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I recently used Otel.com to book a hotel in Hawaii. The rate on Otel.com was better than what I found on other travel sites. Word of warning: I used my VISA card to book the travel, and for some reason my payment WAS NOT processed through Otel.com's New York site (I live in the United States) - it was processed through their Istanbul site. Thereby initiating a $20 international processing fee by VISA. (1% of my transaction.) You DO NOT get that processing fee back if you cancel, and you should take this into consideration when evaluating the cost at different travel booking sites.

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51. Re: Otel.com

If their reputation is of dubious quality why does Tripadvisor link to them in their booking links?

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52. Re: Otel.com

I recently used otel.com for the first time to book a 6 night stay in Monaco. The rate they got was nothing short of fantastic. I travel there often for work and the rate I got with otel.com was better than anything my colleagues could get locally through their companies. In fact they were surprised I could get such a good rate. everything went smoothly and all the fine print was clear. based on this experience I would give them a 5 star service rating. I've read all the comments and I am sure that they all have some merit, I just wanted to chime in on the good experience I had with them and would recommend them again.

Lund, Sweden
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53. Re: Otel.com

I had the same bad experiences with them! OTEL.COM IS A SCAM, AVOID THEM!

The advertised place was a nightmare (see my posted pics of Fuerteventura Beach Club). After all the evidence I showed Otel.com requesting my money back, they are still playing with me saying I did not contact them in time, I did not get any bill (despite I clearly stated the hotel did not want to release anything to me!), blah blah. AVOID THEM! And go for travel sites that do not charge you upfront...

These are my 2c of advise... Travel safe! :-)

Canberra , Australia
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54. Re: Otel.com

I booked a room through Otel.com to stay for a week at the Hardrock hotel in Penang Malaysia and shortly after (within a couple of days) decided to upgrade the room type through Otel.com.

Otel.com clearly stated on their site that you could choose a Seaview Deluxe room or a Seaview Deluxe with Balconey,I decided to 'upgrade' to the room with a balconey and paid the extra money as requested by Otel.com.

Arrived at the Hardrock and surprise ,suprise ALL seaview rooms have balconies,they dont have any seaview room without a balconey even though you get to pay Otel.com for an upgrade.

After a lengthy email exchange with Otel.com they explained the extra cost as the last night I booked was $270 (just a regular weekday night) and the other six night were $160 ??? even though I had emails requesting the upgrade.

They wear you down with their rubbish emails but in the end its just like banging your head against a wall ,you just stop because it feels better...AVOID THEM.

Lund, Sweden
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55. Re: Otel.com

I would like to update on the refund issue from Otel.com, for fairness.

I finally got my money back.

I will never know - I let you the conclusion - if that occurred because my credit card company disputed and reversed the charge, or if I was refunded because Otel.com finally understood that my claim was right.

Still, Otel.com would have shown a much more professional image of themselves if I did not have to go through all this, especially given the photographic evidence I promptly provided to them.

King's Lynn, United...
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56. Re: Otel.com

I have made 2 bookings with Otel.com for a stay in Austria in July - the first booking was confirmed as paid for the second was pending payment despite me having put the card details in. I then re- entered the card details as requested and received a confirmation for the second booking. I then noticed the feedback and decided to investigate and I am now panicking - I have booked flights on the basis of these rooms and the hotel say they havent received anything from otel.com I am really worried that the booking is bogus - help?

King's Lynn, United...
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57. Re: Otel.com

Meant to say have emailed twice and have held on the phone for over 45 mins with no response- doesn't bode well - this company came up on the Ryanair search I did for hotels and shows the TRip Advisor logo among others on its web site which meant I did not really have any concerns until I couldn't get hold of them and read the feedback.

Orlando, Florida
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58. Re: Otel.com

@julie g- Otel is a company based out of Turkey (parent is Metglobal). In regards to the TA logo on their site, any travel site can have this for the cost of $10,000 to purchase the TA API. So it really shows they had money to invest, not that they will provide good service. Also, they show up on Ryanair because they pay to do so; marketing dollars at their finest.

Toronto, Canada
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59. Re: Otel.com


Booked San Francisco for October with Otel.com. I was then informed 5 days later by Lale Kose that the hotel that I had booked was no longer available and that I would need to choose another hotel that they provided me. The hotel that they provided me was worse quality, not in the same area and actually less expensive then on Otel.com. I requested that they give me a different option. They did and I accepted. Fine everything was back to normal. 3 days pass by and I receive another email saying that the new hotel is now booked up! haha what a disaster. Again they sent me the original replacement hotel, worse quality, out of the area and less expensive. I was fed up and decided that this was enough for me. I requested a full refund because I figured I would use a more reputable site to book. Lale Kose processed my refund and came back $53.07 short... Now I'm going back and forth to get my $53.07 back from them. This site is a joke and a scam. Unbelievably horrible customer service and so disappointed.


Toronto, Canada
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60. Re: Otel.com

This site immediately charges your card and later try to book a room. If you are booking last minute travel you can almost guarantee there will not be a room for you when you arrive. And customer service takes days to weeks to answer enquiries. It's no wonder they operate out of Turkey. These people are piles of garbage there is no disclaimer that they will charge your card immediately (with foreign transaction charges) and then MAYBE will book you a room if they can get a price lower than what you already paid them. Before you use them google otel.com complaints and read. Is it worth trying to save a few dollars for an almost definite chance you will not have your room when you arrive? p.s. IF they refund it is less significant foreign transaction fees and exchange fees.

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