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a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

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a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

Hi, I'm hoping to book a holiday for myself, my partner and our 1 year old daughter, just wondered if anyone has had any experiences booking with either of these 2 companies, and would you recommend them?


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21. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

Review of A1 Travel www.a1travel.com

"Voyages Turkbuku. Read it all...and weep. "

As we enter the time of year when we book holidays, I thought this may serve as a warning to you all. The following is a letter we wrote to A1 which should explain all:

Dear A1 Travel

I will try to be as accurate as possible but suffice to say that you have ruined something that should have been a very special and memorable moment in whatever time my new wife (but partner of 16 years) and our son have left together.

Our problems started as soon as we arrived at Exeter Airport;

When we received our travel documents we realised that you had given us an allowance of 2x 15kg even though we had explained that there were 3 of us travelling but Carol cannot carry or manage a suitcase as she is disabled and on crutches for short periods or in a wheelchair for anything over about 50 meters. We rang Thompson customer services (The flight was with Thompsons) on Thursday morning (23rd. August) at around 11.20am and spoke with Sascha (Possibly Mischa)explaining the situation.

We were assured that if the cases (“2 off” for 3 paying flight tickets) were overweight it would not be a problem and that the check in desk would be made aware. I gather you record all your telephone conversations so this should be easy to find and prove.

Needless to say that as we tried to check in our luggage we were informed that they knew nothing about it and that we would have to pay the excess if we wanted to continue. No amount of reasoning would persuade the check- in clerk otherwise (Rebecca?) and we started our holiday with an extra £144.00 to pay (Your receipt number xxxx). Thankfully we found a Thompsons rep at Exeter and she very kindly wrote us out a ticket for the return journey.

By this time Carol was very upset but we "Bit the Bullet" and did our best to forget the whole sorry fiasco and enjoy our holiday/honeymoon. We have no complaints about the assisted travel which went smoothly or the flight during which Glen, Ross and the team did everything in their power to alleviate the very obvious distress that Carol was in.

When we arrived at Bodrum we couldn't find anyone with a board with our name on (we booked private travel) but one of Thompsons Reps (Beverly xxxx) found out where we should have been and found our driver.

We then were told that we had to pay an extra £30.00 or we would only be taken to Bodrum and not to our hotel in Turkbuku...Again we were forced to pay up or be left where we were!

Things got even worse when we arrived at Voyage Turkbuku; we got to reception and eventually taken in the buggy to our room which we didn't even get into.....It was on the top floor which was impossible for Carol to negotiate. We then had to put everything back onto the buggy to be driven back to reception.We made it VERY clear on booking that Carol was disabled.

After much difficulty making our situation clear (Very few of the staff had even a passable command of English) and blaming you for not letting them know, we were moved again. We had made her disability very clear when we booked and all they could say was that they were not aware, they would find us a room and sort it out later on - by now it was 4.50am and we had been awake for nearly 24 hours. Not great for anyone but appalling for Carol's condition.

So we were placed in a temporary room by reception. No promised honeymoon extras, no wine, and no bowl of fruit....nothing. We tried to sleep but after an hour we turned to each other and half laughing, half crying I said to her "Do you remember the scene in the Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood share his room by "The El"....Well I would swap that for this".

The continuous buggy noise was ridiculous. By now Carol was inconsolable and I was just plain angry. I went back to reception for the third time and said we wanted to see the Thompson or A1 Rep as soon as was possible and were assured that they would sort out a ground floor room by lunchtime.

In the whole time we were at Turkbuku we never saw your Rep once and other Thomson guests confirmed the same thing. Eventually we fell asleep through exhaustion. We were taken to our room (3201) at around 2pm which was OK but if you seriously think that Voyages Turkbuku is a 5 star resort, even by Turkish standards then you are fooling yourselves. We have been to Turkey at least 9 times over the last 16 years and have stayed in better 4 star resorts and hotels.

We don't expect a 5 star room to run out of hot water, we don’t expect the TV to have a hole in the screen (honestly) we don’t expect the noise outside to resemble the A406 throughout the entire night, the same distorted loop tape every evening in the main bar, no iron in the room, to be made to feel like second class guests very much down the pecking order to the Turkish guests and a whole host of other things.

The sad thing is that the resort is lovely, the food is very good if a little repetitive and the non-reception staff are, in the main, very helpful but all of this pales into insignificance with all of the negatives.

Thankfully we didn't pay for the "A La Carte" fish restaurant experience...2 attempts to get our order right, very poor quality fish and when Josh did eventually get his Swordfish, it was so underdone I was surprised it didn't swim the 20 yards back to the sea.

This would be a smashing 3/4 star resort for the Turks but you have a long way to go before this is a 5 star holiday for even the most easily pleased Brit. The final insult was the evening we left; we were assured that we could have use of a room for 2 hours before departing so that we could freshen up and leave and travel like human beings. We waited from 6.45 to 7.30 in and around reception whilst the staff prepared the room which eventually we were shown to.

Imagine a cell in a rehab unit but up one steep flight of steps, down another past a load of filthy (and I mean "Filthy") laundry which to anyone, let alone a disabled person was an obstacle course to try and get showered and changed for flights and dinner.

We then realised that they had left no key to this room so I had to go back to reception, try and explain the situation whilst they went through the pretence of trying to find the guy that took the key.

