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edit my review

Leicester, United...
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edit my review

can i go in and edit a review i have written and if so how do i do it ?

Thanks Dawn Fowler charnwoodgirl

Calgary, Canada
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41. Re: edit my review

countrywife...you the same poster starting out on LP now?

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42. Re: edit my review

When I travel, I do not take a laptop. Everything is done on my smartphone or tablet. Why can't you just make it where you can save a "draft" until you can get home and type your full review on your keyboard and then submit..It's a pain in the @** to type on your smart phone / tablet. If Yelp can do it, then TA should be able to do it.

My latest trip:

15 saved drafts on Yelp. (That I'll finish from home)

0 reviews on TA. (And probably won't post any because I'm not in the moment and forgot half the stuff I should be reviewing about)

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43. Re: edit my review

or when you find diff rates for diff seasons like ...now i want to update one of mine .

or add more things like wifi ... again one has just got a new modem now it can get wifi in rooms from a few weeks ago , i want to add that .

its silly i cannot edit my postings on TA for lots of reasons

Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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44. Re: edit my review

A review is a 'snap shot' of your experience.

Chester, United...
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45. Re: edit my review


I take a laptop on holiday bit never write reviews until I return - last time I did 9 full reviews when I got back form our trip


As Hans has said it is snapshot of your experience. When writing reviews I find it always best to write them and then mull them over for a couple of days before you finally submit them on TA

West Grey, Ontario
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for Toronto, TripAdvisor Support
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46. Re: edit my review

I would just like to point put that this forum, is member driven, peer-to-peer assistance. It is NOT an effective way of contacting TA staff.

Best Regards

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47. Re: edit my review

Yes there should be a limited period to edit your review - it always looks different posted somehow and you seem to notice the mistakes better when it's posted!

This feature is standard on most forums - so it's a no-brainer. (Is that how you spell no-brainer?)

Fredericia, Denmark
Destination Expert
for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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48. Re: edit my review

You can preview your review before submitting.

Chester, United...
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49. Re: edit my review

It is also advisable to construct the review in the likes of Word and then C&P it into TA when you are happy with it and as Hans says you can preview it anyway for a final check

Oregon Coast
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for Crescent City, Oregon Coast, Oregon, Redwood National Park
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50. Re: edit my review

The current system seems to work fine for *millions* of TA members . . .