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Gold car rental

Bled, Slovenia
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Gold car rental

Please, please be warned this hire car company charges you extra for a full tank of petrol, this is on top of your booking fee. It's just cost me an extra €90. You are supposed to bring it back empty, hardly possible on a 4 day break. I used maybe €15 only. What's more the car was a Ford Fiesta and would not take more than €50 to fill.

This is a total scam and everyone who had made a booking with Gold Car at Faro airport was totally discount allied by this.


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London, England
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1. Re: Gold car rental

This is standard practice with most European resort car hire companies these days. Did you not read the T&Cs, it was most likely written there.

Lacoste, France
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2. Re: Gold car rental

I agree with Deb. Gold Car is shonky and dishonest. I ended up paying more than double the quoted price. I booked through Argus. That makes Argus shonky and dishonest too.

High Wycombe
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3. Re: Gold car rental

You've been warned!!!! Do NOT use GoldCar!!!!

We hired a car online through rentalcars.com - car hire for Gold Car and our voucher stated PAID in FULL.

I even paid for full damage excess etc.

When we got to Faro to collect our car we were told that this excess does not cover the "whole" car.... Ever heard of anything this ridiculous? We had to secure a deposit of €900 on our credit card or pay an additional €60 for full cover. If you mention that you do not want to pay any additional fees, the sales personnel are quick to pull out a sheet of charges to show you what it would cost if the car broke down / had a flat tyre etc. thus you do not actually have a choice to pay the additional €60 as you do not know what condition the car would be in etc. And directly after paying the €60 they add with a smile that Portugal is a safe country! So sneaky and deceitful!!!!!!!

We were then informed that the car had 1/2 tank of fuel in and we had to pay €55 for this fuel (if the tank was filled up it would cost €110) and we should return the car as empty as possible. This is madness!! How can you expect tourists to drive around in an unfimiliar car and surroundings with minimum fuel in??? All other reputable car hire companies provide you with a full tank and ask you to return the car filled up, otherwise they will charge a levy to fill the car up on your behalf. The car we hired has a 55 litre fuel tank - thus it would cost max €70 to fill up, NOT €110. This is daylight robbery!!!! They should be ashamed.

Do not even try to complain to them or aim to discuss this - Gold Car's customer service is non existing!

London, England
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4. Re: Gold car rental


You have experienced what tends to be the norm with many resort car hire companies these days. Unfortunately, the fuel policy is common place, jst another way of making money.

London, United...
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5. Re: Gold car rental

Terrible Experience with Gold Car in Faro.

I booked through Argus Car Rental - be warned - you do not know which rental car company you get until they send you a confirmation - it was Gold Car. Terrible service - 50 minute wait - then a hard sell on insurance - and then the petrol trick - full tank / bring back empty.

Its pretty clear they put in low prices to the Argus and Cartrawler search engines to get the business and then recover the rest through extortionate pricing on fuel - how you can return a tank empty is beyond me - on average if people bring it back 1/3 full they are making an extra 45 euros on every rental.

Do not use Cartrawler or Argus if your rental is less than three days. These are the ones Gold Car really wants as they know you won't use much petrol.

Be warned!!!!!! Skip Gold Car and Skip Cartrawler and Argus who are allowing them to get away with it.

Manchester, United...
Destination Expert
for Albufeira
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6. Re: Gold car rental

Have you read the reviews from reviewcentre.com, all negative


I would never use a car company that asks for fuel costs up front, you are on a loser as they charge you for the petrol already in tank at their logistic prices and not petrol station prices. The bring back empty policy you are on a loser.

Re being charged twice for extra insurance, has anyone ever taken this up with the original agency they booked the car with, surely you should be reimbursed if you paid them upfront and then charged again with Goldcar.

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Manchester, United...
Destination Expert
for Albufeira
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7. Re: Gold car rental

ICVBV you quoted: When we got to Faro to collect our car we were told that this excess does not cover the "whole" car.