Eventually we could wait no longer so I lugged both suitcases back up and then down the stairs and all the way back to the luggage room because I was not prepared to leave it all in an unlocked room. By the time I got back to the dining room it was 8.40pm (Our cab was due at 9.30), I was hot, sweaty and tired to the point where the shower earlier was a waste of time anyway.

Right at the beginning of this diatribe I brushed on the fact that this will probably be our last family holiday (certainly abroad) together - I will leave it to your imagination’s as to why, after living together for 16 years we felt the need to get married and "Live it up" a bit.

We read the reviews (and boy, am I suspicious of their authenticity) and thought that Voyages Turkbuku would be the ideal holiday in a country that we love and with the Turkish people that have always made us feel so welcome.

I don't see at this stage the necessity to expand on, or explain to you the finality of our situation but I am not waiting "up to 28 days" for an explanation and an idea at least of what you intend to do about this whole inglorious debacle.

I haven't yet written to any other review sites, consumer groups or "The Media". This is a very personal situation to us and we would like to get it sorted out as soon as possible. If it wasn't for the fantastic PR job that Glen and the guys did again on the return flight (The one part of Thompson's that we felt did genuinely care) I would probably have driven straight up to your offices today.

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely,

Alan xxx

Pp Carol xxx

Letter ends.

It took A1 12 weeks to reply - They denied responsibility for anything, offered no compensation and are still advertising the same holiday.

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22. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

avoid at all costs A1 ARE A BOOKING AGENT if anything goes wrong they just palm it off onto others ,still tramatised from our holiday toblue bodrum beach turgutries ,bodrum in aug 12 , they may be cheap but buyer beware AVOID!

West Midlands
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23. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

Booked a city break to Budapest with A1 for 4 adults leaving 23 Jan. Ryanair cancelled the flight route and our only option was another airport 3 hours away at significant cost or lose at least 50% of the hotel cost. Their very undefined T&Cs didn't explain this loophole. They were rude and unhelpful the whole time until I pointed out their service was lovely until they had to problem solve! Then they just got patronising. Never again. We are recovering our money through our credit card company.

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24. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

just goes to show avoid AI TRAVEL or book at your peril

Inverness, United...
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25. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

Avoid on the Beach.co.uk. Arrived at Prestwick airport during french airspace srike 12th&13thJune 2013. All flights cancelled. Ryanaire made an immediate refund, but on the Beach said No possible chance of any money back for accomodation or transfers. They sent one e-mail when the problem was transpiring, 2 hrs after we had left our home, saying they would contact all individual customers by phone as soon as possible. They never ever did. I phoned them and they gave me the bad news. They would not even consider a replacement holiday for us at the same value. Now trying to recover my money through my credit card company.

Leeds, United...
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26. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

please go to the following link before parting any money with A1 travel and read for yourself about the disgusting and deceitful way in which they deal with thier customers. i've had first had experience. trust me. .


i wouldnt go within a mile of A1 travel. trust me. after parting over £2000 for a holiday to turkey on arrival we were getting point blank refused from the hotel! regardless of all the paper work vouchers and confirmation in black and white they would not allow us to stay at the resort. called back to the UK who were no help at all. in fact i quote her words "we cannot guarantee the hotel we book for you. In turn if you are getting refused we cannot guarantee any further accommodation" we ran around for 2 days looking for a hotel. middle of turkey, no hotel, no rooms, younger family members with me totally ruined the holiday. Waste of time, waste of money and a complete disaster!!!

Glasgow, United...
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27. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

I booked a week in Hersonissos Crete at the beginning of June and travelled on the 16th July and had no problems at all with A1 Travel, I booked Thomson flights, transfers and an AI Hotel, A1 had the best price after comparing for days so took the plunge and I had no problems at all with anything.

Malaga, Spain
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28. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

yes they just cancelled our all incluvive holiday with 19 days to go and offered us B&B and a £400 refund. NOT HAPPY as now everywhere else is booked...and reading their small print we are not entitled to any compensation.

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29. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?

Low cost holidays is the better option... Having used them for various destinations, I have never had any problems with them. you could also look at onthebeach.co.uk and sunshine.co.uk

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30. Re: a1 travel or lowcostholidays.com reviews?


We saved for over 2 years to go away myself my wife and 2 children. We booked a perfect hotel with 5 swimming pools and kids entertainment and on the beach and 1 day yes 24 hours before flying they said they had over booked us so they sent to what they said THE SAME HOTEL BUT IN A DIFFERENT TOWN.

Our flight with Ryan air was awfull we was all spread out over the plane and not sitting together we was never given the option I book seats. On arrival at our alternative hotel it was 20 minutes walk from the beach. Our view from the room looked over a car park. The food was disgusting. The pool was on the roof and was about 12ft by 12ft and the baby pool was the same size as a paddling pool. My son was 9 months old and still need his warm formula milk when he got up and we went to reception and asked for some warm water at 7am ish every morning and we was always told the food hall doesn't open until 8am and the bar doesn't open until 10am so you can't have any water. So every morning we had to make our son ware until 8am to give him his bottle as we was nowhere near anything to get warm water. They didn't care that a 9 month old was starving. We had thing stolen from our room and we reported it to reception and yet again they didn't care and we wrote to a1 travel on return and they said "because no one else made such complaints there's nothing they can do

We have complained after our ruined holiday and a1 travel are not interested

So please take my advice


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