holiday in february.

thanks all , I thought I should post this, as I was sceptical too after reading all of the negativity in this forum.

kind regards ken

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4. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

Oilman, so you have asked for your money back without waiting for the tickets or holiday information. The majority of people having issues with the HS are people like you, who "pull out" after booking a holiday.

I think forums like this have their uses but cause peope to panic unnecessarily.

Just wait , go and enjoy.


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5. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts


The majority of people that posted on the original thread DID NOT RECEIVE THE TICKETS THAT THEY BOOKED AND PAID FOR with the Holiday Specialist. Not because they pulled out after booking the holiday, yes some have done this because of the reliability of the Holiday Specialist. Also read the links that I have provided at the begining of this thread and you will see that this is a wide spread problem.

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6. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

Ken sounds very much like a shill for the company. How can a supposed low cost travel agency provide a limo with free champagne to your departure airport?

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7. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

It happened , the girl phoned me after I had mentioned the fact the departure airport was incorrect. She was crying to the point of hardly being able to talk.

I stood firm at first demanding a newcastle departure , I had a couple of conversations and eventually they agreed that they would provide the transport. I have the photo's.

not sure what a "shill" is tho..... ken

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8. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts


What concern's me most about the HS is the incorrect information (lies?) that they gave me to persuade me to purchase their discount card & then the VIP package.

As I said in post 2,they said I would receive 3 FREE European trips,for 3 nights/4 days. They're NOT free,they cost at least £119 each trip,each person + an extra fee if you fly from any other airport other than Gatwick/Heathrow.The trips are via a company called Eurobreaks, which are based in Margate. I agree the trips are very cheap,but they are not free.Plus you have to give 6 alternative destinations & 4 alternative dates, They then notify you with an offer about 40 days before departure,so it's a bit difficult to plan too far ahead.

Secondly,Jasmine when she persuaded me to upgrade to the VIP package said it would include free transport from home to airport,airport to hotel & visa versa. From the paperwork I received after,this is NOT included in the VIP package, She also promised a FREE European city trip,& when I asked her if it was with Eurobreaks,she said no it was for a voucher from HS. This was another lie, it was a Eurobreaks voucher.So I now have 4 of them.

I keep getting calls from HS asking if I'm ready to book a holiday, but I've continually told them that I will not give them anymore money until they prove they are not a scam company.It's not good enough just to deny it, provide evidence that what is on the Internet is untrue.

I asked many times (verbally & by email) to speak to their customer care dept. or a manager,so I can discuss my complaints. No-one fromv customer care or management has yet contacted me.

Ken,I really wish HS was a reputable company. I'd love to get big discounts on my holidays abroad,plus I could get them a lot of business via my friends & family. But - you - are the ONLY person on the whole of the Internet with a good word to say about the HS.Why do you think this is?

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9. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

I am not the only one ... the others have been removed on the other thread. For info , nothing is free we always pay for either the accomodation or Flights after all its timeshare and they need to make a profit.

the holiday specialist is a discount holiday/flight provider, you must use it wisely.

Dont book months in advance no point as they book the week before your depatrure date.

So the answer BE FLEXIBLE , look in the brochures , find a holiday or flight you want close to the departure date .

Provide more than one holiday and ask HS to give you a price.

You will get your discounted holiday.

This is basically what I ended up doing , I was flexible... my membership and holiday cost £1400 total, the equivallent via Thomas cook or Thompson or Jet2 was in the £3150 mark.

as a result I am satisfied..

A lot of the people complaining on here expected a FREE holiday when they sign up , but if you ask they tell you that the flights are free if there are only 2 travelling , which is correct .

I called the GOLDEN TRAVEL CLUB which are the vouchers I recieved for the free holiday. they said they can get me virtually any spanish resort not peak season ( as expected timeshare ) but i must pay for the 3rd and 4th passenger on the plane from NEWCASTLE.. still a cheap holiday 2 flights at £80 for 5 days in the sun. Probably back to tenerife.

PS I was contacted today from holidayoffers.co.com.something

with a free holiday in ternerife , if i pay the airfare. there are lots of timeshare still out there , use them and enjoy... kind regards ken

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10. Re: The Holiday Specialist and Superior Resorts

Oilman & Ken

The following was posted by me on the 8th June on the original thread that has since been removed:-

"It is interesting that the only three people posting good reports on The Holiday Specialist on Trip Advisor Nigel T, Peter J & Hyponojo have all joined Trip Advisor in the last 4 months, none have done any reviews and appear to have only posted on this thread. 2 of them have claimed to have used this company for a few years.

Coincidence or what?

I leave you to draw your own conclusions."

Robert K posted 28/6

"The holiday specialist recently held a recruitment seminar for staff in La Zenia (spain), I was at this seminar and i'm happy to share some info with you all.

I definitely will NOT be working for this scam company.

heres a quick breakdown of The Holiday Specialist,

They offer "Travel trade cards" which supposedly allows you to book all travel, holidays, trips etc.. at trade cost by eliminating things like travel agent commissions, taxes, surcharges, supplements etc...

the card can be sold from £99 upward, if you tell them that you travel a lot, they will pitch the card at a much higher price £500+

They cold call people from phone books, claiming that they have been allocated the travel card by ABTA + ATOL (which is total bullsh*t)

they also tell people that they are a registered travel agent in the UK and have been for over 10 years (this is a lie, there is no such company)

they have 3 offices in Spain (Cabo roig, Benidorm and Albir)

they have no ABTA number, which supports the fact that this is a scam.

For those of you that are wondering how the card works, heres a brief explanation:

When you call the reservations line and state your card number and name, the person on the other end simply sits there on www.expedia.com and www.skyscanner.com to find the best deals, THIS IS NOT TRADE PRICE! THIS IS PAYING £500 FOR SOMEONE TO DO A QUICK INTERNET SEARCH!

hope this clears things up"

Two further posts were:-

Julian n

I worked at the holiday specialist for 3 months and I can confirm it Is a scam, I simply left 1nice I realised what was going on. Please do not trust this company and if u have bought a travel trade card please contact the police and your bank to claim your money back.

Hope this helps x

Robert K posted 28/6

"Just trying to help people from falling victim to this scam, also the "positive" comments on this post are intact from employees of THS."


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