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north wales
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Looking to book hotel in Honolulu, Get a Room are offering best prices. Anybody used this company?

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61. Re: Getaroom.com

I had the exact same experience as the above Booked a room at a specific hotel in a property that had two sister hotels (one significantly nicer, which I booked). I called and confirmed the room (but without asking about which hotel. Hindsight) and got a confirmation number. I felt relieved. Then I arrived at the nicer, more expensive hotel to start my vacation to be told my reservation was at the cheaper, older hotel. I was livid. Had I wanted that hotel I could've found a better rate than what I paid. I has splurged to stay at the nicer one. When I called them I was told they were the same property (um NO!) and if I wanted the nicer one I'd have to pay the difference. Or I could cancel. Well since I was already there I had to take the other room. I'm still furious I paid too much for the room I ended up with and am on a crusade to warn others to stay away from this company (and kayak who routed me to them without my knowledge). DO NOT USE THEM!!!

Fort Worth, Texas
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62. Re: Getaroom.com

I just used getaroom for the first time for a quick overnight trip to Denver. I have to say that I had my doubts, but Shari set me up well and I got a much better deal thru them than I could find on any of the other sites for this particular hotel. The hotel turned out to be ok - not a 5 star by any means, but for the price I paid, I was very well pleased! It was clean and comfortable, and pretty quiet for being near the sports center in Denver. Actually, very quiet now that I think about what most Denver motels are like...

I have to say that if I need another hotel deal, this would be the first place I'd check next time. We have an rv and typically use it, but this was just a quick overnight trip, and we didn't want to haul the rv over there for just one night. If the need arises again for a short stay in a hotel, I'll check with getaroom first before booking elsewhere.

San Francisco, CA
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63. Re: Getaroom.com

Well, for what it's worth, I used getaroom.com in March 2012 to book my hotel room in London and my reservations was fine, without a hitch. And I never even had the pleasure of speaking with this Jeremy guy!!

However, I probably will avoid using their service again, seeing as how they never provided me with this outstanding attention from Jeremy.

Benton Harbor...
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64. Re: Getaroom.com

Wonderful experience booking rooms in Chicago! Saved me lots of time and effort looking on line myself. Friendly service with personal attention to my needs of location and price. Will definitely use them again! (Thanks, Marcia!!)

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65. Re: Getaroom.com

I came across Getaroom.com strictly by accident while using Kayak to search for a hotel in Antigua - Kayak was offering a slightly lower rate than other sites for the hotel I had chosen, and when I went to book through Kayak it informed me that the booking would take place through their "partner", Getaroom.com. At that point, I decided to call Getaroom.com because I had a question about the way the room choices were decsribed and because I wanted to get a sense of who I would be dealing with. I was connected to a Sales Agent by the name of Stacy who turned out to be wonderfully diligent and responsive. She immediately acknowledged that she wasn't sure about the answer to my question, but if I could hold for a minute or two she would get the answer. In less than the two minutes she had forecast, having called the hotel directly to get the requested information, Stacy was back on the line with the clarification I needed. When I thanked Stacy for her efforts, but indicated that I wasn't quite ready to book yet, she remained very cordial and professional, never applying pressure for an immediate booking - instead, she simply offered me her direct line to call if and when I was ready to book the room.

I googled Getaroom.com to get a feel for reviews, and was somewhat concerned by the number of negative reviews, but then checked other sites' reviews (which I admit I'd never done before) and found pretty much the same mixture of negative reviews everywhere for even the well-established sites. My experience in business has always been that people with complaints are much more likely to take the time to publicize their opinions. I don't ignore negative reviews, but I try to put them in perspective.

Ultimately I decided to go with my gut and, based upon my very positive experience with Stacy, I decided to book the hotel through Getaroom.com. I would also like to note (in response to some of the negative reviews) that when I called Stacy back to make the booking, she wanted to make sure that we discussed the cancellation policies before completing the transaction to be sure that I was comfortable with them (I thought the terms were very reasonable).

We haven't traveled yet, so I obviously can't comment on the outcome of the booking done through Getaroom.com - I'll try to be diligent in making a followup post after our trip in April. In closing, I will simply add that since my experience and decision was so influenced by my positive interaction with Stacy, maybe the best way to work with Getaroom.com is by calling and speaking with a Sales Agent directly rather than just relying on their website. If it turns out I made a mistake, I'll be sure update this post, but for now I'm very satisfied with Getaroom.com.

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66. Re: Getaroom.com

Polarbear, I would suggest you call the hotel directly before your trip and confirm the reservation is what you expect.

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67. Re: Getaroom.com

Thanks, Boomer - good advice, and something I would do routinely regardless of who I booked through. Yours was one of the reviews that caused me some concern - I'm inclined to be trusting, but not naive. Travel is one of those things that you can't be careful enough about regarding the details and your preparation.

Glasgow, United...
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68. Re: Getaroom.com

Please be aware of GET A ROOM and their undisclosed 'policies' where no amendments only cancellations can be made to bookings and also that there are surcharges added, and you will be at the mercy of the exchange rate as despite showing rates in pounds they charge in dollars and so the price charged can vary not to mention the price refunded too as I have now lost out £24 on a refund due to exchange rates that seem significantly in their favour. When I called to complain about many aspects of my booking I was told that there was nothing that could be done and I am still waiting on a response from their customer service manager - 5 days later! Will NOT book with them again.

Tucson, Arizona
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69. Re: Getaroom.com

I used them to book a hotel near Disneyland, then changed my mind and 're-booked' near Magic Mountain. They were fabulous. They had slightly better prices than I could find offered on the Internet with a discount code, and I got full refund from the incorrect booking. Everyone who helped me with my plans was friendly and professional.

They do charge your card at the time of booking; but made a prompt refund when I cancelled.

Montreal, Canada
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70. Re: Getaroom.com

I used GETAROOM once, and I will never use them again!!! I got off lucky, this is the short version of my aggravation with them.

I called to book a reservation with "get-a-room" call center, at first the agent was trying to be very helpful, to help me decide, but I still couldn't decide if to spend that amount of money and wanted to check around for the best rates, but here the agent got pushy-clingy and wouldn't let me hang up the phone, he offered to hang around, let me discuss it with my wife, let me think, while he stayed on the line.

Trying to convince me, he offered me a $25 rebate promotion after my stay, which i was glad to accept. - He said that after we book he will give me the info how to get it.

but..... listen to this.. as soon as he got my Credit Card info and the sale was done, I was DISCONNECTED, all efforts to call back and ask anything about the reservation or the rebate, were answered with "we don't see any record that you booked through our call center, you have to go online....

and they told me that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A REBATE! Nobody told you that, it doesn't exist......!!!!!

I also asked them at the time of the reservation if I will be getting points for my stay with the hotel chain program, they said sure thing, but the hotel said its clearly stated that when booking by a 3rd party you do NOT get points - so GET A ROOM the either lied out-front to get my reservation, or the agent was ignorant.

I cant explain the frustration and disappointed of being treated like this, from a company who is claiming to be in customer service, When I wished to cancel my reservation out of frustration with them. they replied sorry, its no-refundable!!!!

I got off lucky that at least I enjoyed my stay, but the bitterness of their BAD CREEPY LYING service disturbed me for a long time.

Plus The hotel direct offered the exact same rate I got from GET A ROOM and they wouldn't be so strict on canceling-changing or upgrading etc.


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