Just to verify things even though you may have paid the excess waiver you are still not covered for damage to tyres, glass, locks, damage to underside of car. you should have had the option of taking this extra insurance out and not being made to pay it like Goldcar stated. The majority of car hire companies do not cover these things unless you pay extra. All in all you have to read their terms and conditions thoroughly otherwise you are caught out good style. I always say Insurance in what-ever form is legalised robbery.

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8. Re: Gold car rental

Wish I'd read your warning before I booked......terrible experience with Gold Car Rental at Barcelona Airport.

Same thing, had to pay a for a full tank and return it empty. I used a quarter of a tank. Interestingly, everyone I've spoken to has been made to pay 90 euro for a full tank regardless of the car! Same price for a full tank in a Mercedes Estate as a Fiesta .......... what a scam.

I booked through Holiday Auto's who are an intermediary so you can't see the car hire firm until your final conformation...just went for the lowest price online....Lesson learnt, in future I'll use one of the big brands, at least I know who I'm dealing with in advance.

London, United...
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9. Re: Gold car rental

I would have entitled this whole topic 'Worse Customer Service and More Violating Than Ryanair'.

Just had the terrible displeasure of renting with GoldCar at Pisa - done through Auto Europe, who were equally imbecilic as Gold Car proved to be.

Didn't get off to a great start with a two and a half hour wait (when all other companies seemed to be processing their equally lengthy queues in less than half the time). When we got to the counter, we were ignored for a further five minutes whilst the idiot behind the desk flitted between attempting to show her moronic colleague how to work the computer and arranging a 'bunga bunga' party with her male colleagues. Said moronic colleague was 'on training', which was offered as some explanation of the delay. Smashing idea to train people during peak periods.

Having paid all up front, we thought we were laughing and had marvelled at the length of time people were taking to process getting a car. After our five minutes of standing at the counter looking like weirdos who had gate-crashed a party, we finally got attended to. As everyone else has been saying, we were pillaged for a full tank of fuel, which was charged at the 'going rate' of €2 a litre. It was kindly explained they couldn't over-charge for fuel as this would be against the law. This is obviously a fairly flexible law, since we drove out and two minutes down the road saw petrol at €1.70 a litre - our friends at GoldCar obviously just like rounding up numbers for convenience.

Not content with robbing us for petrol, we were then subject to the 'optional extra insurance' sales pitch. Now, when you offer a car for rent for €15 per day, it's a little bit dishonest to hide the fact that you then charge €17 per day insurance - at no point was this information available in advance, neither from the clowns at Auto Europe nor from Gold Car (both of whom I emailed and got no response). When I ventured that I was a careful driver and may not need the 'extra super comfort deluxe relaxation insurance', I was treated to a particularly frightening display of a nutter behind the counter making 'loony' gestures and shrieking 'Italians are crazy! This is Italy! Cars get smashed and stolen and crazy crazy crazy', and then swamped by a price list for everything from smashing a window to having a speck of dust on the bodywork. Convinced that if I didn't part with the unbudgeted extra €120 this maniac may have taken it upon herself to smash up my car to make her point, I opened my wallet once again and spilled my money forth.

So, between fuel and nutcase insurance I was now over €200 poorer and I hadn't yet left the airport! Above all, at every step of the way, I was spoken to like a complete fool and treated with contempt when I tried to suggest they expedite things - remarkably, they offer the option of jumping the queue by paying €30 to join the express lane. I have to admire their audacity - rather than dealing with their inefficiencies they seek to profit from them!

In summary, save yourself the hassle. Book with a proper company, pay a wee bit more upfront and avoid the tragedy that is GoldCar. If you are really a glutton for punishment, it'd be much easier to stand around aimlessly in the airport for two hours, speak to the village idiot for a bit, then take out €200 and chuck it straight in the bin. Then go and get a proper car from a proper company and get on with your holidays!

Irate, of Ayr.

Manchester, United...
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for Albufeira
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10. Re: Gold car rental

Here are more negative reviews. All in all avoid like the plague. forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php…


You will have to copy & paste this into your browser bar as link is not direct.




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