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Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

South Africa
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Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

After having made a reservation through Bookinhotels.com at the Budapest Hilton I became suspicious. I faxed the hotel subsequently and they confirmed that they were holding no reservation for me, had no dealings with Bookinhotels.com and would not honour their voucher . Fortunately I was able to make another booking at just about the same rate via another website, but this time secure and safe as it was confirmed directly by the hotel.

If you use Bookinhotels.com they will debit your card immediately for the full amount and in spite of their cancellation policy it is doubtful that you will ever get a refund.Contacting them is almost immpossible, they never respond. So beware and avoid this website at all costs.

Kingston, Canada
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1. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

As with most things, when using a booking website it should be buyer beware. It seems as though someone has had a problem with just about every site out there. Be sure to read the fine print. Bookings made on many discounted websites have very strict refund and cancellation policies - it doesn't matter why you need to cancel, you won't get your money back. Even if they do allow cancellations, the process may very well be a very long one. You should however be able to get your money back through your credit card company if the company does not give you what you paid for.

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2. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

Please do not use bookinhotels.com. I booked two nights in a very popular hotel in Cork city as a present for my sister. The night before she was supposed to go I got an email stating the following' This is to confirm the cancellation of your reservation without any penalties.Please note that refunds are made in the form of a credit to your

card account. All credit card refunds are processed in a timely manner. Typically, this process takes several weeks (business days)for the instruction to leave our company account. Once the refunded amount leaves our company account, it may take up to two months time for the proceeds to appear back in

your account.'

Now I did not cancel any room, so I emailed them telling them I didn't cancel this room and I assumed the booking still stood. I got an email from them the morning my sister was supposed to go away stating the following:

'We regret that we are not able to confirm your booking for as the agreement beween our supplier and the hotel has ended.We tried our best to keep your booking in but they do not honor any bookings from us.We will make full refund back to your credit card.Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience'. I could not believe it. We have got back on to them, and over the telephone they informed us they would refund us the money straight away and we still not have received it. Please don't ever ever use bookinhotels.com as they really are the biggest scammers every.

South Africa
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3. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

Bookinhotels.com are part of a complex web of online travel companies which are based in Turkey with a sole purpose of scamming potential travellers who book hotels on their website.They do from time to time let the odd booking succeed but the vast majority of bookings will never be accepted by the hotel in question and they will probably never accept their vouchers as the hotels are unlikely to ever get paid. As doteen states in her post, after the website has debited her card and taken her money, they then cancelled the reservation and told her that she would receive a refund. The reason the hotel would not confirm the booking is because they don't deal with Bookinhotels.com in the first place. It is highly unlikely that doteen will see her money again and no refund will be forthcoming.Doteen can only revert to her credit card company for a "chargeback' which will give the cardholder a refund. A complaint has been lodged with the Turkish Authorities regarding Bookinhotels.com whch is also currently being investigated by Interpol. Potential customers of this site should look elsewhere if they wish to make a secure hotel booking in the future.

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4. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.


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5. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

I booked a room in a hotel from Zagreb through bookinhotels.com and I had the bad surprise to be noticed that my reservation was canceled (with 2 days before check in). My 'luck' was that, by pure chance, I found a wireless network at the place where I spent my holiday and so I discovered the problem with a day earlier of my leaving so I could develop a new plan. Their way of 'doing' business made me lose money, time and good mood.

So, it is wise NOT to use bookinhotels.com

Bingley, United...
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6. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

Ironic then that just above this OP you find

"Travel Deals

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West Grey, Ontario
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7. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.


FYI...The ads at the top of the page come from Google adwords based on the topic's title.

A current topic on the Toronto forum, "toronto - where to stay?" the tavel deals area lists 3 suggestions - Expedia, GTAHotels, & HIExpress.

Best Regards

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8. Re: Bookinhotels.com is to be avoided.

Just had the same problem with bookinhotels.com

Booked and paid in March 2009 by credit card for a hotel in Milan. Supposed to be going on the 13/08/09.

Got an automatic email from bookinhotels.com to say due to financial issue we can't honour your booking.

I checked with the hotel and they confirmed that they got a cancellation from bookinhotels.com the day before my email - no reason given.

I have had the stress of trying to rebook the hotel at very short notice + the additional expense of paying again.

The company are very had to contact either by email or phone.

I have just contacted my credit card company to get a dispute form and will push them to recover the cost.

I did use this company last year for Nice and everything was fine, problem is I have already booked and paid for Munich in October and not sure whether to try and cancel or wait and hope for the best?